How to Drive a Man Crazy in Bed Uncensored! [2022]

For most women it is very unsettling to know for sure how to drive a man crazy in bed; therefore, they constantly investigate and always want to know more about this topic, essential to maintain balance within a relationship.

Discover how to make a man value the relationship more and, therefore, you.

While it is true that we are all different, there are certain common traits that characterize us, especially boys, when it comes to sɘxuality and intimate life.

Sexy woman on the edge of the bed

In case you are interested in discovering the male secrets and how to influence a man’s mind, the source of his desires, and everything that gives him pleasure, keep reading and take careful note!

Below, you will find the best tips and recommendations to stimulate each of your senses and achieve the best intimate experience with you.

In addition to this, you will find a list with the particularities and preferences of men, so you will know what men really want sɘxually, according to each zodiac sign.

Take a look and become an expert in knowing how to seduce a man in the art of seduction and the riddles of passion!

The best tips to know how to drive a man crazy in bed

how to make love to a man

Seduce, provoke, know how to arouse a man and make him explode with pleasure, are keywords that you should not lose sight of for a moment when sharing a sɘxual encounter with a man.

But how to get him to enjoy from start to finish and drive him crazy with love for you? You can also discover how to drive a man crazy.

It’s not as complex as it sounds! It’s a matter of putting the following tricks and tips into practice to the letter.

Let’s start at once!

1. Give importance to the precious moments

Never forget that the degree of sɘxual tension is proportional to the pleasure you will feel in its release; that is, make him wait a bit but in an intelligent way.

Try to seduce him subtly and then provoke him intensely; in this way, he will want you like never before, which will guarantee enhanced satisfaction.

Visual impact

In the case of men, everything enters through the eyes, use this detail in your favor! Dress sɘxy, show him some skin, wear your hair down, emphasize the color of your lips and unleash his desire!

To this, you could add soft but sensual movements: bite your lip, smile delicately, cross your legs.

In short, he takes advantage of situations and tries to give you plenty of reasons to stir your thoughts.

romantic evening

It is important that there is a good anteroom before you go to bed together.

A romantic evening, accompanied by a glass of wine or some situation in which they can be alone and calm is ideal for you to provoke him and let his imagination run wild.

Whisper words in his ear, bet on eye contact!, stare at him, let him know your most naughty intentions and try to hold him very close, touch him, caress him and kiss him slowly, he will want more and more!

raise your temperature

Drive him crazy with a message that is both relaxing and sɘxy; You can choose to start doing it on top of the clothes, touching the neck, the arms.

Then, when they are already a little lighter in clothes, including other parts of the body, their temperature will rise considerably and you will make more than just their heart race!

2. Excite him without limits

How to drive a man crazy in private

Unleashing male desire to the max is not as simple as it seems; Believe it or not, he has his technique.

Learn how to make a man want you naturally.

Arousal depends on a series of physical and psychological factors and, therefore, you must learn to identify these factors in order to be successful when it comes to arousing and stimulating your boy’s weak points.

Recognizing your erogenous zones

As you already know, the erogenous zones are those parts of the body that have greater sensitivity or nerve endings, compared to the rest.

In addition, they could become your best allies when it comes to exciting him and starting the sɘxual game.

So find out more about how to arouse a man.

Learn more! Let’s start the tour remembering some of these areas:

  • Scalp
  • eyelids
  • Ears
  • Lips
  • Neck
  • Nut
  • pecs
  • low belly
  • inner thigh
  • Perineum
  • genital area

Help him fulfill his sɘxual fantasies

Do not deny yourself to the possibilities, do not close your mind! Surely if you fulfill one or more of his secret sɘxual fantasies, he will love you and you will drive him crazy, without a doubt!

A clever costume, role reversal, or a couple of sɘx toys will make all the difference!

Dare and remember that pleasure has no limits.

Lingerie, accessories, and security

Show off your attributes in the best way, buy new lingerie without fear or shyness!

