How to Confess your Love to a Girl: 5 Simple Steps

How to confess your love to a girl: 5 simple steps and useful life hacks
How to confess your love to a girl: 5 simple steps and useful life hacks

How to confess your love to a girl: 5 simple steps and useful life hacks

In films, declarations of love always look beautiful and appropriate. When it comes to saying three cherished words to a girl in real life, things get more complicated. There is no romantic behind-the-scenes music, spotlights, slow motion mode … And therefore it is completely incomprehensible when and how it is better to do it.

In this article, I will help you How to Confess your Love to a Girl? and prepare for a declaration of love and show you a selection of suitable ways to do it in any situation. Everything will be beautiful!

Preparation before a declaration of love

Every person is afraid to open his soul and be rejected. Especially when it comes to such a subtle matter as feelings. And in what case is it impossible to get a refusal? Only if the girl already has reciprocal feelings for you – then all that remains is to say things that you both understand out loud.

To find out your chances of success, I suggest taking a quick test of three questions. If you have collected three “yes” and can reasonably support each – you are ready for a declaration of love and can apply the advice from the article with might and main. If in doubt, do not rush to open your heart, it can be fraught.

Are you already in a close relationship?

Declaring love to an unfamiliar girl is not an idea. And in general, I advise you not to rush with this matter: as soon as you say the “three magic words”, your relationship is waiting for a point of no return. After that, you will either be together, or your communication will gradually fade away. This is how human relations work, and the experience of my and my friends confirms this once again.

Make sure you and your girlfriend are close to each other. If you regularly spend time together outside of school or work (at least 3 times a week), often text or call, communication is active both on your part and on her part – everything is in order. Otherwise, I advise you to postpone and wait for the moment when, with your sympathy for each other, everything will be clear without words.

Is there an initiative in communication from her side?

Girls are different, and even if you communicate with her regularly, this is not a reason to think that everything is on the ointment. She must take the initiative in communication herself, and not only accepts your advances and suggestions.

I’ll be honest with you: every active girl has at least three boyfriends with whom she regularly communicates. And here’s how you can tell that she is looking at you as a potential boyfriend:

  • she writes to you first;
  • you have a vivid dialogue, she does not answer in monosyllables and does not disappear for a day;
  • you are aware of what is happening in her life, what she enjoys, and what she loves;
  • she laughs at your jokes, smiles often, looks into your eyes;
  • actively accepts the offer to walk/meet and so on.

Even if you received an affirmative answer to all points, it is best to rely on your gut. Often we wishful thinking, and in this case, only an inner worm of doubt can shed light on the true state of affairs.

Does she make you stand out from others?

The last question that will make it clear whether it is worth telling a girl that you love her is whether she treats you better than the guys around her. If you are united by a common team, it will be quite easy to find out. The situation is a little more complicated if you communicate only on the Internet, but here everything is not hopeless either.

Your main task is to assess whether you are winning in a competition with the other guys around her. If she communicates with you interested and more than with others, likes most of your photos, you spend most of your free time together (the criteria are given as an example) – everything goes according to plan.

Important! Answer these questions honestly – first of all, to yourself. The outcome of your recognition depends on whether you objectively perceive the situation.

How to confess your love to a girl if she is your friend?

The issue of love that grows out of friendship deserves special attention. To be honest, I think this kind of relationship is the most favorable. But this is the catch: how do you know that she wants more?

In the case of a declaration of love to a friend, the main thing that you must remember is the medical principle “do not harm”. Here you need to move towards the goal gradually, without sudden movements, so that there is always an opportunity to roll back. And first, you need to “reconnoiter the situation.”

There are only two scenarios in friendship with a girl. Either she regards you only as her friend (you are not her type – it is pleasant to communicate with you and spend time, but nothing more), or your friendship for her is an excuse to spend more time with you. In fact, she likes you, but she doesn’t want to take the initiative on her own.

And here are some signs that your case is the first, which means that in case of a declaration of love to a girl who was your friend, you may be rejected:

  • she tells you about the guys she likes and asks for advice;
  • she does not hesitate to appear in front of you in an unsightly way, behaves like a “bro”;
  • treats you the same way as others, you do not feel heightened attention or special disposition towards yourself.

In order not to spoil your friendship, it is better to wait and make sure that she sees more in you than just a friend. And when you are sure of this – say it directly or use any of the methods described below.

How to confess your love in life: a selection of romantic ways?

