How to behave with your husband so that he is afraid of losing you?

How to behave with your husband so that he is afraid of losing you: advice from a psychologist? A characteristic feature of many women is the desire to keep a man around them. buys shoes, pampers you, pities you, hugs you. Even if at some point you don’t need him, it’s still nice to know that he is there. No where the bed is – it is not possible for the partner to post it by its toboy, there is no need for it. How to make a man afraid to lose you – advice from a psychologist for different occasions.

A man who is afraid of losing you

In general, are there really such men who are afraid of losing their women?

Someone will say that there is, and these are just henpecked, who themselves are incapable of anything. Such men are boring, uninteresting, with low self-esteem. They follow you like they are tied, and you pull them along as long as you have the strength. Thinking about what to do, where to go on vacation, when to go to the registry office and have a baby.

To keep such a man, it is hardly worth worrying too much. Perhaps on is afraid of losing you, because then he will have to do everything himself. Or he is not afraid of anything, because he simply cannot foresee the consequences of losses; gets used to a certain life and just lives from day to day, without thinking about how and with whom.

On the other side are men who are so self-confident that they believe that girls in any situation will run after them, just lift a finger. Their life is seething, but not necessarily interesting events. She can seethe with alcohol, Don Juanism. Until some point, it will be impossible to make them afraid of losing you – there are too many substitutes around. To believe that this is the case, here is one example for you:

A young man of 30 years old, handsome, athletic, smart, said: “Girls? They are like a bus. One left, the next one will come. He did not notice the special value of the girls, he treated them as mass production.

A woman who is afraid to lose

However, despite this attitude, you can fall in love with such men, and it will not be a spill. Be careful when you are in the city, it is possible to dispose of it.

Between alpha males and henpecked men, there are normal, handsome, quite successful men. They work, buy flowers, bring money to the family, make decisions. Having met with such a person, having created a family and simply partnerships, you start a meta.

To keep a self-confident man, just a good man, you can use many ways. But one of them is to make a man afraid of losing you.

How to behave with your husband so that he is afraid of losing you? Psychologist’s advice

However, it is easy to say – to make your husband worry that he will lose you. Many men live in a completely different plane and think about other things. But all the same, let’s think of a sea to make the mother open her eyes, to see the values ​​of the search.

Be different

Often the end of a relationship comes when a woman becomes dull, uninteresting, and stops caring for herself. Do you want it?

Do not do that. Be different:

  • Go to the theater, cinema, museums, and travel. You don’t have to do it with your husband. Go with friends, mom, and kids. Such a secular life gives you a new impetus, energy, a sense of happiness. PARTNERS sees this, lights up.
  • Change image. Short haircut, long hair, dresses, trousers – such a variety is admired by others. Because it’s two people who pass and it’s not possible to keep it in the Tebe, on you, it’s the drugs that are there. This reaction will include a sense of ownership, jealousy and fear of losing you.
  • Don’t ignore intimate. Be sexy, play different roles, change positions. Sex plays a big role in the relationship between a man and a woman. Do not refer to a sore head, sexual games often help get rid of it.

Take care of yourself

Practice shows that men always revolve around women who find time for themselves. They are attracted to those who do not stop, do not whine, looking for strength to keep going. Remember the phrase of Vladislav Uspensky, which calls for a dream – if you can’t run, go, you can’t, idolism. The main thing is to move.

All people unconsciously appreciate the movement and are drawn to those who do not stand still, but dream and strive forward.

Do not be afraid to go too far from your man, to become a star. He will follow you like a dream. If he stops, just accept the fact that he is not for you.

Be independent

The strategy of many women is to whine, to seem weak, in need of a man. This emphasizes male strength, gives them self-confidence. However, it gets boring quickly.

Be strong, work on your plans and dreams. You see, if you have always wanted to go to Tib Iceland, acquaintance and partnership with m ction maut by condess This is your life. As soon as the opportunity arises to turn desire into reality, do it. If your husband goes with you, great. If not, he will be waiting for you.

Here, of course, you will sneer: “What if you don’t wait and go for a walk to the left?” Practice shows that men rarely cheat on strong and independent women who can love, sparkle. You set the bar high, and your husband understands that. Maybe he would try to find another, but few can compare with you. This gives rise to fear, the desire to possess you.

Don’t be his plan B

Your boyfriend has scheduled a meeting with friends for Saturday. At the last moment, everything fell apart, however, the desire to take a walk, to go somewhere remained, and he calls you.

As much as you want to meet him, refuse. You should be number 1 on his list, not a fallback.

The opportunity to use you as a plan B gives rise to a dismissive attitude towards you, disrespect, feeling, feeling.

For him to be afraid of losing you, you should not be a girl ready for anything for him, but his goal. He should seek you, put you first.

Life without him

Show him that your man is not your whole world. It has a lot more in it. These are friends, travel, entertainment, favorite work.

When chatting with him, mention plans that do not include him, remember parties, trips, meetings in cafes, restaurants, seminars. Let his life seem empty to him without you, and yours, on the contrary, full, rich. Let him envy those who were next to you.

If you know that he reads your social networks, do not be shy to post photos of events in which you do not hesitate to post them. This can cause jealousy, a desire to find someone who will be more submissive and obedient. But the main goal is to make him think about you.

It is in this moment that the demonstrations are made, unusualness, te if you use other methods, most likely he will fall into the trap set by you.

We can make you lose For with the help of flirting, chantaoughe, provocations of jealousy, n fins At the heart of them is your happiness. By changing, living a full life, respecting yourself, you attract a man, make him dream of you.

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