How to communicate with a tyrant husband and manipulative parents in the family?

How to communicate with a tyrant husband and manipulative parents in the family? Manipulation in psychology is the ability to influence the worldviews and actions of other people. It is necessary to be able to recognize manipulations, since they can significantly spoil life. So, often we don’t even suspect that we are following someone’s lead and fulfilling other people’s desires. Who are manipulators and how to behave with them, we will consider further.

Who is a manipulator?

A manipulator is a person with a personality characteristic that points to an extra sensitive and passive tow. He can be quite dangerous and negative, especially at times when manipulation fails.

The danger of communication lies in the fact that you are wasting not only personal and material resources, but also life energy en. And the main paradox at the same time is that you can be absolutely sensibly aware that you are being manipulated, but not have the strength to jump off such pathological communication.

Select the individual as manipulative tendencies can be done like this:

  • he is very sensitive, he can be easily pissed off.

The slightest hint of negative emotions, criticism, negative assessment of a person or work causes a whole;

  • a person easily identifies potential problems.

Although prone to manipulation, such individuals are excellent diplomatic collaborators;

How to communicate with an animator?

  • Manipulators redo grubyat and that it is key-to is cruel.

This type implies that a person simply cannot be tough even in situations where it is really.

The main difficulties arise when it is required to tell the manipulator about the shortcomings of his work or actions. Emotional blackmailers may react inappropriately. The main reactions are:

  • silly emotionally known in the face of the sun;
  • threats;
  • flattery;
  • inducing feelings of guilt.

If the manipulator is mature enough, then it will not be difficult for him to suppress your will in order to achieve his goals. If you do, you will find that in your own interests. But more often such individuals are not aware of the peculiarities, therefore they rarely turn to psychologists.

How to overcome manipulation?

To fight manipulators, you need to be aware of and protect your rights. Like any other person, you have every right to:

  • protection of personal space and free expression of opinions, desires and feelings;
  • the word: “No” without the subsequent feeling of guilt;
  • expression of one’s own interests, on the difference of one’s views from the views of another person;
  • protection from moral and emotional threats and violence;
  • life in accordance with priorities and one’s own understanding of happiness.

In order to work out a defense mechanism for dealing with manipulation, you must understand that there are boundaries of personal space, but some individuals violate them. Your task is to prevent this.

Tips for resisting manipulation

  • As far as possible, you should avoid communicating with the manipulator.

This is a child’s psychotrauma, which is corrected only by working with a psychologist at the request of the person himself. But, as a rule, manipulativeness does not give the owner much trouble;

  • If you are a slave, it is important that the individual is in two storage boxes.

The main task of a person who seeks to influence you is a game on weaknesses. Often, when meeting with a manipulator, we begin to feel inferiority and guilt: we talk somehow wrong, do the wrong things, eat the wrong food, etc.;

  • think about the relationship with the manipulator and assess how he manipulates you and how quickly.

If you can’t avoid communication, then just minimize it. If you get tired of communicating with this person, and you have a depressed mood for the whole day, then try to neutralize the manipulative personality and ask the following questions:

  • what will I get as a result of our agreement with you;
  • do you really think your request is reasonable;
  • you think it’s fair and good for me;
  • you really expect me to do it.

These questions are also useful for the manipulator, since they allow him to look in the “mirror”.

And the most important rule that manipulators use is decision making under time pressure. Especially often this technique is used by sellers, managers or consultants, hoping to sell the goods.

A person who is used to being in a hurry, usually agrees with the manipulator. This is a defensive reaction. In such a situation, you just need to step over yourself and establish control.

You can say that you want to postpone the decision until later. Such a pause will allow you to choose what you want, and not what your opponent requires.

A strong means of struggle is also a story about the consequences of actions. As a rule, if you point out to the manipulator all the consequences of the game, then perhaps his attitude towards you will change to respectful, and the manipulations will stop.

If close people manipulate

Often it turns out that our offenders are family members: parents, husband and children. No it is the details of the situation that are resolved by the existing leg, to the original three-way street. Parents can manipulate resentment, health, guilt. For example, there are frequent talks that you are a bad daughter, you devote little time to your relatives and talok gave time to relatives and gave talok.

A husband can complain about his health, say that he is tired, because he works a lot, but at the same time he doesn’t want to talk about your work. Remember that if the manipulator himself was a victim of violence, then it can be very difficult to change him. This is beyond the power of even the most experienced professionals.

By the way, home manipulation is the strongest in terms of impact. It is the family and close people that have the maximum impact on your attitude and well-being. It is not necessary to work with the manipulators, to the extent that there are no problems.

It is possible to resist manipulation in the family. To do this, there are special psychological techniques, having mastered which, you will not only easily recognize manipulations in your address, but also easily overcome them. It is important to always remember that your time and life energy belong only to you and should not be wasted.

Thus, it is necessary to communicate with the manipulator carefully. Often manipulation is used as a means to achieve some goal. Unfortunately, in our world such individuals are quite common, and this justifies the need to know the basic methods of neutralizing the manipulator.

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