How to behave with a womanizer man and fall in love with him?

How to behave with a womanizer man and fall in love with him?

Manifestations of a lover of women

There are men who openly declare their excessive love for the female sex. However, this does not always mean that this is indeed the case. A man is able to exaggerate his “achievements”, thinking that in this way he will attract the woman he likes.

By and by, that’s why it’s so easy to understand the multiplicity of concepts. He is not ready to give all of himself to one chosen one. Even if it is distributed and will be accepted, it is not so sympathetic. The third option, hides his desires fearfully, knows how to conspire perfectly, and is not zeension.

This option is rare, due to the fact that womanizers to a greater extent prefer a demonstrative style to behavior. Everyone should know that he is successful in women.

Possible reasons for the womanizer’s behavior

Yes, indeed, womanizers are not always born, more often they become for some reason

  • Physiological features of the organism.

Individual features of the structure of the physiological needs of Tweit are capable of slipping into pain. A strong sexual constitution can affect the desires of a man.

However, if he succumbs to his instincts and does not try to cope with them in any way, this may already indicate licentiousness or inability to control himself. Therefore, the physiological cause is more due to psychological immaturity.

  • Features of education.

Family upbringing leaves a mark on us. The example of the father becomes the key in the boy’s life. Growing up, a man brings into his life many of the principles and attitudes that he observed in childhood.

If the father led the life of a womanizer, the man most often will also behave in a similar way. This is done on the same day, it is on the name given normally and it is not possible to do that, it is in a different way.

Most often, the situations of adolescence have a strong influence on a man. For example, a guy falls in love with a girl, and she, not appreciating him, switches her attention to another.

For a young person, this situation can become painful. As a defensive reaction, he chooses a behavior in which he himself begins to use women. In order not to experience the pain of disappointment, he prefers not to become attached to his chosen ones.

Now all his relationships end quickly. After that, he gets so used to such behavior that he no longer sees the point in behaving differently. Although inside, in his soul, he does not have any satisfaction and joy from everything that happens.

  • Fear of responsibility.

Is it possible to fix a womanizer?

Behavior man does not want a serious relationship. He is simply afraid of them. It is much easier for him to stay in easy, non-committal unions, where there is little demand, but a lot of pleasure.

This behavior can form with an overprotective mother. The woman takes over the decision-making for her son, not allowing him to show independence. Growing up, he does not become responsible and decisive.

  • Moral promiscuity.

Such promiscuity may be the result of public influence, social networks, the media. In any case, the responsibility lies with the person himself. However, modern society, and sometimes the behavior of women themselves, contributes to the formation of incorrect views on zhimin press.

  • Low self-esteem.

Dissatisfaction with himself, his achievements, a man can hide behind the “success” of the female. In quotation marks, because such achievements cannot be called success. After each such victory, it seems to him that he is successful. Although in reality, only broken dreams and hearts remain behind him.

Is it possible to fix a womanizer?

Adults are formed throughout life. Purely hypothetically, a person can change under the influence of strong, perhaps even traumatic events. Or in the case when he himself understands that he needs changes.

Correcting a womanizer is difficult, especially if the reason is in his upbringing. It is impossible to re-educate an adult man. But you can show him the need for his changes. However, it is worth acting wisely and tactfully. Proceed with this slowly and in a moment that is not private.

Therefore, before proceeding to “correct” it, you must understand whether this is exactly what you want and whether you are ready for an outcome that may not satisfy you.

TOP 10 ways to fix a womanizer

If you still understand that feelings are taking over you, and you want to be close to a man who loves the attention of women, you should behave as follows:

  • Be unavailable.

At the beginning of a relationship, a womanizer may be impressed by their inaccessibility. Not everyone will appreciate this, but for some men, this factor will play a key role. He will be interested in conquering you. His psychology is generally built on conquest, so he will like this tactic.

Manipulations, techniques of approach – distance. Any method can be used. Women lovers love games with the opposite sex and can appreciate them. Come up with your own tactics to win his heart. Play by his rules.

  • Focus on yourself.

To attract the attention of a womanizer, you should be independent of him. Focus on your hobbies and interests. He shouldn’t feel like you’re obsessed with him.

  • Be the brightest.

Womanizers love when attention is riveted to his person. As long as you have it and it is effective, it is on the stand that it is possible to do so. He will be flattered by your attention and the attention of the people around him.

  • Become a strong figure in your relationship.

If mom was a powerful woman in the life of your chosen one, you should try to “take into your rouxes” your ist. He may like it, but you must act very carefully so as not to go too far.

He should not feel like a small child next to you, this will only push him away. On the other hand, it is not necessary to be aware of this. However, let him understand that it is he who plays a big role in your achievements.

If your relationship has acquired a serious format, you can talk frankly with a man. Make your position clear. Help him understand himself, his fears and desires. Perhaps he values ​​you much more than you think and is able to hear you.

  • Expectant position.

Perhaps you should wait until he “goes crazy” and realizes that you are the only one he needs. In this case, it is worth showing how comfortable it is with you, how calm and sincere. Surround him with care and love.

  • Lots of praise and thanks.

Womanizers love and value themselves. They are happy when they are praised. And gratitude is pleasant to every man. Perhaps under the influence of pleasant emotions that you are able to give to your chosen one, he will be able to thank you with his devotion and loyalty.

  • Treat his flirting with humor.

If his behavior is accompanied by flirting, but does not go far, perhaps you should not take it seriously. Let him have fun, but come back to you for a serious relationship.

  • Be the most comfortable.

If you become the most comfortable of all his chosen ones, perhaps he will be able to appreciate it. You will faithfully wait at home, and he will return only to you.

Whatever tactics you would prefer, remember, relationships are the interaction of two people. Everyone should put their soul and ENERGY into them. Therefore, the comfort of both parties is important. If you feel sad and lonely in a relationship with your mother, think about whether your life is worth it.

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