How To Communicate With Girls?

How To Communicate With Girls? Doesn’t it bother you that your conversations with attractive girls are boring? If you’re like a lot of guys, the anticipation of talking to a woman can make you nervous and even want to quit altogether. How to communicate with girls in this case?

But there is good news:

Although mastery of conversation is a special skill that needs to be used correctly, some of them can be quickly mastered and implemented when communicating or texting girls.

As a social skills instructor, I know that these experiences are not only easy to learn, but also a lot of fun when we make our lives easier with them. You can use them not only when communicating with girls, but also in any other life situation in order to increase your value in the eyes of the interlocutor.

Let’s take a look at some easy-to-learn skills that you can start using right after reading this article.

Here are 8 ways to improve your communication with girls:

How To Communicate With Girls?

1. Listen!

Let’s start with the most obvious technique: listen to the other person!

It would seem that you always do this anyway, why focus on this? But right You have to learn to listen to the other person. Very often we are in the clouds, while the other person is talking. We try to come up with an additional question, a witty remark or comment, our own story.

We do this because we are afraid of the awkward pause that occurs when a person stops talking and we don’t know what to say next. Familiar? But how.

But the girl speaks, speaks, conveys her important idea to you, and you are not really “there” yet, you are fixated on one thing, and you think everything over until you formulate a smart comment. Then you make it worse by interrupting the girl to insert your brilliant answer.

Instead, do the following:

1. Listen to what the girl is saying.

2. Get out of your head, out of the wilds, let go of thoughts.

3. When it’s your turn to speak, pause briefly to give you time to think about what to say.

4. It’s NOT an awkward silence – it’s a compliment girl! This pause sustained after her speech will show her that you listened to her attentively and you were interested.

2. Give more answers than any other man

Are you the kind of man who answers every question with the least amount of words you can get to the point?

Even the most interested girls and talkers find it hard to keep up a conversation when all you give them are one-word answers.

“What’s your favorite movie?” – “Star Wars”

“Do you have a hobby?” – “Hiking”

Yeah. It is clear that you can be shy, but by doing this you are digging a hole for yourself. We must correct the situation.

Instead, do the following:

When answering, aim for 2-sentence answers:

“My favorite movie is Star Wars. This movie epic influenced my entire childhood, and to this day I still want to become a Jedi!”

“I like hiking. It allows me to just turn off, enjoy the mountains, nature, and keep fit.”

Tip to make things easier:

– Answer the question and then add an explanation of “why” –

Thus, you not only share facts, but also allow the girl to look deeper into her world and give impetus to a new topic for conversation. By the way, I have an excellent selection of interesting topics for talking with a girl (opens in a new tab).

Plus, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn about yourself when you start answering questions this way! Well, in the future, it will become easier for you to keep up the conversation, because many of the “blanks” that guys grind out when communicating (or in correspondence) with girls will be formed and remembered in a natural way.

Why do you actually like your favorite food?

What exactly touches your soul in your favorite song?

How To Communicate With Girls?

3. Replace questions with statements

What is this, an interview?” or “You decided to interrogate me?

Have you ever heard it while talking from a girl? I, unfortunately, had to say this to the interlocutor.

It is clear that when a girl is really very interesting to you, and you want to know more about her life, you ask a lot of questions. But then it is not surprising that she begins to feel that she is being interrogated!

Instead, try this:

– From time to time, answer with a statement, not a question –

I’ll show you an easy trick. We all know how to ask yes/no questions (also known as the slow death of a conversation):

“Did you like it?”

“Did you watch this movie?”

Just change these questions to statements by making an educated guess:

“Looks like you enjoyed it!”

“I think you’ve seen this movie”

This way you can avoid the atmosphere of the interview. Not so difficult, right?

What is amazing is that you will make the girl feel understood and she will have the impression that you communicate so well!

And yes, don’t worry about the wrong assumption. The girl will just correct you and the conversation will move on without difficulty.

4. Ask her opinion about something

Don’t you like it when someone thinks so highly of you that they want to know your opinion?

Oh yes, it’s very nice. And then we fluff the tail like a peacock and begin to authoritatively and efficiently state our vision of the situation.

Guess what I’m suggesting now? You can use this question about her opinion and the pleasant feeling associated with it to your advantage.

You do not need to ask about some serious and deep things, do not make the conversation heavier. You can literally insert “What do you think about…” before any question you were going to ask anyway in the conversation.

