How to behave in order to please a man on the first meeting?

How to behave in order to please a man on the first meeting? The first date is always exciting. Of course, for the first meeting you will not be able to get to know each other well, but this time will be enough for you to make an impression and show a desire to meet again. Let’s talk about how to behave in order to please a man on a first date.

How to prepare for a date?

  • Take care in advance about how you will look on the first date.

Choose comfortable and comfortable clothes, just be a little smarter than usual. If you walk around in sneakers all the time, then no, you’ve run off to put on shoes and a dress for the first date. You will feel uncomfortable.

  • Do not buy new clothes for the first date.

It is better to choose a good little thing from the closet. You need to get used to new clothes, and even more so to shoes. On the other hand, there is a stressful situation.

  • Choose clothes according to the situation.

You can make a choice in favor of an evening dress if you are invited to a good restaurant or theater. For most occasions, casual wear will do.

  • Hair should be clean or loose, or tied back in a simple hairstyle.

Not to mention the name of the song in the Parikmahersky with the sound of the tongue. There should be few accessories on you. A man needs to see you, not how shiny your jewelry is.

  • Get a fresh manicure.

If you plan to walk in open shoes, then a pedicure is also required. Apply light, natural makeup that is familiar to you. Men are afraid of overly bright coloring. Use some perfume.

How to choose a date?

Usually a man offers a place for a date, but you can agree or not, or make your own adjustments. Do not be afraid to offer options that will be interesting for both. Most often, the first date takes place in a cafe. But it’s not easy to have a frank conversation.

To act relaxed, to see each other in action, so that there are fewer long phrases in a conversation, tension, choose a place where you will interact with each other. On the other hand, it is possible to do this in the following days:

  • cinema
  • на attraction;
  • rink;
  • exhibition;
  • bowling;
  • master class by interest.

First date with a man. How to behave correctly?

In general, choose the place where you can open up as much as possible, you will have common topics for conversation.

How to behave on a date?

The perfect date should have a mood that you create. Women are more sociable, EMO-rational, sensitive. This is our nature. Therefore, the responsibility for the atmosphere of a date lies with you.

  • Maintain a positive tone

On the other hand, it is not possible to solve the problem. Of course, each of us has something to complain about. Men feel uncomfortable in the company of dissatisfied ladies. There are so many problems in the world that weigh on it daily.

A man in a woman is looking for a quiet haven for mental relaxation, recuperation. A pessimistic woman who spends hours talking about how bad things are for her, dooms herself to good luck in advance.

  • Praise the man’s choice

If you didn’t really like the place where the man invited you on a date, and you didn’t make timely adjustments, that is, you agreed to go there, then do without criticism. Find something good in a man’s choice, and not silently, but tell him about it.

A man does not really like the disappointment that his efforts in preparing for the event were not appreciated. Find your hus even the slightest positive, believing that the psychological is geared towards development.

  • What to talk about

During a conversation, show interest in a man, his affairs, life, hobbies. Don’t get hung up on work. In this case it is not necessary to test the interests of the material that is present. Focus on his goals, hobbies. Perhaps you have common interests. Thus, you will not only learn more about him, but also show your attentiveness and interest.

Tell me about the funny moments of your life that happened in the past. This way it is easier to relax and start communication. Tell the man about your dreams, goals, ambitions. Just don’t say that you want to quickly get out of Hus Deputy Twe, give birth to five years, and then all of life. It will definitely scare him.

As long as you try to do it on your own. The most pleasant sound for a person is the pronunciation of his name. If a man on a date tells stories about himself, do not interrupt, but encourage him with nods.

On a first date, you shouldn’t talk about your ex. Not rasskazywai o svoix and ne prashiwai o ego. You didn’t come here to reminisce. This time belongs only to you two.

  • Be educated

On the other hand, the post-demonstration will demonstrate that the four-year-olds. Do your best to please the man. Avoid vulgarity, do not allow yourself obscene words. But don’t be too pretentious. Everything should be in moderation.

No need to wait for the house, which is owned by the tea, made in the cupboard and in the restaurant. Be respectful. If you’re wrong, then apologize. A good upbringing is a sign of femininity, which is on a par with a beautiful walk and a melodious voice.

How to end a date?

It’s not enough to have a good date, it’s important to end the conversation just as well. If you manage to leave some aftertaste, then the next meeting is just around the corner, which, by the way, should take place no earlier than in a couple of days.

Thank the man for the evening. Give him a couple of compliments, men are very fond of compliments. Do not praise his appearance, but his actions. What a fine fellow he is, that he organized a meeting, how interesting it was for you.

Don’t let intimacy, kissing on the first date. A man by nature is a hunter. He loves inaccessible women. If you like him, you can give him his phone number. If a guy hints at a second date, but appoints him, can you casually say,

Who pays for the first date?

If you have enough in the cup of the drug you are in, you will need it for some financial terms, for that purpose. If he persistently offers to do it himself, then yield. Otherwise, he will feel uncomfortable. It does not impose any obligations on you.

If you are uncomfortable, you are afraid to be obliged to him, then just ask: “I don’t owe you anything?”. Paying for two on a date is normal for a man.

The first date is an important milestone. It is impossible to change your mind from the first impression. Be yourself. Men definitely feel false. It is not easy to understand the problems, it is not necessary to understand it. Just talk about abstract topics.

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