How to conquer a man, taking into account his temperament?

How to conquer a man, taking into account his temperament? Why is the advice of even the most popular and recognized authors or bloggers not always helpful when it comes to the art of seduction? Probably because they are too generalized and aimed only at average guys. But what will happen if you choose methods of seduction for a specific type of temperament, for the personality of your lover? How to conquer a man if he is an active choleric, calm phlegmatic, perky sanguine, or melancholic aesthete?

How to conquer a choleric man?

Typical signs of choleric.

This is a male leader. He is energetic, emotional, but with a strong character. He likes to feel his superiority, for a choleric his status is important. He is ready to be generous, noble, generous, especially if others notice it.

From the outside, it seems as if his passion and energy are enough for dozens of different things at the same time. Moreover, he is also sure of this, but more often than other types he does not calculate his strength, earning himself everything from gastritis to nervous exhaustion. Although he quickly copes with his failures. Only on the horizon will a new interesting task for him loom – he will immediately rush off to save the world, because he loves to be a hero.

The altar, for the sake of those who are dear to him, will do everything possible. However, his distraction and flammable temper can spoil relationships with loved ones. He himself, half an hour after another quarrel, will forget about it and will be sincerely surprised when for some reason they refuse to cook borscht for him.

How to charm a choleric?

Praise, praise, and praise again. Teenagers don’t need drama as much as this guy needs praise and recognition. But you have to express admiration in a special way. It is important to emphasize its positive qualities, without underestimating its significance. He wants to be the best and see the best next to him too. You will have to prove your belonging to the elite category. Less “I can’t live without you”, more “I fall in love only with the most worthy, that’s why I chose you.”

He will be glad if his girlfriend shares his active hobbies with him. But even if not, simple verbal support, faith in him, he will already like it. He is passionate, therefore he loves flirting, all these games with “rapprochement-disappearance”. It is also advisable to periodically allow him to perform feats – open banks, carry heavy bags, nail shelves, even if the woman herself could do it perfectly. Even if I did 10 times better. And then praise again, praise and praise again.

What won’t he like?

  • Boredom and routine. He can even forgive tantrums, because this is a kind of passion for him. However, stagnation and monotony can destroy everything.
  • Attempts to take over leadership. A fragile choleric ego will not forgive such meanness.
  • Complete submission. Most likely, he will quickly lose interest in such a girl, since she will not cause him excitement. And in general, he is a hunter, he needs an escaping teasing victim, and not that’s all.
  • doubts about him. He is the best and reluctantly accepts criticism with a challenge and a skeptical view on this matter.
  • Control. All revisions and restrictions infringe on his soul gushing with freedom. And he doesn’t like to feel constrained.

How to conquer a man, taking into account his temperament?

How to conquer a phlegmatic guy?

Typical signs of phlegmatic.

Calm, measured, and thoughtful. One can only envy his stress resistance, although he cannot be called insensitive. Rather, he is simply stingy with the outward expression of emotions. Prefers to think long even over seemingly easy choices before acting. From the outside, it may seem as if the phlegmatic person simply “hung” in his nirvana, having lost contact with reality. But no, he thinks so, and if he is not interfered with, he “comes to life” and gives out a clear detailed idea, which is generally impossible to find fault with.

Slow, usually not very talkative, but able to listen. Easily withstand a few hours of interlocutor’s tirade, if she is dear to him. It is unlikely that he will waste time on the rest, as he values ​​u200bu200bhis energy and is in no hurry to waste it. Dislikes conflicts, changes and haste for the same reason.

How to charm a phlegmatic?

Be independent, be able to entertain yourself. A phlegmatic man is clearly not the type who will send love SMS hourly, be around 24/7 and violently show his love. And when he once again withdraws into himself, the lady will have to find on her own what to do in his “absence”.

He will not sing serenades under the windows, write love poems, or often compliment a girl. Instead, he prefers to act, so he will be there when he is most needed, help physically, financially. And he will be pleased if his actions are appreciated.

He likes it when everything is clear, logical, direct, he understands hints less than other types of temperament. No, not like that – he does not understand them at all. To the phrase “I haven’t been to the cinema for so long!” will answer “Understood”. Therefore, it is better to communicate with him using explicit sentences: “Let’s go to the cinema. I really want to watch this movie with you.”

What won’t he like?

  • Bringing chaos. He built his routine, schedules, plans for years. A lady who tries to destroy at least one element is perceived as a furious pest.
  • Attempts to distract. If he is busy with something, even just thinking, it is advisable not to pull him, especially on trifles. At best, this guy just won’t respond. At worst, he will leave quietly and in English.
  • Long conversations. He is a partisan who won’t talk about his feelings. To all tantrums, biased reproaches, requests to open up, he will remain cold. Although direct, unveiled indications of errors will be taken into account and will try to correct.

