How to Care a Girl from a Distance (and also sex and jealousy)

How to care for a girl from a distance? After a long search, you have finally found the one with whom you feel good, interesting, and happy. But due to certain circumstances, you are far apart.

Can a long-distance romance be successful? Yes. In fact, most couples find themselves geographically separated at some point in a relationship. And some even say that without parting, their relationship would have already ended.

As for virtual relationships, there is also a very pleasant picture here – half ends with happiness in real life, and the other half breaks up due to the fact that the partners cool off towards each other. Tragic breaks here are extremely rare, but at the same time, during long-distance relationships, feelings and emotions are no less vivid than when communicating in ordinary life.

Having personal experience of long-distance relationships and observing other couples, I have compiled a list of the best tips for those who are in them.

First, about the classic “courtship” that can be carried out while being far from the girl. And then we’ll talk about how to create a strong connection while being apart, how to entertain each other, maintain virtual relationships and move to sexual intimacy to reach a new level.

So let’s go.

To be good in a relationship at a distance

  1. Set the rules

Both of you need to clearly understand what you expect from each other during a virtual romance. Set ground rules to make communication comfortable for you.

For example, in which messenger will you communicate? Text or voice? When is the best time not to write? When do you sleep and is it better not to disturb? What is the status of your relationship? Are you a couple?

Ultimately, this will save you from mental suffering and conflict.

  1. Avoid excessive communication

To captivate a girl in correspondence, you can’t devote all your free time to her. You do NOT need to communicate for 15 hours a day for a relationship to develop. A lot of guys think that by giving more time, they make up for the distance. It is not true. Such an approach devalues ​​your attention, tires (and immoderate communication tires everyone), and can even cause reciprocal rejection and distance.

Yes, and you will exhaust yourself with this endless “spam”. Dose communication and correspondence.

How to care for a girl from a distance?

1. Send Good Morning Text Wishes

It sounds silly, but these things are like anchors. You lower them and they firmly (but imperceptibly) keep the ship in a stable position. I think the analogy is clear. In psychology, this is a very effective technique.

You “good-mat” and “have a good night” every day, and she will not be able to imagine the morning without your message. Every day will start with you and end with you. It’s unshakable. And soon it becomes necessary.

In the morning he wakes up – right behind the phone, and there you are. So, everything is fine, you need it, they remember it. Now it is becoming fashionable to form “correct” habits, trainings about this are very popular. To create this “right” habit for her in the form of a daily obligatory ritual, without which her day is unthinkable.

2. Remind your girlfriend often what you like in a relationship.

Tell her how much you appreciate her trust, love, attention, and tenderness. How pleasant it is for you to return to her sweet voice after a working day, which instantly makes you forget about all the difficulties.

Why do you enjoy this communication? Tell how you appreciate the fact that she understands you, that she is on the same wavelength with you, and how good it is that you have found such a person. Screw a compliment to the girl, not forgetting to add something about yourself (what this relationship gives YOU).

3. Send the package by mail

A package is a great way to show a girl that you love her and are thinking about her while you’re away. As a rule, such gifts entail reciprocal. Therefore, wait for her to be inspired and send you an answer too. Be sure to check the spelling of your return address on the package.

What can be sent to a virtual girlfriend by mail? It doesn’t have to be expensive.

It is more interesting if it will be several small gifts. Perhaps it will be what you were talking about (a book, a T-shirt, her ever-breaking phone charger), your personal item, something made by yourself, a bag of gummies and sweets. Most importantly, don’t take it too seriously.

4. Write a letter

In continuation of the previous idea – a more romantic option. A real handwritten letter. Old-fashioned, beautiful, soulful. Good for romantic girls. You can write about anything – about plans, about feelings, about yourself, about her … Examples of affectionate phrases for girls that will turn her head, I wrote a little earlier.

5. Have a virtual movie date

Set aside an evening to watch the same movie together, talking on Skype or on the phone. Discuss especially dangerous moments or interesting scenes. For example, here is a list of movies worth watching with a girl.

Of course, this is not the same as cozying up on the couch and eating popcorn from the same plate, but in any case, a joint action. Then you can discuss the film, and share your impressions. Try to make your own (general) list of movies and plan to watch them in the next month, for example.


6. Make a video about your relationship

Depends on whether you have seen each other before, if you have joint photos. You can make a video sequence of photos with captions – funny or cute.

If there are no shared photos, take one of the ones she sent you. You can take into account the temperament of the girl:

– energetic music, her photos, motivational pictures, jokes, captions, at the end to emphasize that they were captivated by her love of life;

– slow music, poems, flowers, her photo (with all sorts of attenuations), beautiful quotes, hearts;

– and so on, connect your imagination.

7. Make her laugh

Joke, be positive. You are always drawn to a radiant, smiling person. Tell funny situations that happen to you, and share memes, pictures, and videos.

8. Order a gift with a courier

You can please your girl by surprising her with a bouquet of flowers (I wrote about what flowers to give girls), delivering sushi, pizza, or something more significant, for example, some kind of technology, or gadget. Or sexy – underwear, toys.

In general, everything that only your soul desires. Should I warn you that there will be a surprise? Decide for yourself.

