How to confess to a girl in love? A to Z + examples

How to confess to a girl in love? A to Z + examples. Along with the desire to open one’s feelings come the fear of doing everything wrong, not beautifully enough, stupidly, and the fear of hearing about the unrequitedness of one’s love. What to do in such cases? How to confess to a girl in love in such a way as to increase your chances of mutual sympathy?

Next, we will talk about how best to choose the time, place, words, behavior for your recognition. There are also several examples of ready-made phrases that you can use to express and describe your love.

Where is the best place to confess?

It is better that the place where the guy will talk about his feelings is associated with romance, relaxation, positive emotions. It can be:

  • picnic on the roof of the house;
  • a secluded table in a cozy cafe;
  • Ferris wheel or other slow attraction where you can retire;
  • benches / decks at the evening campfire;
  • a playground next to a decorated New Year tree, under the mistletoe (a kiss under the mistletoe has become a symbol of a strong happy couple);
  • a beautiful, preferably flower arbor;
  • terrace in front of the entrance to the girl’s house during the farewell (oddly enough).

If the lovers at the same time have some kind of “their” place where they constantly meet or where they often go to be alone, this is also great. In general, the location itself is not as important as the emotions and memories that it evokes. If a young lady loves small pubs, then she will be glad to receive recognition there. Does she really like art galleries? So, you can think about how to make your revelation in this location.

How to confess to a girl in love? A to Z + examples.

How to choose the right moment?

Confessing feelings, especially such strong ones as love, after a couple of weeks of dating is not a good idea. Such an act may seem too frivolous to a girl. She will get the impression that the guy is talking about such very serious things, not attaching much importance to them. This will turn her off a lot. Therefore, it is better to wait at least a couple of months after meeting.

If we are talking about sympathy or falling in love, the desire to start a relationship, and not about love itself, then you can talk about it much earlier, but still not in the first or second week of dating. Of course, it still depends on the frequency, the quality of the meetings. The more intimate and less rare they were, the faster you can move on to recognition. A few more tips:

  • the evening is considered the most romantic time for talking about love;
  • it is undesirable to declare love on the go, in a hurry or while the girl is very busy with something;
  • it is desirable to maintain intimacy so that strangers do not hear what the couple is talking about;
  • sunset, dawn, moonlit night – the best friends of a guy in love who is looking for romance for his chosen one;
  • it is better not to confess your feelings to a girl who is in a bad mood or something unpleasant has happened.

How to get courage?

How to overcome your fear of learning about unrequited feelings? After all, it is he who usually stops the guys from confessing, does not allow them to take the first step. This fear is important to overcome as quickly as possible, because:

  • the longer the fan delays the “moment of truth”, the stronger, faster self-doubt develops in him;
  • over time, the young lady will begin to doubt the interest of the young man, stop wasting time on him;
  • someone else will take the initiative earlier, take his beloved right out from under his nose;
  • decisiveness is a quality that can make you fall in love with yourself or strengthen already formed feelings.

And in order to start a fight with your fears, doubts and still open your love experiences, you can use one of the following methods.

1. Countdown.

The purpose of the method is to give the brain a specific task, and then limit the time it takes to complete it. You can mentally say to yourself: “Now I will count from five to one – and tell her about my feelings.” Then it remains only to say this countdown to yourself, and then abruptly take at least a minimal step in order to cut off your path to retreat. Sometimes even the phrases “now or never”, “all or nothing”, “make or break” also help to gain courage.

Why is it better to count backwards? So that the number indicating the amount of time before the action decreases, not increases. Otherwise, it is possible by inertia to count up to a thousand, still not daring to act. In addition, thanks to television, commercials on the Internet, many people have an association of such a countdown with a rocket launch. And this is a very motivational allegory.

2. Third party.

Scared to say “I love you”? Then you can say “He loves you.” A little strange, isn’t it?

However, this is just one of the psychological tricks. Many psychotherapists during their sessions invite patients to talk about problems in a third person. This reduces the level of awkwardness, embarrassment, shame, fear of being judged or misunderstood.

You can start your revelation by saying, “I have a friend who really likes you.” As the story progresses, the sense of habituation will intensify, the resumption of control that was in doubt while the man was very worried. After that, the time will come to admit that the “friend” in question is actually the same guy in love.

3. Alternatives.

Usually writing about love is much easier than talking about it out loud. This can be used if the excitement is so over the top that it does not allow you to normally say even one word from the confession. How to write about feelings:

  • finger on the misted glass;
  • in a love letter (not on social media);
  • bookmark a romantic phrase in a book;
  • make a small poster with an explanation;
  • make a crossword puzzle with a key phrase about love;
  • draw with chalk on the pavement (not necessarily under the windows);
  • draw paints on her hand while playing.

