How to Chat with a Girl online and Win her Heart? 100 Text Messages


How to Chat with a Girl online and Win her Heart? 100 Text Messages
How to Chat with a Girl online and Win her Heart? 100 Text Messages

Have you stumbled upon a profile of a beautiful girl on the Internet and do not know where to start the dialogue? The usual tackles are already outdated, a simple “hello” will not attract attention. What if the fantasy is not so bright, but you already think of her as your future girlfriend? Our article will help you get her attention! there are 100 text messages to send a girl you found online and you will learn How to start the conversation with an unknown girl online through text messages or pickup lines.

100 Messages or Pick up lines that will make Her Reply to YOU

1. I have been looking at your photos for 20 minutes and admire them. Are you an angel by any chance?

2. It seems to me that you have everything that I was looking for. Are you sure you’re not Google?

3. Are you from our planet? I have not met such before.

4. How many more photos do I need to flick through for you to pay attention to me?

5. My parents want me to follow my dream. Will you become her?

6. I’ll be honest with you. I made a bet with my friends that I would find the most beautiful girl in the world and go on a date with her. Are you busy today?

7. Girl, you urgently need to isolate yourself! Your attractiveness is highly contagious. I have already been captured by you.

8. It seems to me that you wanted to write to me. Is not it so? Then now is the time!

9. I have already prepared a pen to write the story of our acquaintance. Can you help?

10. I have not seen myself with asthma attacks before. But when I saw you, I began to choke. You’re too pretty.

11. I’m lost in your profile, you are like perfection. Help me!

12. You’ve already stolen my heart, I’m calling the police!

13. We are not socks, but we would become an ordinary couple. What do you think?

14. I just moved to this city. Do you want to become my guide?

15. You seemed to overwhelm me. I realized that I had to get to know you.

16. How does it feel to be the most beautiful girl on the internet?

17. After reviewing your profile, I need resuscitation. You just stopped my heart with your beauty!

18. Girl, I’m worried about you. Are you by any chance sick? After all, you have unearthly beauty!

19. Seeing you, I realized that I simply must get to know you!

20. Your eyes are like the Mariana Trench. The same deep and mysterious.

21. By creating you, God seems to have given someone a master class and gave everything to the fullest.

22. Hey! You probably don’t remember me, but you came from your dreams to get you out of your daily routine.

23. Your beauty gave me wings. What can your “hello” do? Let’s check!

24. You fascinated me. Where can I like to talk to you?

25. Hey! I’m tired of waiting for your SMS, so I take the first step myself.

26. No time for explanations! Let’s go on our first date!

27. Girl, how can you be so beautiful! Shame on you?

28. After your lovely look, I needed a doctor. What are you going to do about it?

29. How about flirting? Do you approve? I’ll try!

30. Hey! I’m one of those annoying guys who will not leave until they agree with you about a meeting.

How to start conversation with unknown girl online on Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Whatsapp….

31. The best thing you can do now is tell me the time and place of your first date.

32. If you do not agree to meet me, I will be wounded in the heart. You won’t let this happen, will you?

33. Your beautiful features drove me crazy. Let’s get acquainted?

34. It’s like you came from my dreams. I still can’t believe my eyes. If you write hello to me, I will definitely have to feed you dinner.

35. It seems to me that the role of my girlfriend would suit you.

36. I have seen many beautiful flowers, but you are more beautiful than all of them. How do you do it? You are like perfection itself. I won’t forgive myself if I don’t buy you coffee.

37. Hey! You are wonderful. Will you keep me company tonight?

38. I’m selling my happiness and boundless love here. Are you not interested? I will give it to you for free!

39. I want to spend tonight with you. Let’s get acquainted?

40. It’s good that you live in the 21st century with me. In ancient times, you would have been burned at the stake because of your incredible attractiveness. No one would have believed that you were an earthly creature.

41. You are the most beautiful star in existence.

42. Your refined nature turns my world upside down.

43. Let me make you a lovely dinner.

44. You conquered me at first sight. I fell into your snares and do not know how to get out. Or maybe it is not necessary?

45. Your beautiful lips confuse me. I can’t take my eyes off them.

46. You’re just unearthly.

47. You are like a princess from a fairy tale.

48. Your facial features are simply stunningly beautiful.

49. I used to think that perfect girls don’t exist. How wrong I was.

50. Hey! It seems to me that you are a true work of art. I am ready to admire this every day. Will you tell me about yourself?