Give her dinner

Within this method, you can choose options for any budget. A picnic in nature, a trip to a restaurant with live music, a candlelit dinner prepared with your own hands, or ordering her favorite dishes from the delivery service – choose what you like best. The main thing is that you arrange a date with your soul and take care of all the little things – this is important for girls. You might think that these methods are commonplace, but nevertheless, they all work great.

Meet her at night

Nighttime can magically influence the setting, making it more romantic and mysterious. If you and your girlfriend like to walk in the evenings or at night, you can confess your love, lying on the grass and looking at the starry sky, climbing a tall building or roof, leaving to rest with tents outside the city. Taking care of organizing your date, you will prove to the girl that you love her, not in word, but indeed.

Write her a surprise note

To make sure everything goes according to plan, you can state your feelings on paper. Write a note or letter to your girlfriend telling her how important she is to you and how you want to be with her. To make the content of the letter more romantic, you can think about the moment when you first felt love for her, or describe your meetings that strengthened your feelings. In the age of technology, when we have already lost the habit of paper, getting a handwritten letter is very valuable.

Option for the brave

If you are not embarrassed to be in the spotlight and you would like to make a declaration of love with a specific shock effect, you can do it in front of everyone. For example, in a karaoke, cafe, square, school, or anywhere else. Ideal if you have a microphone at hand, as a last resort your loud voice will do. People around you will applaud and rejoice for you, and the girl will feel like a star. Most importantly, before choosing this option, make sure that you can remain confident until the very end, think over your speech well, and, most importantly, think about whether the girl herself will appreciate such a wow effect.

Tell it straight

Sometimes you don’t need to invent unusual methods at all – the meaning of your words will already provide the desired effect. If you feel “out of place”, it is better to abandon the creative declaration of love in favor of simple, but no less pleasant words. The main thing is to look confident, and for that, you have to be in a comfortable environment for yourself.

How to declare love by messages?

Confessing to a girl that you like her via SMS is a great option for those who are not ready to talk about such things in person or want to insure themselves in case of an unforeseen development of the dialogue. And here are some appropriate ways to confess your love to a girl by messages in VK, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, or on any other resource.

Sometimes recognition is not just three words

Do not rush to tell the girl that you love her, even if you have already decided on this question for yourself a long time ago. Show your sympathy not just with words, but with your actions. Be sincerely interested in her life, hobbies, problems. Support and comfort when needed. Compliment, initiate communication, and be there more often, even when it comes to online communication. Girls always recognize such attention from a guy, so by her response, you will immediately understand if you have a chance for reciprocity.

Send her a romantic song

One of the ways to make a veiled declaration of love is to do it “by someone else’s hands”. In this case, with the help of a beautiful song with touching words. Send the girl a song that tells exactly what you want to tell her. If you want to keep the intrigue, you can say that you just liked it, and you want the girl to appreciate it. Believe me, she will understand everything correctly.

Write a verse for her

This option is suitable for creative individuals who do not want to be silent about their feelings. Creativity is cute and romantic. Many girls consider this option of recognition as touching as possible, especially a girl who is older than you will appreciate it. If your object of sympathy loves poetry – think about dedicating a poem to it so that it melts.

Life hack! If you want to make your admission creative, but you don’t shine with creativity, there are a bunch of dedicated freelance sites. On them, you can hire a person for a symbolic cost who will write a beautiful text-declaration of love, a song or a poem about her for you.

How to veiled a declaration of love: minimizing the likelihood of screwing up?

Incidentally, mention your future together

Making it clear that you see a girl in your later life is an important hint that she will definitely recognize and understand correctly. You can do it as a joke, in response to her remark, or discreetly, in-between times. When you talk about your plans, mention her more often, as if she will always be there for you. This will let her know that you are serious about your communication.

Give romantic gifts

There are functional gifts, there are necessary gifts, and there are gifts “for the soul”. These are cute and impractical things that will bring pleasant emotions to most girls and tell about your feelings instead of you:

  • Flowers and their derivatives: floral cards, original bouquets, hand-picked compositions, and so on;
  • Things that are memorable or symbolic for her;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • Sweets;
  • Lovely trifles and trinkets;
  • DIY gift;
  • Walk or experience.

Unlike other gifts, romantic little things (especially those given for no reason) immediately hint that you have feelings for your girlfriend.

Important! Don’t think that this list is a ready-made guide. All people are different: in the end, someone may simply not like flowers and trinkets. Therefore, always start from the character and tastes of your object of sympathy.

