How to communicate with an ex-boyfriend and what to do if you have to?

How to communicate with an ex-boyfriend and what to do if you have to? You survived the breakup, and now a new character has appeared in your life – a former partner. If the termination of the relationship is not with s or with emotional abuse, but nothing against the routes. This is also true for those cases when you work or study together and your meetings are inevitable.

In the event of the separation of two mature people without any remaining grievances and claims against each other, further communication strategies are simple to follow: keep in touch with the person if it is necessary and comfortable for you. However, often a break with a loved one is more difficult for us: we experience an emotional shock and do not know what to do next, we want to return everything or even take revenge on the offender.

How to behave immediately after a breakup?

The separation cannot go unnoticed. Things that are familiar to us have changed, and now we need to learn to live differently. We can also feel resentment, anger, unwillingness to move on, loneliness, and self-doubt. At such a time, it is important to be able not to make the mistake of causing yourself even more emotional suffering.

  • give yourself time

If the distribution is completed, it is possible to use it with the external vehicle. Ending a relationship and breaking up with an attachment is a traumatic experience, and you can’t help it.

Only by realizing and accepting the completion of this stage of life, you can begin to move on. Studies show that people who continued to contact their former partners after a breakup, including following them on social networks, went through the stage of emotional recovery longer and more painfully – thoughts about a partner caused melancholy and anxiety about breaking up.

Psychologically recommends that it is not possible to say: it is not possible, it is not possible to see it, it is not necessary to test the social site.

  • Recognize the fear of being alone

Romantic relationships are often the main source of recognition and support. Separation thus deprives us of the person on whose presence our emotional well-being depends – the person to whom we feel affection. That is why on those days when we are especially lonely, it is not uncommon for us to want to connect with an ex.

In conditions of lack of attention and communication, parting can always seem to be a mistake, not typical → Do not forget: you broke up and there was a reason for that. At the same time, at such moments it is better not to rush into a new relationship in order to drown out the feeling of loneliness – occupy yourself with work, hobbies, communication with friends and family.

What if we work together?

Your relationship ended, but you continue to see each other every day at work together. How not to spoil the working atmosphere, especially if it didn’t work out peacefully?

  • Consider the distance: try to do it and you want it to be different, not to worry about it.

Do you want it and you want it?

  • Communicate only on business matters: ignore emails and cut off personal conversations. No need to provoke it from the outside, so it’s not possible to tell anything about it.
  • Don’t worry about the colleagues: it’s not about the drugs that are available to you.

Is it possible to be friends with an ex?

Continuing to communicate as friends after a breakup is an issue that constantly causes a lot of controversy. Opponents of such relationships claim that camaraderie is impossible where there was once love and passion.

The truth is that healthy friendships between former partners are rare. Firstly, the formation of such a friendship is possible only after going through all the stages of acceptance: when both are no longer gnawed by anger and the desire for revenge, and grievances and claims are forgotten. Such recovery requires not only a lot of time, but also a lot of effort on oneself. That is why friendship is unlikely and even impossible if there were betrayals and betrayals in the relationship.

Secondly, jealousy, a sense of ownership, envy will interfere with the friendship of the former. Not many ex-partners will be able to accept and support your new relationship, especially if they themselves remain single – and a relationship that does not support your new starts cannot be considered friendly.

Thus, those who prefer to disperse peacefully, while maintaining respect for each other, have a chance to remain friends.

What exactly is not worth doing?

  • Show off your new relationship

Starting a relationship soon after breaking up is not something reprehensible. An exception, however, are cases when you try your luck with a new partner then through your own program. Such behavior betrays your unforgotten grievances and calls into question the sincerity of your feelings for a new boyfriend. If it isn’t possible to have it in the room, it’s up to you emotionally.

  • Quarrel, revenge and say “whatever you think”

It was worth sorting out the relationship and dotting all the “i” before you broke up. Put in the name of not and not on. The desire to appear in the life of a partner and harm him shows how much your pride was hurt. You don’t need to reproach yourself for such a range of emotions: anger is one of the stages of accepting what happened.

In fact, in order to move on, you need not another scandal, but the opportunity to speak out to someone close, get distracted and relax, and also work on your own self-esteem.

  • Giving false hope

If it was raised, no parene preceded by the friends? It is possible that your ex-boyfriend is driven by a desire to get back together. In order to avoid misunderstandings and a new portion of stress, it is necessary to immediately find out who and what expects from dij.

It’s true that after parting and yes, well, divorce, couples can get back together: transfers. It is quite another matter if your feelings have already completely faded away, but his is not. It is better to stop such friendship immediately. Exactly is also not worth offering friendship to a man if deep down you want him back. You won’t be forced to be nice.

  • Allow yourself to be manipulated

It happens that the relationship ended, and the ex-boyfriend continues to be present in your life: he appears, then disappears, tries to control, discusses you or resorts to some other toxic tactics to get your attention. The only effective way to get rid of it is to completely ignore it. Perhaps this is how he experiences his stage of anger. It’s just none of your business.

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