How to charm a man with body language?

How to charm a man with body language? Why sometimes beauties cannot keep the interest of men, and gray mice drive them crazy? It’s not just about self-confidence and self-love, but also about the signals that are transmitted unconsciously, on a subtle instinctive level. Next, we will talk about body language, or rather, how to charm a man with it. How to use such a “weapon” correctly? Should everything be done according to a clear scheme or will you have to improvise? What movements attract attention and fascinate men the most?

1. Movements and statics.

Even something as simple as greeting or getting out of a vehicle can grab a man’s attention and make a good impression. They are not particularly striking if you do everything routinely, without understanding how to beat them correctly. But it is worth adding a drop of charm, investing languor, eroticism, or even vice versa, lightness, tenderness – and the effect will be completely opposite. One common detail is femininity. If you do not neglect it, then you will be able to charm a man much faster and for a long time.


Mandatory qualities – lightness and smoothness. It is very difficult to fall in love with a woman who walks hunched over, head down, barely lifting her feet off the ground. But straightened shoulders, a confident but not sharp step, a slight swaying of the hips will look beautiful and seductive.

Another interesting fact: men are much more likely to pay attention to young ladies who prefer leisurely walks. Calm, slightly slow walking makes the movements more gliding. In addition, getting to know such a lady is much easier than galloping after a girl who has accelerated to the speed of a frightened cheetah on doping.


Closed postures bring into the conversation the effect of stiffness, awkwardness, as the interlocutor is closed off. However, this applies to arms crossed or hidden in pockets, avoiding a direct look, turning away from a man. But the truly female pose – “leg to leg” – in the correct position looks different. If you squat down halfway, turning the body towards the guy, so that the hips with the waist create a soft bend, it will be beneficial to emphasize the figure.

If the interlocutors communicate while standing, you will have to figure out where to put your hands so that they do not hang limply on the sides. You can lightly press one palm to the thigh, and put the other on the waist. But it is not advisable to fix both hands on the waist, this is a pose of aggression, dominance. A leg extended forward and slightly bent at the knee will visually make the legs longer if you stand half-turned.


With hand movements, you can attract and hold the attention of a man on a certain part of the body. Moreover, there is a gesture that expresses the interest of the woman herself and is recognized in 10 cases out of 10. This coquetry with hair is twisting a curl around a finger, slow correction of strands in the face.

What movements can seduce?

  • Playing with jewelry in the neckline or touching the collarbones.
  • Soft stroking of the bare neck, if the hair is collected.
  • Applying fingertips to lips.
  • Slow stroking from knees to hips and back.
  • Carrying brushes along the oval of the face.

Gestures are performed smoothly, unhurriedly, you can periodically hold your hands on points – on the hollow between the collarbones, the corner of the lips, the earlobe.

How to charm a man with body language?

2. Facework: facial expressions.

Facial expression is not just an indicator of mood, but also a way of seduction. If a young lady has a frowned forehead all the time, a bored look, retracted cheeks, this is unlikely to impress a guy. In a good way, anyway.

There are two parts of the face that have the most effect – the eyes and lips. When choosing makeup, this is important to consider. Foundations, concealers, bronzers, primers, powders, blushes in makeup do not play the same role as correctly applied mascara, shadows/eyeliner, and gloss/lipstick.


The look plays one of the most important roles. Moreover, it is important not only how a girl looks at a man, but also a wink, flirtatious flapping of eyelashes. The last nuances are easy to work out on your own in front of a mirror. How else to attract a man?

  • Look at him from under half-closed eyelids. However, you will first have to rehearse everything at home, because a very similar look expresses arrogance and disdain.
  • Lower your eyes down, blink, and, opening your eyelids, immediately look at the man. Ideally, at the same time slightly lower your head down.
  • Slightly turn your head to the side, looking forward, blink slowly and look at the guy without turning your head.

There is also a subconscious signal a la “I like you”: look at the gentleman from head to toe and back, and then smile softly. The look is as fast as possible, top-down-bottom-up, on the face – not a drop of negativity or skepticism, otherwise such a trick will offend any interlocutor.


A sweet sincere smile will be an adornment for any girl. Yet this is not the only method of seduction. Biting, licking, stroking lips also attract attention. However, it is desirable to do this only occasionally, without overdoing it with frequency and intensity. Otherwise, such movements will look strange or vulgar, absolutely not erotic.

As for the make-up of this area, matte red/burgundy lipstick or a translucent natural shade gloss that creates the effect of moisturized lips is better. It is better to refuse sparkles and unnatural tones.

How to charm a man with body language?

3. Acoustic data.

You can charm a man with vocal abilities, while singing is not at all necessary. But the voice itself, the ability to control it, volume, timbre, pauses, even breathing are extremely important in the art of seduction.