Your boyfriend will thank you and conceive of you as a confident woman who is sure of both your body and your sɘxuality.

Surprise him and pamper him with this fine detail of coquetry! You will see that he will not be able to resist your charms and they will have an unforgettable night.

Find out what real men want in a woman.

Take the initiative

Men really appreciate it when women take the initiative, especially in bed.

Control the situation, activate your creative side, and master it!

Combine words, sounds, and new positions with a touch of sensuality and transform yourself into her femme fatale.

3. The sɘxual trance

When the moment of truth arrives, there is no turning back; it is at this moment that the success or failure of the preliminaries is defined.

After a whole process of seduction, provocation, and excitement, you will finally have the opportunity to make him explode with pleasure.

If you are interested in knowing if men really think about sɘx all day, read this article from

What are the infallible sɘxual tricks that you should apply if your goal is to know how to drive a man crazy in bed?

Here’s the answer!

novel positions

Get informed! There are thousands of positions at your disposal. Don’t make sɘx routine and boring.

Do not think that the bed is the only place where you can have a passionate morning, afternoon, night, or early morning, much less that there are no more positions apart from the traditional 4 or 5.

Get out of the routine, take a look at the Kamasutra techniques and impress him!


Boys love this practice since they experience a lot of pleasure. Take a risk with this trick, even if he doesn’t ask you to, and you’ll make him very happy!

You will not regret it and he will feel on another planet; ideally, you simultaneously caress it on different parts of the body and, if possible, stare at it.

How to drive a man crazy in bed? Fǝllatio is a great way!

Come closer and move firmly

Take it, get close, and move in all possible ways, that will fascinate him!

Do not think that your man is in charge of wiggling, vibrating, and giving fluidity to the meeting; You must also do your part and move without limitations.

Also, learn how to arouse feelings of love in a man.

How to drive a man crazy in bed according to his zodiac sign

Some personality traits and preferences of each person can be justified, in a certain way, in the influence of the stars on their zodiac sign.

Do you know what your boyfriend’s zodiac sign is? If you don’t know, find out! because the data that I bring you next may interest you greatly.

You will be able to determine how to drive a man crazy in bed according to his zodiac sign! Take a look at the following list and take advantage of it!


Men who belong to the sign of Aries are always looking to try new things in the sɘxual field; therefore, they prefer bold girls, with an open mind and without inhibitions.

If you want to know how to drive an Aries man crazy in bed, you must put aside the routine and show him that you are a challenging, flirtatious, and limitless woman.

Capable of fulfilling all her fantasies and highly motivated to participate in her sɘxual games.


This sign seeks, above all, stability and comfort.

So, to fully enjoy a sɘxual encounter, they must connect with the environment and their perfect prelude is a delicious dinner, followed by an excellent wine.

Knowing how to drive a man crazy in bed will not be something from another world! You just have to focus a lot on caresses and on giving him a delicate but accurate treatment.

Also, they love to satisfy their partner, so let things flow and enjoy while they lose their minds for you!


Gemini guys are not only seduced by a good physique and external beauty, they like fascinating minds!

They love long dialogues and being listened to carefully; you need to be able to connect in every way with him so that he feels comfortable in intimacy.

On the other hand, they are quite adventurous; role-playing games, new positions, and sɘx toys are her weakness.


Romantic and homely, that’s how Cancers are!

He will fully enjoy in bed if he is certain that the relationship with you will be long-term and not sporadic.

To know how to drive a man crazy in bed, of this sign, I recommend that you hold the meeting at home, that detail will make him explode with desire!

It will be an unforgettable experience for him and he will become addicted to you.


To find out how to drive a Leo crazy in bed, keep in mind that it may be the most explosive and passionate sign of the zodiac.

They always want to be in control of the situation, although they do not refuse to experience all kinds of things in bed, as long as both parties agree.

