How to cheat on your wife without her knowing? Proven Secrets

How to cheat on your wife without her knowing? Proven Secrets. You must have thought about it at least once. Perhaps you have heard enough of the colorful stories of your friends. Or “50 shades of gray” – it’s just about your marriage. In the sense that your life together has lost any color at all.

Or maybe you are not going to cheat on your wife or permanent girlfriend. But the thought of it does not leave you.

What about those who nevertheless decided to fulfill their vicious fantasies?

How to cheat on your wife without her knowing? Proven Secrets

First rule of the club…

Relationships are always a game. Every game has rules. And if you break them, then do it beautifully and gracefully.

The easiest way to get caught is to actively correspond with your passion in front of your wife.

It would seem that it could be easier – do not aggressively press your phone keypad with a mysterious smile at a family dinner.

But no.

How many self-confident heroes-lovers fell asleep on such trifles.

Cash or card?

Use cash. Especially if your spending is very suspicious – like booking a hotel room or buying lingerie.

Which your wife never got.

Our smartphones are one big piece of evidence.

If you pay by card, your missus will be able to go through the history of transactions, and she will have a couple of questions for you.

alarm bell

When our other half begins, for unknown reasons, to evade the fulfillment of marital duty, we begin to worry. And suspect.

Since you have decided to get yourself a second (third? Fourth?) lady of the heart, be prepared to satisfy both of your women.

Dirty move

You will have to master the favorite manipulation of experienced Don Juans.

Sooner or later, your wife may suspect something. Or maybe she decides to start a scandal out of boredom. In order to add spice to your insipid everyday life.

Your task is to skillfully “translate the arrows” and make her feel like an insanely jealous woman.

Honey, I had no idea! You are too suspicious. It’s just some kind of pathological jealousy! The imprint of lips on my neck is a thank you to the old lady whom I helped cross the road.

What? Scratches on my back? I heroically saved a cat that climbed a tree and meowed frantically. What are you really!

Fancy accessories

If you don’t use condoms, having them in your pocket will raise a number of questions for her. And if she finds them in the car, write wasted.

Either keep them at your crush’s house, or hide them so that Sherlock Holmes himself cannot find them.

True, this gentleman from Baker Street is far from a jealous woman.

What is your deduction against the purposefulness of a jealous woman?

Don’t bring her home

Is it worth explaining why? Even if your cunning calculating brain has thought of everything, the likelihood that you will be caught red-handed remains high. In addition, this most redundant thing can leave a strand of his hair on the pillow, lose an earring, a ring and leave the smell of his perfume in the bedroom.

So, the situation: the wife was not at home all weekend. Arriving home, she discovers a long blond hair on the floor of her bedroom. This is despite the fact that among her friends, whom she sometimes invites for tea (a glass of vermouth), there were no long-haired blondes, and from your children you have only a one-year-old son.

What are your explanations?

Time has gone.


If you’ve always left your phone on your bedside table, a sudden change in location may arouse suspicion.

Girls in general can easily find a reason for suspicion.

Your phone must be password protected. Ideally, this should have been done long ago, even before you decided to join the Don Juan Club.

Turn off notifications on your phone. Prevent messages from treacherously popping up full screen on top of other apps.

Otherwise, you will spend the night on the couch.

At your friend.

Or in the emergency room – especially if your loved one goes in for sports.

Give her attention

If there is conflict in your relationship, do your best to resolve it.

Girls love to analyze. Much more than men.

If you don’t go anywhere together, have sex once every two weeks, and don’t talk much, she starts to analyze.

Why is this happening?

What changed?

Did he fall in love with me?

Or… did he have another one??

He definitely has another!

Well, now I’ll check his mail, see who he likes on Instagram and find out everything!

And now she is already flying with a saber unsheathed, and then she receives a message in which you say that you are bored and invite you to a restaurant in the evening.

And then you arrange a romantic dinner for her and give her a massage.

The day after tomorrow you take her to the cinema to see old movies.

In short, my friend, if you decide to have two women at once, then you will have to make twice as much effort.


In no case do not roll up to her friends. Moreover, do not roll up to her enemies.

Her ex’s new/ex girlfriend?

She will be the first to let her know how wonderful you were last night.

If you and your wife are mutual friends, don’t discuss your sexual exploits with them.

An accident, a fatal dose of alcohol or any other force majeure, and everyone will know about your adventures.

In every joke

Don’t provoke your wife. If you make jokes about adultery too often, she will start thinking, thinking and analyzing again.

And then it’s up to you to rake it all up.

Don’t tease her wild fantasy.

Train your memory

You will have to remember what you said to her and when.

If last Friday you were with your mistress, and you told your wife that you had gone on a business trip, then stick to this legend.

And God forbid, in six months at a corporate party, one of your colleagues will tell her that there was no business trip that day.


Run Forest run.

Preferably in a public place.


No need to ask all your friends at once to come up with an alibi for you.

Otherwise, it will turn out like in that joke: “I called his friends, he spent the night with two, and he still sleeps at three at home.”

Clumsy lies and nonchalance are two more reasons aspiring alpha males get caught up in the act.

Or another limb.

How does the man who cheated feel?

Cosmopolitan decided to find out what a man who went “to the left” feels.

They interviewed a few walkers and found out what it was like.

“I’m a guy who cheated several times on a girl with whom I’m still in a relationship. Our intimate life was in order both before and during what was happening. The first couple of times I felt weird. There was a feeling of guilt and thoughts like “Ugh, if you knew where I was the night before last.

Surprisingly, it made our sex even better. Why did I go for treason? This is about my selfishness. I just wanted to try someone else, ”just please don’t think that cheating is the best cure for problems in the marital bed.”

“It’s pretty shitty, to be honest. To be honest, I don’t know why I cheated on my girlfriend. Yes, that girl was hot and the sex was amazing. But when I woke up in the morning, already sober, I felt like the dirtiest bastard in the world. We broke up. Although my girlfriend offered to save the relationship, even knowing that I had changed. It was an emotional upheaval from which I have not fully recovered to this day.”

“I divorced my wife. And now I’m much happier. Moreover, now I am no longer considered a traitor!

So, man, keep in mind that sex on the side is that extreme. And whether you will get satisfaction from it (in every sense) is a big question.

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