Compliment her

Girls are good at recognizing when guys want to show sympathy, so to irrelevantly hint about their feelings, it will be enough just to tell her something pleasant about herself. Just don’t tell her that she is “beautiful,” “pretty,” or “sweet,” these words are pleasant, but too commonplace. You can compliment her hairstyle, makeup, dress style, laughter, charisma, eye color, figure, sharp mind, sense of humor, resourcefulness … The main thing is to do it sincerely and talk about what you really like about her.

Ready phrases for a declaration of love?

The Internet offers a lot of psychological advice and phrases to write to a girl about your feelings. Among them, there are many frankly inappropriate options that look too intrusive, exaggerated, or simply ridiculous. I have selected ten relevant and beautiful examples of declarations of love that you can take note of, adapt for yourself and send to your girlfriend.

  1. Whenever I see a message from you or meet you live, my heart always beats at an accelerated pace.
  2. I want you to know that you have a special place in my life.
  3. I would like to explain to you what love is and tell you everything that I think about you, but I cannot find the words.
  4. You know, no matter how annoying the people around me are, having you in my life makes it much better.
  5. Thank you for being in my life. I really appreciate it and want us to become even closer to each other.
  6. Today you are even more beautiful than the day we met. It seems to me that you are becoming more and more beautiful every day. Or is my attitude towards you changing?
  7. You are the only one who has sunk into my soul. I feel that you and I are more than friends, and therefore I would like to formally look after you.
  8. I like watching you and discovering more and more touching little things in your habits, character, and manners.
  9. You are the most adorable girl I’ve ever met.
  10. Everything has changed in my life since I met you. You inspire me and I feel like the happiest person every day. I want you to give me a chance to show how much I am in love with you and how happy I would be to be with you.

Important! The best declaration of love is an unobtrusive, kind and warm explanation of your feelings in your own words. Do not rush to overwhelm the girl, do not dump on her everything that is in your mind. Make it sustainable and dignified.

When is the best time to confess your feelings?

You are faced with the task of not only choosing the right words but also guessing at the right moment. Here are some safe options for recognizing a girl in sympathy:

  • her birthday or any other holiday – February 14, March 8, and so on;
  • the day when something made her very happy – she won a competition, successfully defended her job, received a lucrative contract, or bought a dream thing;
  • after the first kiss;
  • when you notice a clear manifestation of sympathy in her side;
  • when you cheered or made her laugh, you two feel good;
  • waiting for the moment when you can no longer keep it to yourself.

For your recognition to be remembered and to give the desired effect, it must be associated with positive emotions and touching moments. That is why I advise you to choose holidays or other pleasant events. And if you can’t wait to tell the girl that you love her – cheer her up and create a holiday on your own by organizing a date.

When you shouldn’t confess your love?

Despite the fact that these words are difficult to spoil if there are a couple of circumstances in which it is better not to say them:

  1. Correspondence. If you’ve never confessed your love to a girl before, messengers are not the best place for the first romantic words. I understand that this method seems more “safe”, but still it is better to choose at least a conversation on the phone so that the confession will be remembered.
  2. In the midst of a quarrel. If you are both emotional and negative, shouting out the coveted confession in a fit of anger is a bad idea. Unfortunately, it only looks impressive in the movies. In reality, you risk ruining the moment of the first declaration of love and forever associating it with a negative moment.
  3. In the process of manipulation. For example, persuading a girl to do something that she does not want, appealing to the fact that you love her. Manipulating is bad in principle. Manipulating feelings is the worst you can imagine.

Another thing that can ruin the recognition of feelings is haste. If you are developing a relationship with your girlfriend and you enjoy each other’s company, it is better to let the feelings develop on their own, without using the accelerator in the form of recognition. Say the cherished words out loud even when everything is clear without them. This is especially true of girls who are united with you as one team: classmates, colleagues, classmates, and so on.

Be ready to accept rejection!

I don’t want to end on a sad note, but there’s no way without such a warning: you must be prepared for the fact that she may refuse you. If so, remember that failure is only part of the road to success, not the end. This does not mean that you will never have a relationship – perhaps she is not ready to agree to them now, or she responded impulsively without thinking. Give her time and take any outcome of events lightly and naturally.

And if you still have not decided to confess your love to a woman or girl, let this article be the sign you are waiting for. A person who is ready to face his fear face to face is always worthy of respect!

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