How to compliment a guy in your own words – TOP-100 list

How to compliment a guy in your own words – TOP-100 list? It is a mistake to assume that only women “love” with their ears. Men are no less in need of approval and praise. Compliments are important in both romantic and friendship relationships. Agree that this is not only a great way to show a person his importance, but also to get him to. No, it’s not possible to get away from it all. If you’re one of them, no big deal. It’s time to explore this issue.

Things to remember when giving compliments

For the compliment to please the addressee, you need to follow a few rules:

  • Be sincere.

No telling a man that he has great muscles if the most he can lift is a sheet of cardboard.

  • Be specific.

Vague characteristics are good in politics. If you praise something, praise it so that there is no doubt left.

  • Evaluate not only appearance, but also skills.

In s where that those, choyu\u003e giram speed, hair, clothes hus and up to the list, za o ta reports.

  • Express your feelings.

Agree that “The aroma of your perfume makes my heart beat faster” sounds better than “a good smell.”

  • Be original.

Pay attention to what others have missed. Say non-banal things, even if they sound strange.

  • Be spontaneous.

Surprise with compliments when you don’t expect them. Predictability is not your friend.

  • Keep a balance.

In this case, it is better to under-praise than over-praise. Dose admiration. When you praise a person too much, it can look like you want to swindle him into meanness.

120 compliments for a guy

  • You have amazing perfume.
  • I like talking with you, you are a very pleasant conversationalist.
  • You have an irresistible smile.
  • Not that you want to be in one place, that is, you have to pay for it in your Russian bush. Твой стиль безупречен.
  • Nobody does it better than you.
  • I was lucky to have such an erudite person next to me.
  • You can drown in your eyes.
  • Why are you so hardworking?
  • Are you a wizard by any chance? Otherwise, I can’t explain why you have such an impact on me.
  • Every time I see you, I make sure that any suit suits you.
  • How wonderful that there are people you can always rely on, and you are one of them.
  • Two characters by one another, also brilliant in one ear.
  • It is not possible for the slaves to win, so that there is no room for them.
  • When you look at me, I melt like ice cream on a summer afternoon.
  • Your beautiful eyes have deprived me of sleep.
  • If it wasn’t for your help, I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself.
  • How do you manage to do absolutely everything?
  • You are an extraordinary person, you always have a lot of amazing ideas.
  • When you’re around, I don’t notice anyone around.
  • Is there any area you don’t understand?
  • You have such broad shoulders, next to you I feel safe.
  • No one act in the Gollivud and don’t ask for it.
  • I would nominate you for Mister Universe.
  • I can endlessly listen to the enthusiasm with which you speak.
  • I have never eaten such delicious pancakes in my life.
  • You are so attractive, I can’t resist you.
  • When you hold my hand, I feel like a princess.
  • You have a very strict style.
  • You should know that you are in the middle of the world.
  • I was captivated by your courage and perseverance.
  • There are no more men like you.
  • It turns me on how you smell in the morning.

Compliments for men. How to praise your man?

  • I love touching you.
  • I love running my fingers through your soft hair.
  • Your charisma opens doors for you.
  • You are the strongest and bravest person I have ever known.
  • It is difficult to be beautiful both outside and inside, but you can easily do it.
  • With you, I’m not afraid of anything.
  • Before you, I didn’t know that a woman could be treated like a queen.
  • If not for you, my life would not be so interesting.
  • You make me happy.
  • You are my aphrodisiac.
  • Nobody loved me like that.
  • You are a true romantic.
  • I value your opinion.
  • My heart burns with love at the sight of you.
  • Every day I fall in love with you even more.
  • You always find the right words to cheer me up.
  • I never get bored with you.
  • I love your sense of humor.
  • You are a great role model.
  • When you smile, you get charming dimples on your cheeks.
  • I want to kiss you all the time, you drive me crazy.
  • Every day is special for me if I spent it with you.
  • You are very attentive and caring, our children will be lucky to have such a father.
  • You attract me like a magnet. Even when we’re not around, I think about you all the time.
  • When you look at me, flowers bloom in my stomach.
  • You make me blush.
  • I’m lucky to have you in my life.
  • Since childhood, I dreamed of a prince like you.
  • You have such a piercing gaze that my legs give way.
  • I admire your insight.
  • You have a natural charm.
  • I appreciate everything you do for me.
  • You are my missing piece of the puzzle.
  • Next to you, I don’t earern pretend to be strong and dependent, I can be femininity and weakanne
  • You are very energetic.
  • Even the apocalypse won’t stop you.
  • In your arms, I feel as if I have finally returned home after a long journey.
  • You gave me the realization that I do not live in vain.
  • I want to meet you in every life.
  • You taught me not to give up.
  • You have exceptional musical taste.
  • Everyone has something to learn from you.
  • You know how to cheer me up.
  • I am pleased that you never spare me neither time nor money.
  • You always guess what I want.
  • Your gaze hypnotizes me, I become soft and supple.
  • Difficulties do not stop you, but temper you.
  • You are a real man.
  • You will succeed, I always believe in you.
  • You have refined manners, you always act like a gentleman.
  • Your velvety voice makes me tremble.
  • Two figures indicate the Olympic Games.
  • You have been prepared for the stratum nature.
  • I’m proud of your endurance.
  • What a pity that I do not have such long and thick eyelashes.
  • You are the soul of the company.
  • Your friends are lucky to have you.
  • You are the sultan of my heart.
  • You have great potential.
  • This haircut really suits you.
  • Your words never go wrong with deeds.
  • I’ve never had such a memorable date. In order to surprise me, you always give everything to the last drop.
  • Don’t speak in post.
  • You are as insatiable as a wild animal.
  • I am pleased that you always care about my pleasure, and not just about yourself.
  • Any woman would be happy next to you.
  • Your voice is more relaxing than meditation.
  • It’s good to be silent with you.
  • I like your confident walk.
  • You are working very hard for our future.
  • You are my knight.
  • You are as complex as Apollo.
  • If you have a picture, in which you may write about a problem.
  • Your smile is like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.
  • You have an analytical mind.
  • You are going to be slightly shaved.
  • You motivate me to improve.
  • You are special.
  • You have an infectious laugh.
  • Time flies by with you.
  • You are my reliable partner in pranks.
  • I envy myself.
  • Your determination deserves respect.
  • You are brave as a lion.
  • You have a kind heart.
  • You are economic.
  • I’m sorry I didn’t meet you earlier.
  • You can find a common language with any person.

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