How to break an emotional connection with a man?

How to break an emotional connection with a man? Heart breaks into pieces! The pain is such that even climb the wall. And not so little time has passed, but it does not get easier.

“I think, I remember, I suffer…”

Everything in the apartment reminds of him. Every place in the city brings back memories of us. Nowhere to go. As if everything is saturated with his energy. On everywhere…

Why does emotional anchoring occur?

And how in this state to start a new, happy life? How to reprogram yourself? Erase from memory everything that reminds of its existence? Find a delete button somewhere, and forget everything that would somehow be associated with our relationship and with him …

And now to reality. To live in it, to live, it is not necessary. You used to have a lot in common. And very joyful, and some sad events that generally shape your picture. And the process of emotional “unbinding” occurs gradually.

The reasons are best considered individually in each individual case, but there are some that are more common than others.

  • infantilism

When you are not ready to take responsibility for your life, for your choices, for decisions and emerging problems, but shift it to someone, then losing this someone, you feel like an abandoned little child.

Who will take care? Who will decide everything? Who will help? Only you yourself. And it is very difficult to take this responsibility. Especially if you’re not used to doing all this. It takes a lot of courage and courage to cross this line that separates the position of a child, dependent on a certain Parent, from an independent, independent, and at the same time free Adult position.

  • Dislike in childhood

If words of love were rarely spoken in the family, there was no tactile contact, they did not show in every possible way the unconditional value of the child and did not praise him, then already in adulthood a person will look for someone who will give it to him at least in some manifestation.

  • Fear of being alone

One of the most common fears is to be alone (alone). A story that all the most important people in life can leave and go. With this fear, it is difficult to open up to people, let them into your life, share experiences. And if this happens, the suit, to which the girl opened, leaves, – a void arises, and none

4 types of love addiction

  • Low self-esteem

The one that underlies a lot of problems. A girl with low self-esteem most often perceives every guy as the only one who should not be missed. And if there is a break in relations, she begins to blame herself for this break. An inner conviction appears that no one will need her anymore, no one will love her.

If you understand the causes of emotional addiction, then it can be easier to work with it. No day no realizing why there is an addiction, you can help yourself. And the recommendations below can certainly become some support for you.

How to break an emotional connection with a man?

When experiencing an emotional attachment, it is difficult to immediately take some action aimed at taking care of yourself. And then just the same will be the first step to untie yourself from the past.

Who, if not you yourself, knows what you like, what lifts your spirits and fills you with a resource. Fill the time you spend remembering him with things that will delight and distract you.

Take time for your mental health, your body. Scrubs, massages, a full eight hours of sleep – can be a great start to change the focus from someone to yourself.

The meditative state is a wonderful way to learn to relax, dive into yourself, work with images, nourish yourself with energy and inner strength. Choose the right music, mantra, burn the incense, get into a comfortable position, and start breathing.

Each time it will be easier and easier to enter a state of rest. No, that’s one of the medicines that you have, that two of them are external to me.

Remember what hobbies you once had. Or perhaps there is something that you have long wanted to try, but did not dare. Maybe it’s dancing, singing, playing the piano or even boxing. Various hobbies not only fill your life, introduce you to interesting people, but also make you a more self-sufficient, interesting, and enthusiastic girl.

What makes you emotional? What can impress you? What can knock you out of your familiar zone? Is it paralyzed, is it new? Discuss with yourself, and think about where you could fill yourself with new pleasant experiences.

What can redirect your gaze towards the past? Correctly! A look into the future. In this case, the budget should be kept in relation to emotional privacy.

Make plans for the coming year. How do you see your life in 365 days? Who is next to you? What are you doing? Perhaps you want to change something drastically in your life. Write down what steps you can take now to achieve your goals.

Breaking up is a really difficult stage in life. And to think about yourself. Don’t forget about the future on your own experiences, desires, and needs.

Once you truly love your whole self, take care of yourself, and put yourself at the center of your universe, you will realize your worth and uniqueness. In addition to the other parts that are included in the budget and the required.

Well, remember that if there are some difficult moments that you cannot solve on your own, it is difficult or impossible for you to control your emotional state, and it seems that there is no way out, you have your psychologist who is always happy to help you .

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