51. I do not believe! How can you be so adorable !? Tell us your secret. Although, it seems to me more and more that it does not exist.

52. The doctors were horrified not to find the heart on x-rays. But don’t worry, I calmed them down by saying that I had put it into your hands. And now. Let’s get acquainted?

53. Do you want to know who you are having dinner with today? I’ll stop by at 7 pm.

54. You are like a delicate flower, insanely light and attractive.

55. You are beautiful like the moon, will you illuminate my life path with your beauty?

56. Hello! You have gorgeous eyes and very gentle lips.

57. I think that in life you are even more attractive. Will you tell us about yourself?

58. This is your last chance to meet me. Use it!

59. What do you think about dinner together? Oh, we still don’t know each other. Hey!

60. I want to check how the photos really match your beauty. Will you see me?

How do I start a conversation with a girl to make a good impression when we first meet?

61. Have you been offered a hand and a heart today? So I will be the first. But first, we go to the movies.

62. You are my ideal. How did you manage to steal my heart? Now I just can’t help getting to know you.

63. You seem to have fallen from heaven! Why didn’t I notice you before?

64. It seems that I unrequitedly fell in love with your eyes. Help me out, we need to get acquainted.

65. A girl like that doesn’t really have a boyfriend? Consider what you already have!

66. Tell me your name and I’ll tell you your last name in a couple of years.

67. You have an unearthly beauty that beckons me. Actually, let’s get acquainted?

68. Your look shoots me with a wave of positive.

69. Your smile made me smile. You are just a sorceress. I’m afraid to imagine what will happen from your “hello”.

70. You are worthy of all diamonds and jewelry. But we haven’t been on a date yet.

71. After I saw your photo, my spirits rose for the whole day.

72. It seems that this social network was created precisely so that I could write to you.

73. When I went to your page, I thought that I accidentally clicked on the website of a modeling agency.

74. One charming girl is critically missing in my friends, can you help me fix this?

75. I want to meet you. The constitution says that we have the right to happiness. What do you say?

76. Hi, I just went to your page and … I woke up only after 20 minutes, and all your photos had my likes. Do you know what happened?

77. I did not expect to see a girl with such a stunning figure. Pleasantly surprised.

78. Once I saw the most beautiful girl in the world, then I wrote to her, and she answered me …

79. Do you know how you differ from the most beautiful girl? That’s right, nothing.

80. You are like a bright ray of light that sanctified my life with your profile.

81. It seems to me that in life you are more beautiful than in the photo. Check it out?

82. Hi, how do you feel about the prospect of receiving compliments from me every morning?

83. Your smile is brighter than the sun. Will you let me see her awake?

84. When I saw your photos, I didn’t believe it at first. Thought I was in a dream. I just couldn’t help but write to you.

85. I’ve always been told that it’s impossible to meet beautiful girls online. Let’s refute this rumor together.

86. Is it possible that a camera has already appeared that makes all pictures beautiful? How else to explain that all your photos are so beautiful?

87. And even though now only your photo smiles at me, I hope that soon I will see this smile live.

88. Maybe I’m rushing things too quickly, and I shouldn’t write so persistently to you. But I’m just afraid that while slowly communicating with such a beauty, someone will get ahead of me.

89. Even a regular font looks especially beautiful on your page.

90. You look like a girl who hasn’t had coffee in a long time. Let’s get acquainted?

91. Your tenderness is felt through photographs. Will you go on a date with me?

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl Online?

92. I have never seen such beautiful girls. I want to chat with you.

93. Light up my world with your hello.

94. I wonder if your lips are as sweet as they look. Oh … We haven’t met yet. Hello.

95. Do you have a page specially made so that I like it, or did it accidentally come out?

96. You have a great playlist! I propose to meet and listen to it together.

97. Hello. Do you want me to arrange a love adventure for you?

98. Will you let me enjoy the conversation with you?

99. Hello. Which movies do you prefer? I invite you to the cinema.

100. Will you be free every evening at 8 o’clock? I want to invite you to dinner every day.

Thanks to our text messages or pickup lines I hope now you know how to impress a girl in chat conversation online to get her attention and to win her heart or how to messages or Pick up lines that will make Her Reply to YOU, you can start a dialogue with any girl on the Internet. Do not forget that you need to add a piece of your soul and thoughts to each phrase. Do not throw stereotypical phrases, come up with something new and interesting, and then the lady will definitely be happy to talk to you.

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