How to communicate with a girl so that she falls in love?

How to communicate with a girl so that she falls in love? Falling in love is not love yet, but it all begins with it. Suppose you have a girl in mind with whom you would like to start dating or you already have some kind of relationship, but they are not developing. What should be done in this case and how to communicate with a girl so that she falls in love?

Little is said about love. There is a lot of information on how to attract the attention of a woman, how to talk to her, get to know her, there is even a list of successful topics for conversation, and so on. And how technically to fall in love with a girl? What is the mechanics of this process?

There is not enough information about this. Therefore, I decided to lift the veil of secrecy and share this information with you.

I will tell you about a unique technique of falling in love, which is called “Swing”. I think many people are familiar with the term “emotional swing” – a kind of manipulative methods of communicating with another person.

How do they work and how to achieve the desired result with women with their help? That’s how.

What is all the salt?

“Swing” is one of the main techniques and strategies for falling in love. It is also called “Closer-Further” or “Attract-Repel”. That is a kind of contrast.

Its peculiarity is efficiency and work at all stages of communication with women. In other words, some techniques can be used to attract women in the early stages of dating, while others work great in the dating or relationship stages. “Swings” are effective always and everywhere, they can be used even when you are married.

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The essence of the method is that you rock your girlfriend to emotions. First you attract her, then you push her away, thereby arousing her interest in you. A conflict of feelings and experiences is created, which I really want to resolve.

In other words, first, let you experience positive emotions, and then negative ones. Even the most advanced girls in psychology succumb to this trick.

The use of “swing” at the stage of acquaintance

The initial stage of communication. How does it work here? You spotted a girl that you like, but you don’t know each other yet. Let’s say she is at some distance from you, but in the line of sight.

Make eye contact with her and send an admiring glance. If you don’t know-how, practice it in front of a mirror. Full of adoration, indescribable admiration, and delight.

After that, “forget” about it for a while. Now she herself will wait and catch the moment when you look at her again. Intrigued. And then they pushed me away with their indifference. The swing began to swing.

Then seize the moment, approach her (this is a plus), and begin your acquaintance with a phrase in a dismissive tone (minus):

“Have we met?”

And again you switch to interest after her answer and goodwill:

“Very nice to meet such an incredible girl…”

Add a soft and warm look. Then, in a conversation, you should again “push away” by saying a cold phrase to the topic.

“Yes, I didn’t plan to meet anyone, I don’t need it.”

And change it back to positive. Thus swing the pendulum stronger and stronger.

What is it for?

To make the girl catch fire, she has an interest in you and a desire to overcome the obstacle. You make it clear to her that you really like her, but … not completely. She has an impulse that half of the way has already been passed and the man seems to be ready to fall before her spell, but something else is getting in the way and you need to “squeeze” him, take the initiative, go towards you, find an approach.

There is such an expression “Tantalum torment”, meaning suffering due to the inability to achieve the desired, which at first glance seems to be easily achievable. When King Tantalus stubbornly tried to pick the fruit, which seemed to be given to him in his hands, but each time he retreated and slipped away when approached. It is believed that these are the most difficult torments that a person experiences, unable to refuse them.

Using the method at the stage of telephone conversations

The essence is the same. We attract – we repel. We speak softly and admiringly:

Lena, you have such a charming voice! Just…. I listen and it excites me so much!”

Then you talk in the usual way, and after 5-7 minutes you are back to your own:

“Let’s not call up so late. In the morning at work, I would like to get enough sleep and go to bed early. It’s not convenient for me to talk at this time.”

Another option: you thank the girl for something, say how pleased you are, emphasize how much she said everything on time and on the topic, got to the point. And in the second phrase, after a while, you issue something like:

“I didn’t expect to hear this from you”, “Strange reasoning”.

In this case, a woman becomes confused, realizing that she seems to be the most desirable interlocutor in the world, but at the same time, you are a man of your own rules, principles, and views. It is necessary to take a closer look at this and understand where she missed it.

How to communicate with a girl so that she falls in love on a date?

During a date, you can use tactile sensations.

Touch the girl during the joke, laughing with her. By the arm, by the elbow, by the shoulder.

“Ahahaha, fun!”

Attracted, attracted her. Further, when she realizes that you really like it and you have reduced the distance, she begins to reach out to you herself (or not, it does not play many roles) – you move away from her or simply deviate in the opposite direction, moving away.

