How to Conquer an Alpha Male? (Strategy, Psychology, Relationship)

How to Conquer an Alpha Male? (Strategy, Psychology, Relationship)
How to Conquer an Alpha Male? (Strategy, Psychology, Relationship)

Conquering an alpha male is not without it. The relationship with him also requires patience and understanding.

I can sing a song of it. Because I’ve been in a happy relationship with an alpha male for 5 years. And here nobody can fool me anymore. I know what I’m talking about.

How to Conquer an Alpha Male?

The main thing about conquering an Alpha Male is that he absolutely has to have the feeling that he is the conqueror – not the other way around!

Such a man finds nothing more boring than a woman who runs after him and makes him feel easy to be had.

It is best if you draw attention to yourself and then withdraw again. You should be interesting and mysterious at the same time. Make yourself exciting!

Looks are also important to an alpha male. He likes to present his partner and likes to show off with her. Therefore, one should always pay attention to one’s appearance when one is addicted to this type of man.

Dress well and appropriately. Depending on the occasion, the outfit should be appropriate – also a little too much. Good personal hygiene should be a matter of course for you. Smells good, has well-cared-for hands, and a pleasant body scent.

A conquered alpha male puts the world at your feet. He would do anything for his love, as long as he is allowed to live out his characteristic traits. He likes strong women who make him feel like the boss.

You see, with a little skill you can also conquer an alpha male.

How to Conquer an Alpha Male!

As already mentioned, it takes a little skill to conquer it. The following strategy will help you find your happiness.

In addition to this strategy, I would like to tell you about my own experiences:

  • of my relationship with a strong partner
  • how we met
  • how I could conquer it and what our relationship is like
  • how we live, love, and argue
  • and from his quirks as well as kindnesses.

# 1st Strategy

I had been single again for a year and a half and after a number of dates and acquaintances, I was really fed up with men. On a weekend in April, I went out on the slopes with two friends. We had a lot of fun, danced and laughed.

Then I noticed a very handsome man at the bar. He was stylishly dressed, beer in hand and he looked across the dance floor. Our eyes met.

I immediately saw from his eyes that this was a very self-confident man. Did he just have a very good sense of himself or did I see arrogance?

I wanted to get to know him. But how?

In the course of the evening, we met again and again. When he looked at me, I looked away from him after a brief reply. I tried to cross his paths, smiled briefly at him, and then pretended that I wasn’t out of contact.

In the middle of the night, he suddenly stood in front of me, in the middle of the dance floor, and danced in my direction. So far so good, he noticed me. Just don’t make mistakes and make him feel like I’m easy to get.

The first approach

Now he was only half a meter away from me. I realized that he was eager to dance with me. I took the chance, turned my attention to him, and gave him the signal that I would like to dance with him too.

Dance, dance, dance … send both of you on a trip!


So we danced together without a word. He held me with his strong hands and it crackled. Then he invited me for a beer. And we talked for a long time.

If I’m honest, it was more about him than me. He told about his life, his job – he was successful. I listened carefully, asked interesting questions, and admired his success.

It was now five o’clock in the morning and the last song of the evening was supposed to end our getting to know each other. But suddenly he pulled me close and kissed me.

Be hard to come by

Since I didn’t quite know where I was with him, I told him clearly that I was going now and that I would not accept a possible invitation to his home.

He liked that and grinned at me: “I didn’t want to take you with me. But I’ll invite you to dinner tomorrow. ”

Several meetings followed, great conversations and finally we became a couple.

1. Draw his attention to you

The first thing you need to do is get his attention. Optics are very important to an Alpha. He is very vain himself and would like a woman by his side who visually appeals to him.

Less is more?

So leave your sweatpants in the closet and style yourself well. Contrary to the saying “less is more”, the premise “more is good enough” applies here.

Body-hugging clothing that flatters your curves shows him that you feel comfortable in your body.

Personal hygiene is also important to him. Make sure your makeup is in place, wear a nice perfume, and take care of your hands.

2. Flatter him

An Alpha loves to talk about himself. He seeks admiration and needs praise and confirmation.

