How to Cut a Toxic Relationship in 10 Steps?

In case you feel that you and your partner are not connecting and your well-being is being affected, I invite you to continue reading and discover how to end a toxic relationship?

Building a quality affective bond is quite complex, even more so when there are no solid foundations based on communication, respect, and, above all, love.

It will not be easy to say goodbye, but if you follow my advice, you will have all the tools to understand how to heal your life from a toxic relationship.

How to identify a toxic person?

Toxic people have some common characteristics that you should learn to identify in order to avoid being a victim of their manipulations or, worse still, of the toxicity they can generate in a love relationship.

Take a look at the following behavioral traits of a potentially toxic guy!:

  • overly critical
  • You blame everything on your partner
  • have controlling attitudes
  • puts others down
  • He thinks he is superior to others
  • Manipulate to achieve your goals
  • It is difficult for him to value others, he disqualifies them
  • extreme jealousy
  • Often abuses both physically and mentally
  • Limit your partner’s freedom

Did the above aspects sound familiar to you? Well, put cards on the matter and start rethinking your current relationship? Nobody deserves to be next to a toxic partner!

How to cut a toxic relationship step by step?

Next, I will share the step-by-step so that you decide, once and for all, to end that emotional bond that is causing you so much discomfort.

Don’t think about it anymore, fill yourself with courage and cut that harmful, destructive, and insignificant bond!

Step #1: Make a list of pros and cons

It is very important that you build a list with the pros and cons of your current relationship. Analyze very well your feelings regarding the results of said list.

That is to say, obviously if there are more cons than pros in the relationship and neither of them is interested in resolving the conflicts, you should take the initiative and say goodbye.

I know it will hurt because, surely, not everything was negative, but it will be the best decision you are going to make.

Time will take care of healing all your wounds and, with the passing of days, you will feel that you did the right thing.

I recommend you read the article “how to forget my ex”, it will surely be of great help to you to carry out your emotional duel and leave the past behind!

Step #2: Stand firm in your decision

If you are firm in your decision to end your toxic relationship, do not back down, always remember the reasons that led you to make this decision.

If you feel that you won’t be able to do it alone and that you will relapse easily, seek professional help and move on.

Likely, your ex-partner will not hesitate to manipulate you so that you return with him, so you must have an iron will. Maybe you still love him, but you have to think about your peace of mind first.

Learn 5 steps to forget someone you love and start rebuilding your happiness.

Step #3: Think about where you are and where you want to be

Ask yourself what you want to do with your life, visualize what kind of relationship you see yourself in and where you want to go.

Also, think about whether in your desired future you want to have a partner by your side who, instead of supporting you and teaming up with you to achieve great things together, does not contribute to your personal development.

Project yourself with a man who is really worthwhile and who deserves the pleasure of being by your side and stay away from difficult relationships to break your bad luck in love.

To learn a little more about toxic relationships, read the article from

Step #4: Strengthen your self-esteem

End your toxic relationship

Once you are aware that you are worth your weight in gold, you will also be able to discover which are those people who are worth keeping by your side and which, ultimately, you should move away from.

Love yourself, fill your life with companies that contribute to you, that value you, and with whom you can enjoy without having to change your way of being or inhibit yourself.

Step #5: Don’t fall into the comfort zone

For no reason let yourself be carried away by comfort and act. Remember that you deserve to enjoy a quality relationship, with which you can discover the true meaning of love.

So remove from your life that being that brings you more trouble than joy and learn from this experience, but do not make the mistake of staying there for fear of leaving your comfort zone.

The secrets of lasting relationships are, above all, respect, communication, and tolerance, not manipulation, toxicity, and habit. Keep it very present!

Step #5: Get rid of that toxic relationship

A toxic relationship can last for months and even years; These effective dynamics are very exhausting and getting out of these dangerous circles is usually quite complex, since, in general, we are not fully aware that we are part of a toxic bond or, if we do realize it, we do not know how to put an end to it.

You already know that when we fall in love, we get carried away by emotions and do not notice the signs of a harmful relationship until it is too late.

Do not forget that love does not mean being the owner of the other, controlling each of their movements, much less resorting to manipulation to achieve something from the other, love goes further.

Continue reading and discover the other steps to understand how to cut a toxic relationship!

Step #6: Speak up and don’t back down

Try to converse clearly and express your feelings without fear, avoiding heated discussions or meaningless fights, try to stay calm and make sure your message is understood, that is, that you no longer want to continue in that relationship.

To gain courage at that moment and face things in the best way, I invite you to review some habits to improve your self-confidence.

Learn a little more about this topic in the note of

Step #7: Get away from your ex

Once you have clarified the panorama and you are clear about how to cut a toxic relationship, the most convenient thing is that you get away from your ex and begin to eliminate everything that reminds you of him.

Clean up and recycle or throw away everything that reminds you of it and makes you sad.

I also recommend you change the space, in case you live together, or move things around to move stagnant energies.

I know it will not be easy, but with the help of the article How to get over my ex, you will be able to overcome that insane love and move on with your head held high.

Step #8: Zero contact with him

How to end a toxic relationship

If you are going to end a toxic relationship, it is because your well-being was being violated, therefore, you will not intend to continue in contact with your ex-partner.