The conversation can go on: just as warm and playful, but your behavior will be like a cold soul. She will certainly cheer up and try to fix what happened.

Even stronger contrast can be beaten with a kiss, when you already have a closer relationship. Let it be passionate, longed for, very bright with a happy look at her at the end. And after a while, start “regretting” him:

“Early / in vain we probably are. We had to wait a while.”

Closer, further, we swing like on a parabola chart and watch her reaction.

5 nuances of the “swing” technique

one. First, you attract, then you repel. Only in that order.

If you do everything in a different sequence (vice versa), then the girl will think that you do not have sympathy and contact for her and will leave or switch her attention to another. Be sure to first attract and dispose, and only then – move away. And so on in turn.

2. If a girl does not react, is not attracted, is not repelled, in general, does not notice, then this:

  • A girl pumped in terms of relationships;
  • Girl concentrated on another object (or just busy);
  • Very shy and so on.

In this case, switch to other techniques of seduction and attracting attention.

3. You can not strongly or rudely push the girl away. Some can be very sensitive, vulnerable, and vulnerable, you need to look at this particular representative of the fair sex individually.

Let your repulsions be subtle and soft with such persons, watch her reaction so as not to go too far. If she joins the game – everything is fine, if she tightens her lips, tries to leave – you went too far.

In the case of a high “negative” reaction from you, she will understand that communication with you is too energy-consuming for her and is not interested in her. She may feel that she annoys you and does not like you.

It’s better that she goes to Kostya, who is always happy and smiling at her, although he is not attractive as a man, but it doesn’t take much effort to communicate with him. And he’s simple.

It will merge even though you were just doing an element of the game.

4. Swing carefully. Compliment her, and later respond to a similar phrase in your direction with a dismissive “Thank you”.

It would be rude to respond to her compliment: “Do you seriously think I’m happy?”

five. Remember that a woman can also play this game. Either she is well aware of it and uses it in her life, or she realizes it on an intuitive level as flirting with a man.

If you are very good at communication without any intrigues and conspiracies, just sincere understanding and communication, then do not use any techniques. Open up to each other, study each other, talking as frankly as possible.

If the girl refuses to behave like this, then you have no choice, start including her in the game and actively use the technique.

Why it works?

Everywhere and everywhere men are encouraged to be soft, flexible, gallant, pleasing, and sensitive in order to please a girl. We (women) are very used to this, and when a guy’s behavior differs from usual, he simply breaks the pattern for us.

Such a bad guy. The main thing that needs to be understood and felt is the line between rudeness and a fly in the ointment. If you doubt whether you will be correctly understood, it is better not to say out loud what you wanted. Nobody canceled the rules of etiquette and politeness.

Play thin, it will come with experience. To be honest, rudeness can also work, but such a relationship will not be long or serious. If that’s your goal, then go ahead.

My blog and publications for guys of a different category and level are much higher than simple pick-up artists. And here it is for them:

Be delicate, then any girl will submit to you. Be yourself and don’t play the other person, just play the game. If you don’t like it, then exit it (I’m talking about the game now 🙂).

5 extreme rocking emotional

If a girl shows indifference, whatever you say doesn’t work, then you can turn on heavy artillery:

1. Praise and admire her friends in her presence. You can only 1 time, that will be enough. She will be covered with jealousy and a desire to prove that she is better and more important in your life.

2. During a conversation, interrupt your business, for example, make tea (after apologizing – our good manners are everything). Then return to it, but already “forgetting” what they were talking about, switching to another topic.

3. In one of the conversations on the phone, tell her how nice it is to talk to her and how you love to hear her voice, and after that do not call at all for a long time.

4. Say all the offending phrases with a neutral “poker face” face so that she does not remember anger or negativity and does not associate your annoyed expression with you as a person. Smile more often so that the aftertaste from communicating with you is sweet, but somewhere the “worm sharpens”.

5. And a completely tough option on how to communicate with a girl so that she falls in love – hurt her pride and originality:

“Look, the shoes are like yours”, “Do you fundamentally do manicures on Fridays?”.

Be careful, because if this causes a smile and laughter in one, then the other will not forgive you for such rude treatment, will be offended, and will no longer get in touch.

Returning to the beginning, I would like to emphasize once again that the swing is a working technique always and everywhere. Whether to use it or not is your choice. Someone has a negative attitude to manipulation, someone believes that this is just entertainment, it does not carry anything serious and destructive. How to communicate with a girl so that she falls in love?

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