Alpha males like to talk about their athletic and professional successes. You should go into that and let him tell you.

You can guide the conversation – or the monologue (a bit of irony doesn’t hurt) – with simple questions.

  • How did you get so successful?
  • Have you always been that ambitious?
  • How did you get into your job?
  • Do you have to exercise a lot to look like this?

3. Compliment him

Like other male colleagues, an alpha male likes to hear compliments.

But you shouldn’t just marvel at its appearance. It is even more important for such men to recognize their successes and their status symbols.

He likes to hear these compliments:

  • How can you afford such a great car?
  • You look good again today!
  • I am impressed with what you have achieved professionally.
  • Have you always been that ambitious?

4. Listen to him

As a rule, all men like to hear themselves talk – the alpha male in particular. We women, in turn, want to please. At first, we hold back and try to make a good impression.

The best way to listen to a proud man is enthusiasm. Don’t let your thoughts and gaze wander or he’ll feel offended in person.

You shouldn’t just pretend to be following it carefully, you should actually do it. Look at him intensely and ask questions.

5. Let him chase you

You don’t hunt an alpha male – you conquer him with skill. Nothing makes you seem more boring to him than running after him and ingratiating you.

After he has noticed you, withdraw a little. In the beginning, don’t reveal too much about yourself, stay mysterious.

If he’s interested in you, he’ll start flirting with you. He is usually very direct and holds the threads tightly in his hand.

Accept his approaches, but don’t always stand ready. I admit it’s hard to find the right balance. If I had to state it in proportion, he would have fallen for 70% and let him fidget 30%.

  • A 30% example: “I would love to have dinner with you, but at 6 pm I already have something planned. Would go with you a little later, I would be happy. “
  • A 70% example: “But that’s a nice idea. Of course, I have time. When should I be there or will you pick me up? “

# 2 Psychology – How an Alpha Male Ticks?

The alpha male looks good, appears physically strong, and has above-average self-confidence. He likes to be right and has a strong psyche on top.

He does not take instructions but gives instructions. He is also dominant and proud.

Pure alpha males are rare. It is more likely to meet a hybrid form.

He doesn’t recommend – he gives instructions

If you look closely, you will learn to understand him and you will see that he has amazing qualities.

Back then it took me some time to correctly assess my alpha male. On the one hand, he was an open guy, on the other hand, he was so aloof again.

I often had to analyze carefully. Was he confident or arrogant? Is he selfish or not?

Today I’m really happy that I checked it out carefully. Because he wasn’t as tough as he wanted to be!

Hard shell soft core

1. Arrogance vs. Confidence

You can tell from very simple signs whether he is arrogant or just plain confident.

arrogance Self-confidence
It is important to him what others think and how he can impress them. His goals and how he can achieve them are important to him.
He likes to verbally respond to humiliation to humiliate his counterpart. He does not initiate attacks. But if necessary, he can defend himself very well.
He cannot back off and steals other people’s parking spaces, for example. The main thing is him! He lets others go first. He knows he’s great and doesn’t need any condescending action.

2. Stubbornness vs. Vulnerability

Yes – an alpha male is very stubborn. And you won’t really be able to change that. Improve as much as possible.

But often the stubborn behavior is the result of hurt feelings.
That’s why you should think twice before making a judgment.

  • He needs a few days to think about other opinions or advice. If you feel like he’s stubborn, you might be right. But he will worry and reconsider his opinion.
  • For him, hurt feelings mean total withdrawal. He doesn’t like it when people make fun of him (even for fun!) And forgotten praise makes him think you don’t appreciate him.

3. Sick vs. healthy selfishness

A self-confident man is also often accused of selfishness. And not without good reason.

Many people then mistakenly think that he cannot give or be mindful. But that’s totally wrong. It’s a healthy mix of giving and take.

He will always take care of himself and not disadvantage himself. But he will put just as much energy into making everything possible for his fellow human beings.

He shares and likes to give. And in acute cases, he can take a step back.

# 3 Relationship with an alpha male

I’ve been in a relationship with a wonderful alpha male for 5 years now.

The worst thing for me was when he withdrew completely after a conflict. It could even take several days before he was ready to discuss something.

