How to discover an unfaithful and lying man in 2022

Sometimes, when we hear the topic of infidelity, we think that it is someone else’s business, as if this would never happen to us. However, when it knocks on our door we fall apart because it is something very painful and difficult to handle. If you want to know how to spot a cheating manhere you will find the answers!

In case you are experiencing infidelity or have suspicions that it is happening to you, continue reading so you can see your possibilities and know what to do about this problem.

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How to spot a cheating man

It is no secret to anyone that women have a sixth sense, that intuition with which they discover what men keep silent.

So, test that sense and if you feel that things are not going, find out why. Also, if you perceive that they have changed negatively, trust your feelings.

Open your eyes wide and pay close attention, only then will you be able to find the answers that, perhaps, you are trying to ignore.


It is essential that you observe your partner’s behavior very well. This will determine if your behavior has changed and, if so, how much and in what ways.

You should also be very attentive to his behavior with you: how he talks to you, how he looks at you, his gestures, his touch.

Observe, in general, his treatment towards you and you will discover if he has really changed.


If you are suspecting that your partner is cheating on you, then be very careful.

Be aware of the following suspicious attitudes and discover how to know if my husband is unfaithful.

These will indicate that something is not going well and you will be able to know how to spot a cheating man.


If your partner’s cell phone rings and he rejects the incoming call or, on the contrary, if he answers and walks away to talk, this is suspicious.

In this case you can guide yourself with the article why men lie and how to get him to tell you the truth.

You will surely discover something.

If it’s a normal call, why can’t he answer it if you’re around?


signs of infidelity

Pay close attention and observe how their behavior is when a message arrives.

Look at his eyes and his face to establish differences in his gestures.

Also note how often messages arrive and if this happens late at night.


If you suddenly notice that your partner feels very motivated to go to the gym or do another kind of sport to look good and be in shape, but before he was not interested in changing.

So suspect, maybe you want someone else to look at it!

Also see if his outings without you increase.

Also see if he is sharing more time with his friends or doing other activities in which you are not included.


If from one moment to another you notice that your partner is dressing differently, with new and more youthful clothes. But, in addition, you feel that it is not for you, you must be alert.

Observe their behavior.


Before he didn’t need them when he got home, but now you notice that, instead of approaching you, he goes straight to take a shower.

This is strange behavior as it didn’t do this previously.

Maybe he wants to prevent you from seeing any marks on his clothes or body, or he doesn’t want you to get close so you don’t pick up someone else’s scent.

When your partner gets home, walk over to see if you can find the above.


If you feel that your partner is jealous of you more than before or if he did not do it before, but now he does, then it may be that he feels that you are doing what he does.

Guilt and insecurity are making you think and act differently.


If your case is not the previous one, but, on the contrary, you feel that your partner has moved away a lot from you.

In addition, you perceive that he is distant and disinterested in the relationship, he looks at you, talks to you and treats you with indifference and is not worried about what happens to you.

Then it’s time to take action on the matter, as well as decisions!


How do I know if my partner is cheating on me?

If you are now sure that your man has different and strange behaviors, it is time to look for stronger evidence.


If you already have enough evidence that proves your partner’s infidelity, you better choose the right time and place to face him face to face.

It is good that, even if you are very scared, nervous and insecure, you try to find calm in order to control the situation.

For this, keep in mind that if you say things in a good way, you will have better results.

The idea is that your partner does not feel attacked, but that they can talk openly.

It is necessary to do it correctly to be able to decipher what is happening.

Tell him your doubts and tell him, in advance, that you expect him to be sincere, since you love him and you care a lot about the relationship.


If your partner has the courage to confess his infidelity to you, then you must also arm yourself with a lot of strength and courage to face this harsh reality.

The best thing you can do, in this case, is to get away from your partner a little so that you can have your own space to think and decide what you want to do and what you want the course of the relationship to be.

Although this moment is very painful, calm will be your best ally to think with a “cold head” and be able to make the best decision.

Much encouragement!


Forgiveness is the first step. Be aware that you will not do this for him but for yourself.

You should not keep the pain and anger inside you because it will affect your physical and mental well-being.

In this regard, you can read the article on, whose central theme is forgiveness in the couple.

Perhaps this text will help you clarify and learn about this decision to forgive.

Try to heal yourself and, later, reflect on whether you want to continue with the relationship or end it.

If you think you can’t do it on your own, seek professional help.


How to get over infidelity

As I mentioned before, you can get individual professional help.

So you know how to deal with couples therapy how to prepare for the help of a professional.

Now, if both prefer, they can also access the consultation as a couple.

You can also take a look at the article «The 10 most common reasons to look for a couples coach«.

It all depends on what you or both of you decide on what to do to continue or end the relationship.

In case you want to continue, the resilience applied to the couple can help you solve your situation.

But if, on the contrary, you want to end the relationship, then the help must be individual.

It’s up to you!


It is normal that after what happened you feel guilt.

Stop tormenting yourself and free yourself from guilt, after all, it was not you who made the decision to betray the trust in the relationship.

So let your partner take responsibility.


If after thinking about it very well, you decide to continue with the relationship, then it is because your partner has promised not to repeat his fault.

You have to make sure that he won’t do it again. To achieve good results, do your part.

Discover what to do to win back the love of your ex partner 7 tips.

take a chance on admit mistakes most common at the time of the reconquest so that you do not commit them.

You can also resort to therapeutic care as a couple as I told you before.

To do this, you can start by reading texts like the one on

With this you will begin to guide yourself in the process of healing and saving the relationship.

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How to know if a man is unfaithful

If you think that infidelity is something very difficult to handle and what you want is to forgive the offense received, but continue on the path without your partner, then focus on yourself, on what you want for your life and how you want it to be!

For this, it is important that you know how to forget a great love.

Whatever decision you make, make it wisely.

At this time you must be selfish and think only of your well-being and your desires. Ultimately you were the injured person and your own well-being depends on you.

Arm yourself with courage, you don’t always win, sometimes you also lose battles. The important thing is that you continue with your self-esteem and your dignity intact.

Little by little, you will regain your strength and rebuild your life. I know that now you think it is difficult, but keep in mind that, sooner or later, you are going to achieve it.

So get ready to continue with your life, visualize and start the path to get exactly where you want.

You can do it!

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