How to conquer a sanguine man?

Typical signs of a sanguine person.

A man with amazing optimism, charging everyone around with his positive energy. An excellent storyteller, often with an enviable sense of humor. Sometimes he is boastful and frivolous, but he is quickly forgiven for his innate charisma and sociability. In a conversation, he tends to speak more, does not always know how to listen without interrupting, although his remarks are usually out of place.

The sanguine person has many hobbies, he does not particularly like monotony, but he dilutes the routine himself, and does not wait for someone to cheer him up. Finances are very important for him, in his career he often reaches a high level. Basically, not so much due to hard work, but due, again, to sociability. He likes to throw off part of his duties on others, and he skillfully turns everything around as if this is the deal of the century and it is beneficial to the performer himself. A good dreamer, organizer both at work and in amusing leisure.

How to charm a sanguine person?

Laugh at his jokes, although this is an easy task, since he really knows how to humor. He also likes women who know how to be different, to show almost opposite qualities. If a girl constantly rushes between the states of “Manners, pride, aristocracy!” and lBartender, give me my leather jacket, ”she will definitely be able to interest a sanguine guy.

In a pair, he will most likely count on the leader’s place and will give it up only to a lady with a hot and strong character. Most likely, he will also like the housekeeping lady. He loves comfort – home comfort, table conversations, delicious food. However, he himself is not particularly in a hurry to create and equip these amenities.

What won’t he like?

  • Constant whining. At first, he will try to cheer up the eternally dull interlocutor, but then he will quickly lose interest in her and run away to the other side of the world to splash his comic vibes there.
  • competition in humor. Of course, his girlfriend may have a sense of humor, but he will not forgive if her wit stands out and attracts attention more than his own.
  • Women have a high income. Higher than his, I mean. His financial affairs are the second way of self-expression after humor. Therefore, no matter how he jokes on this topic, he wants to be the main earner himself.
  • Hermit. Around him there will always be a lot of people with whom he wants to introduce his chosen one. Therefore, a girl who is too clamped or even unsociable is unlikely to suit him.

How to conquer a man, taking into account his temperament?

How to conquer a melancholic guy?

Typical signs of a melancholic.

The melancholic man is the ultimate romantic. He is sensitive, attentive, emotional. Sometimes even a little too much, especially when it comes to vulnerability and heavy tolerance of criticism. Failures and failures are not easy for him, but he can perfectly understand the difficult and generally unfair fate of a woman. Therefore, she will admire almost everything that she can do, from beautifully made-up eyes to the ability to raise barbells/troops / popular unrest.

Despite his sensitivity, he still tries to hide negative emotions. Although he is still a pessimist by nature, he tries not to take risks, everywhere he chooses the old proven methods. Rather, a conservative looking for peace of mind, because he sees Armageddon everywhere. Sometimes capricious, but at the same time creative, well-read, interesting, attentively noticing details.

How to charm a melancholic?

He vitally needs support and approval of his actions. Usually, he chooses a pair of women stronger than himself. However, she can pay attention to a girl with a subtle feeling, the same impressionable, but not infantile or spoiled nature. He loves constancy and stability, so sharp jumps in the mood of a young lady can scare him away.

They do not mind when they pity him, they agree with how difficult and unfair his fate is. At the same time, he himself tries to support, understand those close to him, what he does, no worse than psychologists. He needs compliments, he will be glad if his eyes are opened to his positive aspects. It is not a fact that outwardly he will agree with his talents or stop doubting himself, but inside he will be satisfied that he was noticed and praised.

What won’t he like?

  • Criticism. She suppresses his motivation, and without that flawed faith in himself. With him, it is better to choose the tactics of praising his advantages and the right steps. More gingerbread, let the whip gather dust in a niche.
  • Tantrums. Quarrels and scandals seriously deplete the melancholic guy, so he will feel constrained next to an emotionally unstable lady.
  • Fussiness. Getting this man to plunge into a rush is not easy. And if it succeeds, then the output will be a sad, depressed puppy with a pitiful look.
  • Attempts to impose something. Despite the fragile nervous system and external lethargy, the melancholic is stubborn and does not like to change his views. He can even flare up (which generally happens extremely rarely) if he is aggressively continued to be persuaded.

The unique qualities of each man require an individual approach to all. Human temperament is one of the classifications that slightly differentiates personality types, so it is more effective than general advice. Having determined the mindset and main features, you can not only learn how to conquer a man, but also ensure pleasant communication and a strong healthy relationship with him. Such information will allow a woman to better understand her chosen one and get along well with him.

How to conquer a man, taking into account his temperament?

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