However, it is important to understand that, having written the cherished words, then you still have to talk about it. Just leaving such a message and then leaving would be a very strange act. It is also normal to assume that after the confession, the young lady will have additional questions that it is desirable to answer.

How to confess to a girl in love? A to Z + examples.

What to talk about?

What is generally better to say when discussing such a delicate, exciting topic? Obviously, a simple “I love you” will not be enough. If you get off with only this phrase, then most likely an awkward silence will hang, from which it is very difficult to get out. To complement the conversation, you can immediately mention:

  • the first impression that the chosen one made;
  • the moment / period when the guy realized that he had fallen in love;
  • the influence of love experiences, changes as a result of emotions;
  • views, expectations from further relations;
  • degree, depth, type of their feelings.

It is also better not to make a continuous tirade from this information, it is enough to choose two or three points for the story, giving the girl the opportunity to insert a word.

Examples of confessions.

  1. My life has recently sparkled with new colors, it has another meaning. And all this thanks to you, those strong feelings that you evoke in me.
  2. I have never met such an amazing, interesting, sweet, kind girl like you. No wonder I fell in love immediately.
  3. Your warm, slightly shy smile makes my heart beat faster. I would like to see her every day. Will you agree to be my girlfriend?
  4. When I first saw you, I thought: “This beauty is dangerous, you have to be careful, otherwise I might fall in love.” In general … my security system turned out to be bad, let me down, although I don’t really mind.
  5. You dreamed of me today. It was the most amazing dream, because we were together in it. How about bringing it to reality?
  6. You filled all my thoughts, next to you I am extremely happy. I love you.
  7. Are you aware that someone is very much in love with you? He has blond hair, green eyes, a blue T-shirt … (any description of the guy’s appearance).
  8. Do you really think that I had a chance to see you and not fall in love right away? It’s impossible! You probably have no idea how charming you are.
  9. Attention! A guy who likes you very much will kiss you in three, two, one … (the very first kiss).
  10. If you saw yourself through my eyes even for a second, you would understand how beautiful you are, dearly loved. I wanna be with you.

How to confess to a girl in love? A to Z + examples.

What to do after recognition?

Cherished love phrases were uttered, the girl’s reaction was received. What’s next? How to behave after the main words? Just continue to walk as if nothing had happened, continue to talk about this topic, leave, decide everything about the relationship or something else?

The answer depends on what the beloved said, whether the feelings of the admirer are mutual. So what to discuss further, and what is it desirable to avoid so as not to spoil the moment?

In case of reciprocity.

Expressing your joy at the reciprocity of feelings is a normal reaction. And both in words and in actions. For example:

  • take her hand in yours or kiss her hand;
  • give a gentle kiss on the lips;
  • lift her in your arms, circle a little;
  • hug, hug;
  • gently clasp her face with your palms, say a love phrase again.

You can thank the young lady for giving her boyfriend a chance, choosing him. The natural question would be “Will you agree to be my girlfriend?”. Further, in order not to abruptly end the conversation that has begun, it is permissible to share your feelings before the confession, as well as the relief that arose after the answer of your beloved. You can also talk about setting up your next date.

If the feelings were one-sided.

It is terribly unpleasant, painful, but not fatal. In such a situation, it is better to tell the girl that, although the guy is sorry to hear this, he still thanks her for her honesty, gentleness. Further development of events depends on the desires of the man himself. If he wants to keep in touch, he may ask to remain friends. If for him it will be unpleasant, too embarrassing, painful, then it is advisable to explain this to the lady, say goodbye to her, or simply become acquaintances without a bias towards friendship.

The worst continuation is attempts to focus on pity, to ask a hundred times why everything is so and not otherwise; any kind of pressure on a woman, an effort to change her mind at all costs. Even if there is hope for this, all the same, she will not have feelings in one conversation, especially after such a conversation.

Different depth of feelings.

If a young man loves, and a girl experiences something not so serious (just sympathy or light love), this is also a good outcome. The same question about the desire to start a relationship, a conversation about feelings, is suitable here, because this is also reciprocity, just a little unequal. However, time will most likely correct this. Asking how you can influence her feelings is completely inappropriate, rude. This looks like an attempt to manipulate the feelings of the young lady, which she definitely will not like.

If you think too long about how to confess your love to a girl, do not decide on actions, delaying the moment, then the situation will only get worse. The young lady will think that she is not interesting, and the guy himself will most likely wind himself up to such an extent that even a simple “hello” cannot be said without excessive excitement. Therefore, after reading these tips, it is better to immediately start planning your confession, move on to direct action. Such determination will seem very attractive to the lady.

How to confess to a girl in love? A to Z + examples.

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