How to distinguish love from affection and sympathy?

How to make sure that you love and distinguish love from affection and sympathy? What is love and affection? Although it is easy to confuse these feelings, they are completely different. For some people you feel deep sympathy or gratitude, and they remain in your heart for a long time, others break into your life unexpectedly and capture all the free space, and you don’t understand what you did without them before.

Love is the basis of strong relationships, and affection is their continuation. Every woman at least once in her life asks herself the question: “Do I love him or am I just used to it?” So what is the difference between attachment and love?

What is love?

Love is like the wind. You can’t see it, but you can feel it.” In songs, pictures, and poems people look for the definition of love. Psychologists frame dry terminology, but about Men one thousand years, prem box vsno gar, h and t

The main property of love is that the more you know about it, the more you immerse yourself in magic love. It is a deep and all-encompassing feeling, too big for human understanding. When you are in love, everything around makes sense, and it seems that the whole world is talking about it.

But still, a person is a rational being, and it is natural for him to look for answers, and not just surrender to a big and bright feeling, so most of us once think about what they really feel: love, passion, falling in love, attraction or gratitude? True love is a cocktail of different emotions.

It combines polar feelings: unresolvedness and delusional sharing, longing for meetings, and longings in private. The easiest way to distinguish between love and lust is a banal sexual phenomenon, a passion based on desire, but nothingness

What is the difference between love, addiction, and attachment?

Love is a complex feeling that each person experiences in his own way, it consists of different states that quickly replace each other, which is why it is so difficult to define it. It manifests itself in various forms, many seek to experience it at least once and believe that they live a boring and inferior life if there is no suitable object nearby. Someone believes that finding love is the true meaning of life, and only it can make a person more comfortable

As Paulo Coelho wrote: “When we love, we always strive to be better than we really are. And when we strive to be better, the world around us gets better too.” The emotions that you feel for a particular person differ depending on how close you know him and what kind of relationship you are in. The ancient Greeks believed that there were 4 types of love:

philia – friendly and platonic;

eros – passionate and intimate;

storge – care and participation;

agape – selfless and unconditional.

Tenderness for a child is colored differently than craving for a lover. And friendly empathy is not like unity between spouses. But true love is always associated with positive feelings such as care, hope and adoration.

What is attachment?

Attachment is a milder emotion than love. It consists of calm, time-honored feelings such as empathy and gratitude, and does not carry any romantic or passionate overtones. No word on the name given to you when you see it in the worst possible way and then sign:

Attachment should not be taken as something less important than love. It plays an important role in the relationship between parents and children, spouses and friends. Attachment can be experienced even for those whom you do not love, but love without attachment is impossible.

Attachment is caring. It can be both the first step towards love and its completion. You show it with the help of glances, support, help, gifts. The desire to do something good for another person, even if he does not belong to your close circle, is an expression of sympathy and the same affection. You let him know that you care about him and that you want him to be happy, even though you don’t have romantic feelings for him.

Affection is a widely felt kinship that fuels me as I grow up to creough, creoughe On the other hand, you should try to get it right and it’s not important and the temperature is too high. For the sake of affection, they did not start wars and did not capture cities. On the other hand, there is a chance that you will be able to play. Lack of attachment dooms a person to a lonely existence. It is important for everyone to be needed and allowed to care in return.

The difference between love and affection

Love, especially its forms of storge and agape, can be confused with attachment. Having become attached to a person, just like falling in love, you strive to become indispensable for him, you want to spend more time with him and take into account his desires.

  • Love hurts.

A loving person sometimes has to make a difficult choice between their interests and feelings. If it is non-reciprocal, your life turns into a drama. Every day you feel how your heart is torn from despair. Attachment is an inexhaustible reserve from which you draw understanding and sympathy.

  • Love clouds the mind.

It is impossible to be guided by iron logic when everything inside you is seething with love. You do not think about your needs, you do not have an ounce of selfishness. You are ready to give your life for another person. Attachment does not push for impulsive actions. It allows you to gain strength and make an informed decision. Love comes suddenly and makes you reckon with it, affection grows stronger every year.

  • Love pushes for deeds.

When a person is young, you rejoice at all dinners, as if you were your own hoodold, but luck and problems are recalled and physically kept. For the sake of a loved one, you can do anything and risk your life. Sometimes people are not stopped by morality or law. And the person to whom you feel only affection will not arouse such feelings in you.

Love and the desire to be loved is the driving force behind all interpersonal relationships. It is a psychological need, built into the foundation of survival, that affects reproduction. Existence without love is bleak.

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