How to confess your love to a guy in different ways?

How to confess your love to a guy in different ways? What to do if a man does not pay attention or is in no hurry to open his feelings, but you already want a relationship with him? It’s time to take the initiative into your own hands. However, it is difficult to be the first to explain one’s feelings, especially if there is no certainty that everything is mutual. How to confess to a guy in love, muster up the courage for this? Where to look for determination to at least just approach and talk to your loved one? Is there a way that will not be so exciting, and who will it suit?

What type of recognition to choose?

Obviously, there is no one effective method to open your feelings, which would be convenient, suitable for all young ladies. The method of recognition depends on the character of the girl, her preferences, attitude to romance. There are two main categories of such revelations—written and oral. However, which one is better to choose? verbal recognition it will work for those who:

  • very sociable, has good communication skills;
  • wants to witness the guy’s instant reaction, to see his real experiences without trying to hide something;
  • does not like to wait a long time for an answer, cannot stand uncertainty, delay;
  • I am sure of the reciprocity of feelings, the mutual desire to be together;
  • wants to show his courage, is proud of his willingness to take the first step.

Usually, this option is chosen by extroverts who prefer to act, to persistently achieve their goals. These girls need bright emotions, they know how to evoke them in other people. And here are those who fit written confession:

  • shy, timid by nature, often a little unsure of themselves;
  • do not tolerate haste, fuss, constant intensity of emotions;
  • romantic, mysterious, thoughtful, helpful, creative;
  • do not like to put pressure, manipulate, put someone in an awkward position; generally have a high level of empathy;
  • not sure if their experiences will be shared.

This is a more cautious option, more typical of introverts who know how to wait, prefer tact to pressure. They often like a slight delay, which helps to stretch the pleasure, to feel the taste of a romantic game.

How to confess your love to a guy in different ways?

If the type of declaration of love is chosen, it’s time to figure out how to implement it and what stages you have to go through.

For verbal recognition.

1. Clear plan.

So that a heart-to-heart conversation does not turn into some kind of chaotic set of incoherent information with unforeseen interference, it is better to plan it right away. You can initially make a sketch of an approximate speech, draw up its structure thesis.

It is important to immediately determine what is better to talk about and what to avoid. For example, it is very desirable to mention how love affects a girl, how glad she is to meet a guy. But to demand an instant response from him, to manipulate him (“You will make me unhappy if you do not reciprocate”) is impossible. So even a gentleman in love can drastically change his opinion about a young lady for the worse.

It is better not to forget about movements, gestures, because it will be awkward to say love words at arm’s length. Perhaps it’s better to take the guy by the hand, move closer to him, if he himself does not show signs of being against it.

2. Dress rehearsal.

When everything is decided with the plan, it will be time for rehearsals. However, how can you play the situation, foresee possible difficulties, unexpected turns, reactions of another person in advance? It is unlikely that simply imagining such an event in your head will solve the problem. An outside perspective is important. Close friends, mirrors or video recordings (audio can be used) will help with this. How exactly will they help the girl in her love confession?

Each of the methods is effective in its own way, but it is better to use them all at once, or at least a couple of them at your discretion. In this way, more useful information will be collected.


Have a reliable best friend with whom you can share everything, even your secret crush? Great, she is unlikely to refuse to help a friend achieve his personal happiness. The main thing is that she herself should not be in love with that same man. This will bring more trouble than good.

If there is no such problem, you can ask her to simulate the situation of communication with her beloved together. Let her play the role of a guy who is going to open his heart. If a friend is personally acquainted with the object of her friend’s sighs, then the rehearsal will go even better, since she will at least approximately understand the character, the usual model of the guy’s behavior. At the same time, it will be possible to practice acting skills, have fun, get support.

How to confess your love to a guy in different ways?


A waist-length or full-length mirror will not only help create the illusion of communication, as you will have to look yourself in the eyes, but will also allow you to see yourself from the side. If a girl wants to add a little flirtatiousness, she better rehearse all the winks, cute smiles, looks in advance. Because expectations and reality may not match. Then, thinking that her gesture or facial expressions are beautiful, seductive, the young lady will simply expose herself to ridicule.

If you suddenly manage to find a photo of your loved one or print it from social networks, it would be nice to attach it to a mirrored corner. But only so that your face is still visible in the reflection, otherwise the whole point of training will be lost.


Still, it is better to choose a video, and not an audio recording, because this way you will hear the voice, you can see the movements, gestures, expression of your face. Close-ups are undesirable, unless the confession itself is made so close, which is not a very good option. However, you don’t need to write yourself in full growth either. The most important active parts are the face and hands. If you can see them, then the angle is good. You can play with the lighting, as it will obviously be different in the room and on the street, which means that the movements will also look a little different.