By the way, orders from grocery supermarkets were relevant during quarantine. You can buy something heavy so she doesn’t have to carry it from the store. Z – care.

How to strengthen a long-distance relationship with a girl

1. Play online games together

There are thousands of games you can play together online. It can be both paired games in virtual reality, as well as simple games like backgammon or puzzles. You can try downloading World of Warcraft characters or cutting into Heroes of Might and Magic. If you like intellectual games, you can compete in “words”, monopoly, solve puzzles, crosswords, and sudoku.

2. Ask questions about relatives

It’s a win-win because family is very personal. And “letting” you into the family, they begin to trust you and consider you closer. Ask about brothers, sisters, godparents, and parents. Most importantly, do not forget what they tell you. Then, on occasion, recall or ask about the development of events in the life of her relative. And that’s all – you also became your own, dear.


3. Create a shared playlist

This is both entertainment and a way to get to know her better, and creating something of your common that will unite you. The songs you add there will always be associated with you, even if she hears them on the radio in the fitness center. Try to keep it bright and positive music.

4. Challenge her

If a girl is a fan of healthy eating, then bet that she will not eat sweets for a week. If he loves sports, then in 10 days he will be able to hold the bar for 1.5 minutes (or twist the hoop for 10 minutes). It can be career achievements – writing a presentation within a specified time frame, learning something. The main thing is that the result should be shown to you. If they don’t comply, they will be fined. Think for yourself which one. And if performs that promotion, of course.

5. Make a wish list

Desires and goals – can take hours of your communication. Dream together, ask her about desires, share yours. Set goals for yourself, for her, and others. Support each other in their achievement, praise, encourage. Show off, be sad, or complain if something doesn’t work out.

6. Create a collaborative blog or website

If you have common interests or both of you love to write, why not start a blog together? Post stories, photos, and share experiences or knowledge.

As for the technical part, making a blog is very easy (even I could!). In just a couple of hours, you will understand and you will already be an ace in this. Technology is on our side.

7. Read the same book and discuss it

Choose the most suitable genres for your couple and read! You can take those books that are now at the peak of popularity, you can turn to the classics or pop-science – psychology, self-development, and so on. The main thing is that reading captivates both of you.

8. Ask questions

What kind of banality? – you ask. However, you are in a long-distance relationship and communication is all you have. Learn to listen carefully to your girlfriend and ask good questions – questions that will make her think and help you understand her better. To help you, 3 of my publications –

9. Share news, interesting sites, photo collections

This will give you a lot of new topics to discuss and will allow you to read, and watch the same things. In other words, it is comfortable to communicate with a person in your circle.

10. Take an online test and discuss your results

Psychological tests, horoscopes, knowledge quizzes, surveys and so on – take them online and share the results. Find out your personality types, empathy level, and love language (by the way, it will come in handy in the future), and build an enneagram (I hope I spelled the word correctly).

How to care for a girl from a distance? Jealousy, money, trust

1. Be open and honest

When you are in a long-distance relationship, it is very easy to hide your weaknesses. But it doesn’t make any sense. There is NO reason in deception and distorted information about you. It is much more pleasant when they know the real you, with all the shortcomings, and accept the way you are.

The fact is that it is easier to accept a person’s virtual weakness, you get used to it, and then in reality, when you meet, you take it for granted. And you can be sure that external features or any other “strangeness” of yours will not cause rejection.

2. Avoid situations where you might be tempted

Don’t date a pretty colleague on a Friday night in the hope of continuing. Do not go to a bar with friends and do not get drunk if you know that in a few minutes you will find it difficult to control yourself. Know your limits and don’t create traps for yourself.

3. Talk about money

When finances are tight, money can be a major source of discontent. Especially if they’re the ones that keep you apart: the trips are expensive, or you have to spend a lot more to keep the relationship going.

Voicing and pronouncing your capabilities and expectations (yes, a hot topic) will help to avoid conflicts of unjustified desires.

4. Learn to Control Jealousy in a Long Distance Relationship

Feelings of jealousy are common in long-distance relationships. But it results in a devastating mix of suspicion, possessiveness, insecurity, anger and shame.

If you feel that jealousy is covering you, then you need to learn how to control it before it starts to control you. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

How to switch to intimate conversations in correspondence

  1. Start with gift games:

– undressing with the camera turned on or sending a photo;

– Guess the part of the body;

– Guess what I’m thinking.

  1. Ask frank questions to the girl casually or in an appropriate setting in the evening.
  2. Send a vulgar article or interesting news and discuss the impressions, find out her opinion.
  3. Include movies with 18+ scenes in your viewing. And since you will watch them while talking, you can add comments or tell after the movie how you would do the same with her.
  4. Find out how she loves to be caressed. Rough? Gently? Where? In the dark or in the light?
  5. Send exciting SMS to a girl.
  6. Ask if she would like to try skype (webcam), phone, or sexting?

I’ll probably stop there for now. Finally, I will give one more important piece of advice:

Set a meeting date

Go beyond the distance and arrange a possible meeting. It should be a convenient time and place (regional) for both of you. It doesn’t matter how this meeting ends, but as long as you have this date, your online relationships will have logic and purpose, and confidence in the seriousness of each other’s intentions.

Take care of yourself and wash your hands often😉 How to care for a girl from a distance?

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