How to break up with a married man


Every woman dreams of a beautiful and bright love. But in life there are different situations, including feelings for a married person. In your heart you know that this is wrong, but the attraction is stronger. Such a union is unlikely to bring anything good, it will always be accompanied by suffering and remorse. Is it worth it? If you do not know how to part with a married man, but at the same time you love, listen to the advice of a psychologist and the process will be less painful.

Psychological problem

With a long relationship with a man burdened with family ties, conflicting feelings arise in the woman’s head. She constantly asks the following questions:

  1. If he loves me, what prevents him from leaving his wife?
  2. Maybe he doesn’t want to start a family with me?
  3. Why is he deceiving both me and my wife?

And this constant internal struggle with thoughts unsettles, leads a woman into anxiety. Moreover, you cannot openly talk about your connection, you also have to constantly lie or hide. Such an imbalance is depressing, a woman is constantly in a state of stress. At the same time, love makes you continue to communicate with a married man.

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Why you should end a relationship with a married man

To decide whether to finally part with a married lover, you should think about and highlight for yourself the negative aspects of this love triangle. The main ones include:

  • energy waste for an unworthy man;
  • he does not plan to start a family with you, he already has one;
  • it is absent at the most important moments of your life;
  • you are constantly on your nerves;
  • your health may be shaken due to constant worries;
  • Do you often feel lonely?
  • you realize that your relationship is a waste of time.

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How to break up with a married man

If you are still ripe for parting, gain strength, as the process can be painful, since feelings have not cooled down yet. Now get started:

  1. Prepare mentally for parting. Perhaps your lover will convince you, promise to divorce your wife. Your feelings are also taken into account. But you need to mentally imagine what the continuation of such a relationship will be like. No, everything will remain in its place.
  2. Take a sober look at the situation. Even if a divorce follows, the wife will get half of the property, the man will not leave the children either. What about you? You are only interested in him as an object for sexual pleasures. If we assume that he leaves his wife and goes to you, where is the guarantee that he will not start a new passion?
  3. Change your behavior. Start moving away gradually. So it will be morally easier for you and your partner.
  4. Be honest with him about the breakup. Men love specifics, so don’t beat around the bush. You should not send SMS or talk about the breakup on the phone, otherwise he will not take your statement seriously.
  5. Try not to cross paths with your lover after breaking up. If you have feelings for a man, there will often be a desire to return everything. But remember, all these are illusions of happiness that prevent you from finding a real life partner. Change your phone number, walk other streets so as not to meet your ex-lover. Your goal is to forget everything as soon as possible.

Remaining in the status of a mistress, you are wasting time on a hopeless relationship, voluntarily depriving yourself of the chance to start a normal family. You are constantly alone, often covered with remorse in relation to his wife. In return, you get only rare meetings and the occasional feeling that you are not completely alone. Drop it all and start looking for a normal man, unencumbered by his family.


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