“I want to try running in the area. What do you think about this? What is your favorite park here?

There is only one thing we like to hear more than asking for our opinion. And that’s… our name.

5. Use the girl’s name often

The sound of our own name caresses the ear and is pleasing to any person. Too bad we don’t hear it more often.

So let’s change that and use it to our advantage. Every three sentences, use the girl’s name. It’s best to put it at the beginning of a sentence, because placing it at the end of a question shows that you’re trying to get her attention when she’s not interested or listening. Or even disdainful. Here is such a female perception or linguistic features. I’ll show you better with examples.

When is the first time you call her name? “Right after she calls him to you.

“Hi, I’m Sergey. What is your name?”


“Nice to meet you, Natasha!”

Then a minute later: “By the way, Natasha, what do you think about…”

You kill two birds with one stone. Not only does this make the girl feel more comfortable, but it also allows to you easier to remember her name.

Here’s how NOT to screw in a name:

What are you doing, Natasha? Where do you work? (~ neglect, try saying it out loud and see for yourself)

— Let’s go, I’ll show you a new pond, Natasha. (~ fawning, begging for attention)

By the way, the name should not be distorted. If she called herself Natasha, then no Nata, Natalie, Natalya. And vice versa – if she introduced herself as Natalya, then before Natasha it is not entirely decent to reduce the girl at the first communication.

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6. Maintain long eye contact

A lot can be said about the science of eye contact. But in short, then:

  • Maintain long eye contact both while you are listening and while you are speaking.
  • Don’t worry about the girl being uncomfortable. People are able to independently control their comfort zone. She will look away or divert your attention if she gets tired of it.
  • A direct look gives you a confident and interested person. And that’s what they’re always drawn to.

Of course, you should not go too far and stare with all your might, watching every movement and reactions of the girl. Just catch yourself wanting to look away and return them again to the object of your desires.

How To Communicate With Girls?

7. Let go

Have you ever enjoyed being interviewed for a job? Or making a call when you were selling something to another person?

I’m sure not much. Why?

After all, it was about getting a nice new job or making a good sale and making money. However, despite the final (=possible) result, the emotions were not very bright.

When you enter into a conversation with an intended outcome, your brain will remain busy checking your progress, correcting course, and planning for the future. The more you invest and the clearer the intention, the more your own “quality control” takes your strength.

Destructive thoughts:

“Now is the time to say what I wanted to…”

Why is she laughing? I didn’t mean it to be funny! How can I get back to the normal conversation now?”

“Why doesn’t she touch herself now, doesn’t build her eyes? Isn’t she interested? How to start acting to please her?

But if we enter a conversation without a set agenda, then our brain is not fixated on the result, relaxed, and does not run all this analysis in the background (although let’s face it: in the foreground!).

Instead of this extra work, we begin to turn our attention to something really interesting or enjoyable. And this automatically increases the chances of a conversation with a girl to become more lively and productive.

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8. Not every girl wants to talk all the time.

Even if you are the most perfect and charismatic man in the world, the truth of life is that every girl can have her own reasons why she does not want to talk to you.

Sometimes girls…

  • in a hurry, in stress, and do not have time to talk;
  • hungry, cold, tired, angry or sad, and do not want to talk to anyone at all;
  • very shy and modest, especially when the conversation was initiated by a confident and attractive stranger (yes, you, you);
  • in the last 10 minutes, 6 guys have already approached her with a desire to make an acquaintance.

The list can be replenished and increased both due to objective and not very objective (and sometimes from the point of view of a man and inadequate) reasons.

I would very much like to dream of raising the level of my communication skills to such a level that it would be easy and in any situation to communicate with every girl. But forget about it.

Conversations are a collaborative, mutual, and multi-user process. The other person may be passive or have no desire to talk at all, and the reason for this has nothing to do with you at all.

Maybe she just sits and waits for a thin, tall, and big-eared elf. And here you are.

Forward, to the conquest of the peaks!

Don’t try to start using all the techniques at once. Start with one or two and try it in practice, get the result, and bring it to automatism. And only after that switch to the next skill. Use these simple rules, now you know how to communicate with girls easily and naturally.

If you want to rise to a level above the guys around you and become the most desirable man in the eyes of a girl, then I recommend that you download (free) and read my book Why girls don’t like me and how to fix it.

And now, my dears, go and make new acquaintances! How To Communicate With Girls?

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