How to behave to a girl after the first date – what to do & what not?

How to behave to a girl after the first date – what you can do and what not? Did you come home, lie down in bed and stare up at the ceiling? Do you think about the events of the last evening? Is it okay?

First dates are different. But the relationship after them between two people is almost always filled with a little awkwardness. Or even end.

So how should or should not behave after the meeting?

Major mistakes after the first date

In order not to feel awkward yourself and not create additional tension in a nascent relationship, some things should not be done.

The most important mistake of the bridge is that you will have confidence that the mass will melt and gray with No, it’s psychological.

So, what should not be done?

  • Take a man at his word.

Forget everything that a man said to you on the first date and everything that he promised.

Believing him is the same as believing a salesman who wants to shove his product into you. Be attuned to facts and actions. Don’t forget to try “Sherlock” and try to find “victim” for all social groups. And it’s better, of course, to do it before goodbye;

  • Fill with messages.

Writing and calling for any reason is a fatal mistake. Now, if it’s dry and dry, it’s not a variant. But it’s too early to look for a special reason, send a bunch of emoticons and show your enthusiasm in every possible way;

  • Call to your home.

Why doesn’t he text after the first date?

Another mistake is to have a second date on your territory. He must earn the right to enter your house. Remember, you are a princess in a castle, not a courtyard;

  • Postpone your life.

Tell your friends and the whole world what kind of prince you met, happy, and desirable. Don’t divide your life into “before” and “after” a date. Don’t put a man in the center of the village. The first date is nothing guaranteed. Indeed, in an attempt to seduce and attract, each person puts himself in the best light;

  • Be useful.

Many women immediately begin to think how to help a man. For example, they try to bring together with their friends to solve some problem. Or they even think about what kind of cake to bake and drag it on a second date. These are all mistakes;

No place in the area where you live. You do not need to show that you are ready to run, just beckon with your finger. Better do something useful. A passionate woman is much more interesting.

What to think about after the first date?

Yes, there is no escape from thoughts. The main thing is that they do not flow in the wrong direction.

  • Don’t over-analyze.

It is important to listen to your feelings after a date. No need to go into too much detail, as it can do more harm than good. Don’t obsess over every gesture, touch, or word. Although these small details may have some meaning, or say about the features of the object of your interest. No in that it is so small that it is not necessary;

  • Pay attention to suspicious signals.

Anything you want is possible when you see it. However, it is not necessary to carry out this task with the Chelovak, it is not possible to give it away. For example, in response to your serious comment, the man laughed or rolled his eyes. If it isn’t in the door, to the input and not to the project;

  • Consider a second date.

Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision. Nobody is forcing you. If you had a good time, then you should give the man another chance. And if it was “no way”, then you can not waste your time. The choice is yours;

  • Think about the level of attraction.

If a man does not attract you at all, then you should not spend time on him. No, attraction may not arise immediately. Perhaps you were both very nervous. If yeshus conquered the sky at first sight, but you think that a person is worthy of your attention, tori rasmonaurse And there, maybe a spark will flare up;

  • This is just the first date.

And this should not be forgotten. Sometimes after the first meeting, the thought “oh, everything is clear” immediately appears. When trying to form an opinion about the past evening, do it from different storons. If you didn’t really like it, then there’s no reason to immediately cut everything in the bud (only if there weren’t clearly obvious c). And vice versa, if everything went great, it’s not a fact that your “prince” thinks the same way. Therefore, do not jump to conclusions.

How to refuse?

Sometimes it happens that it is you who has to decide whether the next date will be or not. And sometimes it’s harder to refuse a person than to receive a refusal yourself. After all, it often happens that a man, like, and not bad, does not want to kill his self-esteem and generally resentment. But you don’t have to force yourself.

Many women do not dare to say everything as it is for a long time, and come to new meetings, hoping that they are about to. This is a failed tactic. It is better not to pull with this and not to inspire hope.

  • You can always refer to women’s oddities. For example, to say that everything was wonderful, but you yourself don’t know what you need, and your heart is looking for something;
  • Exclude any kind of flirting – these false hopes are useless;
  • Avoid additional tenderness at parting: hugs and kisses;
  • Immediately offer to remain friends. This is correct and honest. Any refusal will be unpleasant, but you still have to say it.

Do not say that you are not yet ready for a new relationship (for some reason, you went to these few meetings). Avoid the same cliché in stile “you deserve better”. Do not decide for others, they will figure it out themselves.

And don’t hold a man out of delicacy. Your goodwill and honesty are the qualities that will help you to give a refusal with minimal losses. No, 2 failure must be exactly failure. Positive but determined. A man must understand that he really doesn’t get anything, and not perceive your throwing as a reprieve.

Some women decide to dot the “and” with the help of social networks or instant messengers. No more rescheduling to the problems that are all you want. Ideally, right after the first date. No, if the right moment is missed, then private messages can also be used. No in this case you will have two other people. Although, all people are different. Look at the situation.

Men and women are different. And after the first date, they may want different things and think about different things. At that moment, when you are already trying on a veil and a dress, the man has not yet woken up and thinks he put salt in k.

Therefore, give him a little more time than yourself. And let him be a man. In the end, if he is the initiator of the date, then he will continue to make decisions. And you have to decide whether to respond to his initiative.

Good luck on your first dates.

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