How to Charm a Girl? 10 Rules of Appearance

How to Charm a Girl? 10 Rules of Appearance. A rich inner world, perspective, romance and other merits or positive qualities of a man are not visible at first sight. No matter how trite, but the first impression largely depends on the appearance. And although later good character traits and other pluses will increase sympathy, it is better to start acquaintance without ignoring appearance. How to charm a girl with your face, body, style? Will all this be enough to get a chance at a second date?

1. Hands.

Strong arms are a feminine weakness. And it is not at all necessary to have bazookas instead of shoulders. Even a slightly pumped up form, a slight relief of the muscles will already be a success. For greater effect, you can choose a T-shirt that fits snugly around your arms, visually increasing the muscles.

Many young ladies like the inner side of the guys’ arms from the elbow to the wrist, if the veins are clearly visible on it. In this case, even sportiness and smartness do not play a special role. But neat, trimmed nails are very important. This is a sign that the guy is grooming himself and doesn’t like being a ƨlut.

2. Beard.

Most often, even stubble or a beautiful, even mustache is suitable. Merlin’s beard will be clearly superfluous, only rare girls with a specific taste will like it. The main contingent prefers a short, well-groomed version. Barbershops are now appearing on every corner, you can run into one of the establishments and make yourself a stylish beard. By the way, they can also recommend what to do if the hair on the chin, cheeks, and neck grows unevenly.

If a guy has a too thin face, long facial hair is unlikely to suit him. In this case, the same neat bristles will help out.

3. Lips.

The shape of the mouth is practically unimportant. Thin, thick, plump, yes any lips can appeal to girls. Therefore, here we are talking not so much about the form itself, but about facial expressions.

Women like it when a guy bites his lower lip when looking at a lady. This expresses a deep genuine interest, including sexual. If a man behaves decently, does not allow himself anything extra, but licks or bites his lips, this excites. In addition, such a mimic move will provide a rush of blood to the tissues and make the mouth a little more plump and reddish.

In cold weather, it is better to use hygienic lipstick. No, it’s not embarrassing, it’s not girly, it’s an adequate healthy way to moisturize your lips. Because dry lumps of skin hardly look erotic.

How to Charm a Girl? 10 Rules of Appearance.

4. Smile.

This is a real weapon of seduction, if you know how to use it correctly. Dimples on the cheeks will be a big advantage, but even without them you can charm a girl. A grin of all 32 teeth will look strange, as well as a stern face with a minimal hint of the ability to sincerely rejoice. But a slightly embarrassed or playfully crafty smirk without arrogance will easily win the heart of a young lady.

It is better to rehearse your signature smile at home in front of a mirror, even better – ask your friends or sister for help. Otherwise, at the most crucial moment, everything can get out of control, and the girl will run away without looking back.

5. Torso.

If a guy is endowed with a wide chest, shoulders, or he has well-puffed muscles in this area, this will come in handy in seduction. However, this does not mean that you need to go bare-chested (unless it happens on the beach) and boastfully pay attention to it. But outerwear made of thin or well-fitting fabrics will look appropriate and seductive.

For those who did not have time to pump themselves the perfect press, there is good news. A lot of women are not at all against a small amount of fat in men in this zone. Of course, growing a beer belly is a so-so idea, but if there is a little fat over elastic muscles, no one will run away in hysterics. Some people find this cute.

6. Clothes.

You won’t have to follow the latest fashion trends, but it’s better to work out simple accuracy and at least some taste. Wrinkled shirts, dirty shoes, too bright, incongruous colors, strange patterns will push the lady away even before the moment her gentleman has time to say hello. What can we say about the combination of sandals / flip flops with socks.

Girls even pay attention to whether the guy is dressed for the weather. This feature speaks of a man’s habit of monitoring his health or, conversely, of great frivolity and unreliability.

7. Accessories.

The choice of glasses can cost a man the whole acquaintance. But buying such a thing, taking into account the shape of the face, makes the guy visually more attractive and even more interesting.

The next notable detail is the watch. A beautiful dial with a tight-fitting strap adds solidity. Cufflinks perform the same function. And bracelets and jewelry around the neck indicate taste, creative originality.

The earring is the dangerous part. For some ladies, she is admired, making her owner a “bad guy”. Others perceive it as a sign of immaturity and frivolity.

How to Charm a Girl? 10 Rules of Appearance.

8. Zone number 5.

Yes, girls sometimes look at men’s buttocks. Not that this is a significant factor, but the guy with the pumped up booty will have another advantage over his rivals. Even if this part by nature does not stand out in any way, and the muscles on it stubbornly refuse to grow, you can beat everything by choosing clothes of a certain style. However, wearing jeans that are too tight or, even worse, putting something in your trousers is a direct path to failure.

9. Perfume.

One of the most erotic, enticing and difficult to explain points. A good cologne in a second makes a girl even more interested and open to communication. It intrigues by turning its wearer into a sexy mystery man.

His selection sometimes turns out to be another problem. The same friends, relatives of the same age and female consultants in a perfume shop will come to the rescue. However, taking a cologne that everyone likes but yourself is still undesirable. Sometimes it is important to take into account your individuality, not adjusting to popular requests. Especially if you want to find exactly your person.

10. Eyes.

The color, shape, size of the eyes are not so significant. The look is always important. Pleasant bonuses – the ability to squint cutely when smiling, wink, look sideways with interest. But the main weapon is the ability to look at the interlocutor with frank delight, a gleam in the eyes. And it’s better to keep shameless vulgar inspections, at least at first, to yourself.

How to charm a girl with her appearance? Remember about taste, accuracy and little tricks that can enhance sympathy. Men’s confidence in actions and their own appearance will please the lady, and the guy himself will be profitable and pleasant. Counting on the universality of such methods is perhaps not the best idea. However, if you look closely at the reaction of your interlocutor, quickly correcting the state of affairs if necessary, you can easily emerge victorious from almost any situation.

How to Charm a Girl? 10 Rules of Appearance.

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