At the same time, this method will allow you to check whether the text of the revelation is well remembered, whether there are gaps in it, whether everything is said. If you pause the resulting video or rewind it to the right moment, you will be able to see your mistakes in detail, immediately sort them out in order to understand how to fix them.

3. Search for the moment.

What moment is better to choose to confess to a man in love? Obviously, the one when the couple is left alone with each other. The presence of outsiders will greatly spoil the intimate moment, will affect the reaction of both partners.

It is also better to avoid too noisy places. If the young lady, barely gathering her strength, suddenly, in response to her eloquent confession, hears “Could you repeat it? I can’t hear anything, ”she is unlikely to have the desire to do everything again. Therefore, you can confidently say “no” to nightclubs, fairs, and transport. If the lovers are accustomed to seeing each other only in the company, so far they have not been alone, you can at least take the guy aside and tell him everything away from his friends.

4. Preliminary preparation.

On the day when a girl decides to take such a serious step, it is better for her to thoroughly prepare. Chewing gum (before communication itself, but not at the time of it), hygienic lipstick, light pleasant perfume, clothes that favorably present all the advantages of the figure, will come in handy.

What it is desirable to refuse is vulgarity – bright makeup, too revealing clothes, vulgar gestures, poses. Adding confidence with alcohol is clearly not worth it, it will alienate a good guy, spoil the whole impression of explaining in feelings. It is better not to risk using such a dubious method.

How to confess your love to a guy in different ways?

for a written confession.

1. Search for examples.

To find inspiration for your letter, you can search the Internet for examples of such love confessions. Even a ready-made version will do, just remember to insert the name of the person to whom this message is intended. Otherwise, it will be embarrassing later to find out that the note is addressed to some Artyom, and the object of sighing is called Cyril.

Love quotes from books, movies, games, shows are also suitable. However, you will have to make sure that your loved one has not heard them before. If he realizes that the words were not written by a girl, but she passes them off as her own, it will be unpleasant for him, and his opinion about the young lady will immediately worsen.

2. An extended letter.

What can be written in such a message? Should it have a clear structure?

There are no rigid frameworks or reinforced concrete rules in compiling a note. The main thing is that it be as sincere as possible, and the words come from the heart. If there is no idea what to write, except for “I love you”, you can mention:

  • what exactly does a fan like in her beloved guy;
  • what kind of near future with him does she dream of (do not describe the wedding);
  • how she feels when he is around;
  • how long has she been in love; when I noticed it;
  • why she decided to write a letter instead of approaching in person.

A little good humor is welcome, but not required. It is enough to sign the letter with your own name, an interesting pseudonym, or remain incognito – as the young lady herself prefers.

3. Check for errors.

Even if the guy himself is not distinguished by good literacy or a high style, it is still better to check the text once again, correct errors. At least this is respect for the reader, as a maximum – accuracy, education. Notes with obvious rude blots, slips of the pen, strikethroughs, blots look like a joke, or a frivolous childish attitude to the situation.

In order not to show the letter to strangers, you can scan it for errors in online editors. And Microsoft Word and Google Documents have built-in basic spelling and punctuation checks.

How to confess your love to a guy in different ways?

4. Distinctive detail.

How about making your message more original, memorable for your loved one? Then it is enough to add an interesting detail to the letter, which will remind you of a fan in love. For example:

  • the smell of women’s perfume (buy scented paper or spray your perfume over a sheet);
  • lipstick imprint of lips in the form of a kiss;
  • small cute freehand drawings or stickers;
  • beautiful calligraphy, unusual handwriting/font (there are free lessons on the Internet);
  • a sweetness enclosed in a letter, a neatly dried flower, or an appliqué.

Such trifles will give out the mystery of the lady, her versatility, unusualness. A man will want to quickly find out who this mysterious stranger is, so he will most likely attempt to solve such a mystery on his own.

When to take action?

As soon as the speech or letter is ready, and there is no one around except the youngest person, it is advisable to immediately begin the task. Every day of delay will negatively affect the young lady’s determination, she will come up with new excuses. As a result, the beloved will be taken away right from under the nose by another, or he himself will pay attention to the woman who better showed her interest in him.

In order to know how to confess love to a guy, to intrigue him at the same time, it is important to first understand what type of revelation suits a particular girl. Obviously, the methods for a bold, sociable young lady will differ from those of a timid, shy lady. How exactly these methods to use, in what manner to serve, is already described in the article. A fan in love can only bring everything to life in order to finally get rid of the burden of secret feelings, to gain a chance for a relationship with her beloved.

How to confess your love to a guy in different ways?

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