How to Conquer a Girl? 10 quick ways to impress Her

How to conquer a girl? 10 quick ways to impress her. An unexpected meeting, the young lady’s haste, her isolation, distrust or a weak desire to get to know each other can destroy all the guy’s chances of communicating and having a relationship with her. Or maybe the problem is that she already knows her admirer, but does not pay attention to him, does not consider him as a man? How to conquer a girl in such cases? These 10 unusual ways are designed to help you “touch the ice” and arouse the interest of a lady in a short time. However, preparation and improvisation skills will come in handy.

1. Bring a puppy/kitten.

Women love small animals. And if this animal is also fluffy, then the girl will simply have no other choice but to melt and smile. Puppies are best. You can take a walk with a four-legged friend, and when a curious dog approaches the young lady, tell her: “It seems that he liked you.” Further, it is better to start a small conversation about the dog itself and smoothly move on to acquaintance. In extreme cases, a dog puppy and a polite request will do: “Girl, I and my pet liked you so much. For the sake of the dog! Let’s get to know you!”

It is better not to give the animal into her hands and not impose it in any way until she herself expresses such a desire. After all, she may be allergic to wool.

2. Give an unusual bouquet.

Flowers are a wonderful gift. However, it is already becoming a bit formulaic. In addition, it is not always possible to guess so that the girl will definitely like the contents of the surprise, and no one has canceled allergies. Instead, you can create and present a bouquet of origami balloons / flowers, fruits and berries. It is better not to use other products, since she may not eat sweet-flour-meat, and vegetables as gifts seem strange.

If you already give ordinary flowers, it is advisable to decorate them in a special way. These can be complimentary notes wrapped around the bottom of the buds. Or a gift from exotic plants with unusual but beautiful shapes.

How to conquer a girl? 10 quick ways to impress her.

3. Take a (photo) portrait.

Such a manifestation of attention is suitable only after several weeks of dating, since at first he may look strange and even repulsively dangerous for a lady. It is better to take a photo of a girl while she is busy doing something and does not notice it. The same goes for hand-drawn portraits, which seem more romantic. When the time comes to give a gift, it is better to give it with a compliment and an expression of admiration for how beautiful/feminine/gentle/sweet the chosen one is.

4. Play the role.

Literature and cinema can come in handy, if we take those works of these arts that are known to almost everyone. You can use quotes of heroes or beat them. For example:

  • “You look so much like a charming rose that next to you I feel like a Prince” (a reference to the story-tale “The Little Prince”);
  • “Girl, you are such a sorceress that you don’t even need a wand. One look from you makes Avada Kedavra to my heart” (a reference to “Harry Potter”);
  • “I look at you and understand: I am a shrew, but you have already begun to tame me” (a reference to the film “The Taming of the Shrew”).

And if suddenly the young lady does not know the movie/book, you can always invite her to watch a movie together or offer to discuss the details of the plot over a cup of coffee.

5. Involve other people.

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Sometimes you can include a couple of friends in action. For example, ask children playing in the playground nearby to bring flowers to a pretty stranger. Or persuade your friends to sit down with the girl you like and start admiring the main character. She will surely become interested in who is this good, wonderful, and she will try to consider the man. And after a bright intrigue, it will be easier to get to know each other.

It is better not to send someone with the phrase “Ivan liked you, but he is embarrassed to meet you.” Such a manifestation of indecision will only push the lady away.

How to conquer a girl? 10 quick ways to impress her.

6. Make her a teacher.

Everyone likes to feel smart, skillful, experienced. Asking a woman to teach something and then becoming a capable and quick learner will flatter her. Roller skating, cooking, caring for a plant – if a girl knows something about this, or even more so, she can be safely taken as a teacher.

After she instructs or even shows the correct actions, it is important to express gratitude and compliment her knowledge/skills. Then invite her to dinner as a thank you for her help.

7. Be a magician.

Simple tricks with matches, cards, handkerchiefs and other small objects are sometimes useful in conquering women. Naturally, if you just walk up to a girl and start showing her a trick without saying anything, the situation will look strange. Therefore, you can cheat by saying: “Come on, I will cheer you up with a trick, and will you go on a date with me for this?”. Or offer a trick without a “deal”, but, after finishing it, announce that it was paid. The fee is taken by a phone number or a kiss (on the cheek, without impudence) of a beauty, and not by money.

8. Have a surprise snack.

There are two options. The first is to buy two coffees / teas / ice creams and, going up to a stranger, hand her one of them with the words: “It seemed to me that you want coffee, hold it. By the way, I’m Kostya. Or you can even start a conversation as if this is not the first meeting, but the hundredth, ask how you are, what plans, what she did the other day.

The second way is to have an unexpected picnic. It is not necessary to organize a whole feast, the same coffee with delicious pastries will do. An offer to share a snack in the park is suitable here to brighten up loneliness or boredom. Of course, crumpled sandwiches and weathered grapes will be out of place. It is better to make sure that the food looks tasty and fresh.

9. Create a formal invitation.

Photoshop no longer seems like sky-high technology, it’s quite easy to learn its basics from lessons on the Internet. The same applies to special programs designed to create business cards, flyers and similar leaflets.

The goal is to create a fantastic date coupon or a formal, festive-looking, perhaps slightly humorous invitation. This is noticeably intriguing, shows the non-standard guy. You can give it with a compliment or a joke – it depends on the mood of the girl and her character.

10. Use a telephone conversation.

Put the phone to your ear, simulating a conversation with a “friend”. Get hooked on a stranger. Tell an imaginary friend that an incredibly pretty lady is sitting next to him, describe how beautiful / mysterious / interesting / cute she is. Decide that it would be necessary to get acquainted, because when else such a chance will fall. “Disconnect” phone conversation. Start taking action. The main thing is that during a “friendly conversation”, someone does not call seriously, ruining the whole act.

Tips on how to win over a girl are useful, effective, but not omnipotent. For them to work, you have to make an effort. In addition, if the risk is that the young lady will already be in a relationship, she is not in the mood or is simply in an urgent hurry, so she will refuse to get acquainted even with all the possible efforts of the guy. However, this is not a reason to despair or stop trying. Decisiveness with perseverance in this regard is very important.

How to conquer a girl? 10 quick ways to impress her.

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