I didn’t feel loved in such moments, although in retrospect he always said that it never had to do with my feelings for me.

Today I know that he didn’t mean it badly. And even an alpha male will readily learn if he knows about your unconditional love.

Meanwhile, I grant him the retreat he needs, in return, he won’t let me fidget for days. He tries hard to get out of his cave once he has hidden himself in it.

My better half is very self-confident, he likes to talk and likes to know everything better. He is a real man. Strong, manly, inviolable!

At the same time, he lets me be who I am. I admire his talent for being able to get involved with all facets of a woman.

He lets me be strong and at eye level with him. However, when I feel very small, I can also be the fragile girl who needs her partner as a solid rock.

I believe that he can do that because he can be with me as he is. And so he’s just great.

Such is the alpha male in the relationship

Contrary to common prejudices, an alpha is not necessarily a macho. I’ll tell you more about that later.

A relationship with such a man has advantages and disadvantages – just like with any other character type.

Advantages – he is particularly good at that

  • He has a great protective instinct and cares a lot for his significant other and his family. He is also a strong personality and, thanks to his success, can provide for his family financially.
  • The alpha male likes to surprise his girlfriend with attention. He brings his favorite chocolate with him or secretly books a wellness weekend.
  • As a woman, you enjoy a lot of freedom and independence. Because he doesn’t cling.
  • Harmony is very important to him. Even if he withdraws from a conflict, he will communicate his needs and opinions clearly but fairly.
  • He’s absolutely not a lament. He always has a solution, true to the motto: Act instead of talking!
  • Hiding behind others is not natural. Rather, he is self-confident and stands by himself and his loved ones.
  • He is also charming and considerate.

Disadvantages – you need understanding and patience here

  • He can’t help it, but because of his charisma, he magically attracts other women. This can often be difficult for a jealous woman to endure. But don’t worry – if an alpha male really loves, he won’t be receptive to other women.
  • He really gets into his work and invests a lot of time in it. So it may well be that he often comes home late or that he postpones agreed appointments.
  • An advantage can also be a disadvantage at the same time. If he gives you a lot of space, it can make you feel neglected. That certainly depends on what type of woman you are.
  • If he’s not 100% in love, he’s prone to infidelity. So look carefully!

Why are women drawn to him?

This question is very easy to answer! Evolution triggers the urge to reproduce in us women. The partner should ensure survival and the best genes.

And that is what an alpha male simply exudes and can also meet these expectations.

A strong and successful man literally pulls us under his spell. In addition, through his aloofness and the many competitors, he triggers the longing to absolutely want him.

Alpha male = macho

I’ve already told you what makes an alpha male. He is often mistaken for a macho. That’s not to say that an alpha can’t be macho. But at least it is not automatically.

You can recognize a macho by various characteristics that contradict the image of the alpha:

  • He puts his needs above those of his fellow-men
  • He likes to trigger arguments just to be right
  • Showing off is one of his passions
  • Verbally he can often be condescending
  • He likes to be the center of attention
  • A partner at eye level is not for him, his ego would suffer as a result

Similar Questions

Is he macho or just confident?

Recognizing the line between a macho and a confident man often doesn’t seem easy.

You can recognize a macho mainly by the fact that he is closest to himself. He likes to show off, is very vain and argumentative.

He has many admirers – can I trust him?

If he loves you, he will be loyal to you! Try to look at it from the other side. It looks like you’ve caught a handsome and intelligent guy.

No wonder the women are at his feet. You can be proud to have such a great guy who finally chose YOU.

How to Conquer a Shy Man?

With a shy man, also known as a beta man, it can make sense to take your feet into your own hands.

Don’t wait for him to take the first steps. Give yourself a jerk and walk up to him. He will accept it gratefully and slowly thaw it.


Conquering an alpha male requires a lot of skill and patience. But with a good strategy, you can win him over.

He’s not always easy, but he loves honestly and shows that too. Without losing your masculinity.

Anyone who has conquered the heart of alpha can be sure of being carried on their hands and at the same time having a strong, self-confident man by their side.

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