You won’t have to radically change your usual tone, you won’t have to parody anyone. On the contrary, it is wrong. Falseness is felt almost immediately, and it is also easy to forget about setting the voice and speaking in an undesirable tone. Therefore, the sound can only be slightly corrected, but it is better not to try to completely change it.

Voice and tone.

Many guys are intrigued by the chesty velvety voice of women with a slight “purr” effect. However, this does not mean that they like too low, rough, or raucous sound. Softness in tone is welcome.

If a girl has a high, thin voice, she also has a chance to charm a young man with it. But in this case, it is better for her to monitor the volume of her speech. If the sound is sonorous in itself, it is advisable to speak a little quieter than usual. But a dry voice can be given sonority, but, of course, not go over to a scream.


Pauses in speech allow you to check how carefully the guy is listening to the story of the interlocutor. If so, he will betray a slight impatience – he will ask you to continue the story, lean forward, concentrate his gaze even more, etc. But this is not all the benefits of pauses. They intrigue, make mimic or gesture movements more noticeable.

However, you can’t use pauses often or just like that, otherwise everything will look ridiculous, strange. Procrastination can be done in order to sigh languidly, smile at the most fascinating moment of the story for the sake of intrigue, take a sip of a drink, put a strand behind your ear, look directly into your eyes. The duration of the hitch is no longer than 3-4 seconds.


The principle is generally similar to that used with voice. Chest laughter attracts, squeak-squeal-falsetto repels. Insincerity in this regard is even more noticeable than in tone, so it is undesirable to giggle stupidly. The volume will have to be controlled, since rolling laughter is a sign of bad taste, bad manners.

Guys also read women’s articles. Just out of curiosity. Therefore, they are clearly aware of the advice “laugh at all his jokes.” Noticing this behavior, the interlocutor may be offended. If you want to encourage a friend’s sense of humor, sometimes just a smile is enough, not constant laughter.

4. Interaction with a man.

Body language can be great to play with when interacting with a partner. Moreover, the contact can be both on the physical level and on the psychological level. Ideally, use both options, so the effect will be more noticeable.

These methods help to charm the interlocutor, attract him on a subconscious level and clearly show your sympathy. Sometimes this is important, since men rarely understand the veiled female hints and may doubt the interest of their companions to the last.


Of course, touching a guy in the first minutes of a date or just a meeting is not desirable. It is better to move on to such techniques later, when the couple becomes a little closer. At the same time, touching a man will give him a non-verbal signal that he can do the same. If there is no desire to end the meeting in bed, it is better to monitor the type of your movements without making them. too seductive or ambiguous. Otherwise, there is a risk that the partner will perceive everything as a call for “active action.”

You can touch his hands, shoulders. Touching the knees, neck, hair is already more intimate, but still permissible. But it is better not to touch the hips, chest, stomach, especially on first dates.

Reflection reception.

This is a psychological trick that instinctively expresses something like “we are on the same wavelength, I am my own person, you can trust me.” Its essence is to imperceptible to the interlocutor try to recreate the features of his behavior. This is the repetition of parasitic words, adjusting to the volume of speech, copying the pose.

Often it is undesirable to use this technique, and even more so it is better not to repeat anything after a man instantly, it is better to wait at least a minute or two. It is important to perform transitions smoothly, naturally, without drawing attention to your movements, changes in voice, etc. at this moment. The technique, despite its simplicity, is quite complex and requires a lot of practice. So it’s worth starting with just acquaintances, colleagues, and friends, and only then use it for romantic meetings.

5. Appearance.

A woman’s outfit is, of course, not exactly body language, but it obviously affects how her movements, gestures, and facial expressions will be perceived. What is the best way to dress for a date to charm your companion?

  • Bare shoulders and knees look sexy. The main thing is not to overdo it with erotica, which too easily and quickly turns into vulgarity.
  • Thin non-massive accessories (especially pendants and bracelets) emphasize femininity and add grace.
  • Loose curls give tenderness, pigtails, and ponytails – playfulness, high collected hairstyles – elegance.
  • The heel favorably slims, but it is better to refuse studs or too high a rise.
  • Fishnet tights, chokers, miniskirts, revealing cleavages, and corsets are often infamous. Be careful with these details.
  • The apparent absence of a bra captivates, rivets, enslaves, and generally opens the way for manipulation. But very often it goes along with a preconceived notion and a focus clearly not on the rich inner world.

Knowing how to charm a man, you can confidently get a ticket for a second date, fall in love with yourself again, get out of the bored friend zone. Moreover, the use of methods does not require any sacred knowledge, money spending or even long practice. But body language very often does not forgive self-doubt and low self-esteem. Here you still have to work hard on yourself. Then it’s up to the small – a drop of luck, a suitable environment, and a little romantic magic.

How to charm a man with body language?

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