In case you have children, work, or personal interests in common, it will be inevitable not to have contact, but try to keep it strictly necessary.

Something you should do, for your emotional health, is to eliminate or block him from your social networks to avoid snooping in his life or be aware of his publications.

Being aware of his life is a big mistake, remember that how to cut a toxic relationship will only be easier if you are radical and you distance yourself, definitively, from that person who did not contribute anything to your life.

For no reason frequent the places where you know you will find it, do not forget the benefit of self-control.

During the first months, avoid contacting him, this in order to prevent you from relapsing, remember that toxic people are manipulative and can easily make you falter!

Be strong and don’t look back, if you go back it will cost you a lot both emotionally and mentally.

Step #9: Focus on yourself and regain your autonomy

By cutting that harmful link, you will surely feel a great relief and you will need to recover your autonomy, your individuality, and your security.

Start working on your self-esteem, give yourself a makeover, change your routine and follow the following tips to recover emotionally:

  • Find a new hobby.
  • Learn new skills; sign up for a cooking class, yoga class, or the gym. Dare to try it now!
  • To avoid overthinking the toxic relationship you just got out of, focus on your work and daily obligations.
  • Don’t be afraid to meet new people and share amazing moments, ah! and do not forget to smile because you do not know who can fall in love with your smile.
  • Love yourself, love yourself and value yourself; Remember that the most special person in the world is you and you must take care of yourself and pamper yourself as you deserve.
  • Don’t neglect yourself physically; eat well, play sports, go for a walk, distract your mind, keep in touch with nature. Check out these sites that will help you revolutionize your image, which will undoubtedly be of great help to you.
  • If you feel like you can’t get over the relationship on your own, seek help as soon as possible.

Step #10: Don’t stop believing in love

How to heal your life from a toxic relationship

I know that at this moment everything can be very difficult and you are disappointed in love, but everything in life happens, even the greatest sadness.

You may now feel exhausted from relationships, but keep in mind that all these feelings are temporary; do not be discouraged, learn from this experience, and do not stop believing in love.

Calm always comes after the storm, so live your separation process and undertake a change in your life, the best is yet to come, surely you will soon find a man who will help you heal your broken heart!

How to find the right man, the one who respects you and loves you as you deserve, will not be an easy task; however, you will already have all the necessary tools to recognize a toxic boy and be able to run away from him.

extra tips

Now that you know the step by step to know how to end a toxic relationship, I invite you to reflect on the following points:

  • Some people choose to put up with their partner, even toxic, for fear of loneliness and rejection. Be careful with this! Above all, you must keep your own well-being in mind and learn to embrace loneliness. Remember that it is better to be alone than in bad company.
  • Most of the time we choose to stay in a toxic relationship because we hope that the other can change and that what is happening is temporary. Once you feel that you are in an emotional bond crossed by toxicity, get out of there as soon as possible and be aware of your reality!
  • Pay attention to your friends and family when they tell you that your partner does not suit you, even more so when they have valid arguments. Do not forget that they always want the best for you and, therefore, objectively perceive what is good for your life and what is not.
  • Get rid of that partner who hurt you so much. Getting rid of a harmful emotional bond costs as much as getting rid of drugs or alcohol. So if you need help, do not hesitate to ask for it, support is very important in these cases.
  • Think that if others have achieved it, you can too! Trust yourself and your processes, you deserve a life with healthy and fulfilling relationships, that give you love and tranquility, not confusion and problems.
  • Love yourself and always prioritize your well-being; your mental and emotional health are more important than trying to fix something that has no future.
  • Your intuition never lies, so listen to yourself and make wise decisions. There is no point in continuing if you feel that your relationship is not working; don’t waste your time or make your partner waste it, life is too short!
  • Change what doesn’t take you to your goal; if your purpose is to have a simple life and share it with a man with whom you can build and grow, keep this in mind and do not deviate your intentions! In case your current relationship is taking you in the opposite direction, stop along the way and change direction.

Finally, it is very important that you keep in mind the types of toxic personalities so that you avoid this type of person as much as possible. Keep reading and discover them!

Types of toxic personalities

Types of toxic personalities

According to communication and body language expert Lillian Glass, there are several types of toxic personalities, which I will mention below:

  • The quiet one: He is the type of person who keeps everything to himself, but at any moment he can “explode” due to insignificance.
  • The jealous competitor: It is the one who always tries to be better than others and usually questions everything we say; he causes arguments to be in control and feel superior.
  • The narcissist: He is the one who only thinks of himself and wants us to be at his entire disposal, otherwise we will not serve him.
  • The weak and without initiative: What others think is very important for this type of person, he does not make decisions, insecurity is a constant in his life and he projects it onto others.
  • The control freak: Believing they have the right to tell us what to do and how to do it, they bully us and get angry if we don’t comply with their wishes.

Identify what has been the definition that fits your situation, so you can take action on the matter; don’t get used to abuse and toxicity, remember how much you’re worth.

How to cut a toxic relationship depends only on you and your determination to want to change things and improve your life, so take the risk of healing that bond that makes you sick and focus on what makes you happy.

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