How to choose a husband correctly – TOP 5 tips from a psychologist

How to choose a husband correctly – TOP 5 tips from a psychologist. “Well, here … Again … So many couples are going towards, and all are one and one. I can no longer look at them. I’m no worse than those girls with guys, but rather even better. Beautiful, smart, with a great figure. What else is missing? Why is everything like this?

What prevents you from attracting a worthy man into life, creating harmonious relationships, a wonderful family? No matter how trite, but the most common reason is low self-esteem caused by past traumas.

How to choose a husband correctly – TOP 5 tips from a psychologist?

You may not remember many moments that are now shaping your attitude and self-worth. It can lurk in childhood, adolescence, or even into adulthood.

Maybe it’s an unfortunate first experience where the boy you liked laughed at the fight. Or a friend with irony said that you need to lose weight.

And there are probably a lot of such stories, but in any case it is better to deal with them. Shall we start?

  • Work on the past

What kind of men did you have? What united them: behavior, a way of solving problems, or some other points? Analyze what problems you faced, How did you try to solve them, or did not solve anything? What didn’t suit you in that union?

Do a little practice: write a handwritten letter that you address to him, but do not send.

Within 20-30 minutes of the same time, and that is, it is not possible to have it in the water. What were the expectations? What did he let you down? What didn’t he say or do? In what situations did you experience resentment, in which anger, and in which disappointment?

It’s all there, so you’ll see it by the other side of the story. Do not think about censorship and about the fact that “mother said you can’t call anyone that,” you can. Everything is possible in this letter.

Maybe you yourself wanted to apologize for something: for your temper, infantilism, touchiness? Write it down in a letter too. Possibly.

  • Think about what qualities are important to you in a life partner.

Now let’s look into the future. Who do you see next to you? Perhaps there are some specific qualities without which even the first guy in the village will have no chance. Or your state next to him should be somehow certain.

5 recommendations on how to choose the right man and not make a mistake

Predstav so mutny obras, and post-arranged among all characters, which are preferably the same one. Think about what you are ready to put up with, what is not particularly important for you, and what plays a paramount role.

For example: you can live with his habit of leaving tea bags on the table, but you definitely don’t see yourself with a man who doesn’t like your favorite cat. Determine what really matters to you.

  • Love yourself for real

As long as you are not confident enough in yourself, as long as you doubt some of your qualities, a worthy man is neumetopathetic.

Surely you had a friend who outwardly was objectively a C grade, but acted like she was the first stavas. And she weighed far from 50 and her height was clearly not model, but the way she carried herself into this world was read by those around her, and they also perceived her as that very first beauty. And even the main heartthrobs of the city went crazy for her.

It’s not about external data. Remember, some pretty girlfriend who doesn’t have a personal life in any way: guys cheat, leave, use and don’t appreciate at all. And sometimes you look at such girls, and only one thought arises: “How, with such an appearance, is she not yet the height of a deputy?

It’s all about how you feel about yourself, how you present yourself to others. Start to enjoy yourself: from your smile, laughter, gait, humor. When you get high on yourself, it counts on all levels. And the right man will appear in your life very soon.

  • Don’t rush into a relationship – watch

Before you enter into a new union, watch him: how he behaves with friends, colleagues, with different people. In interaction with different people, you can see a lot in this person. Ponyat, to what extent it is consonant with you, and in general is acceptable for you.

  • Don’t make it your main goal to find a relationship

Men are attracted to women who aren’t really going to be attracted to them. Women for whom their deeds, hobbies and, in general, all life come first, and a life partner appears not as a savior from her troubles, but as an equal partner, as self-sufficient, filled with life as she is.

Of course, every relationship, every story is unique. Everything is very individual. No, however, there are some general patterns that work and that you can use in izhi.

And if you notice that some scenarios in your life are repeated with different men, you don’t understand why you attract certain people, and the series of your unsuccessful relationships more and more resembles romantic walks on a rake – you have your psychologist who will always be happy can I help you.

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