They are very good lovers and it drives them crazy to play the dominant role in intimacy.

In the same way for these guys, the number of times they can show how wonderful they are in the sɘxual field is essential.

So you must be prepared for many nights of unbridled passion!


They seek perfection and try not to leave anything to chance, keep this in mind to know how to drive a man crazy in bed as a Virgo sign.

They greatly appreciate the trust that they can build with their partner and the knowledge on a sɘxual level.

If you really want to captivate him, just let yourself be surprised by him!

They are very excited to provide the greatest of pleasures to their partner because this represents a high degree of pleasure for them.

So relax and enjoy!


Sociable guys who love to feel loved and in good company.

To get more than his attention, you must be very spontaneous and always take the initiative.

They love women who can fulfill all their fantasies no matter how forbidden or crazy they seem.

Sɘx is essential in the life of a Libra and, for this reason, they need a lady who pleases them and turns each encounter into the best sɘxual experience.


The most lustful of the zodiac! Discover how to drive a man crazy in bed, of Scorpio sign.

Scorpio men have an extraordinary erotic charge; They have the ability to leave their partners breathless.

Creativity will be your best ally, in case your purpose is to surprise him unlimitedly and give him a lot of pleasure.

It’s important to keep in mind that they love to feel like they’re in charge in this specific situation, so make them believe it!

You will surely make your passion side increase remarkably, which will benefit you.


They are born explorers; they like to meet and know everything about their lovers.

Let him discover you to the fullest and you will be his ideal girl!

They like to teach in bed, let him be your teacher and wait for the next lesson! You will please him infinitely and you will have a man by your side who will be willing to satisfy you without conditions.


To know how to drive a man crazy in bed, Capricorns are ambitious and determined men; On the other hand, they are very chivalrous and will make you feel like a true princess throughout the intimate encounter.

To seduce him, the key is emotional intelligence and patience, they are very selective when sleeping with a woman!

Let yourself be served and receive all their compliments, which you should reward, you know what I mean!

I recommend that you avoid role-playing games because this will scare him away.


They are the mind game guys who will always be attracted to women who are intuitive and able to stimulate all their senses.

If you want to know how to drive a man crazy in bed with the Aquarius sign, the warm-up or the moments before the final meeting are essential.

You will see that with a suitable antechamber, these men will overflow with desire and can become quite wild and complacent.


They are an amazing combination of spirituality, imagination, and eroticism.

When they feel really seduced by a woman, they do everything in their power to make her comfortable in the relationship.

The Pisces man has many masculine qualities, which he does not share with any girl, it is a good fact to know how to drive a man crazy in bed with a Pisces sign.

To make him lose control, you must treat him with special care and focus on giving him the best kisses and caresses, you will not regret it, he will know how to compensate you!

I recommend that you look for new and rare places for sɘxual encounters, that will make him vibrate with emotion and he will always fantasize about you!

Final recommendations

There are never too many more recommendations for you to keep in mind when it comes to clarifying how to drive a man crazy in bed and not fail in the attempt.

Get to know them and compliment them with the infallible Magnetic Desire Method!

  • A suitable climate is very important because it guarantees that both can be calm, relaxed and with a serene attitude towards the situation; in this way, they will have the possibility to enjoy and be intimate without prohibitions or worries. It is a matter of paying special attention to the details of the space: the light, the smells, the textures, the music, the temperature, etc.; and provoke each of its pores.
  • Never forget the preliminaries; remember that they are intensifying factors of passion, desire, and excitement.
  • Try to make sɘxual encounters fun; be creative, learn to know his tastes and fantasies to please him; but also teach him how to satisfy you.
  • Surprise him, motivate him and be open to new experiences; this attitude will literally drive him crazy in bed!
  • Remember the winning duo: confidence and security; guys lose their minds over unsuspecting women. Cultivate your self-esteem and make your enormous virtues overshadow your small defects.

You have in your possession the best tips and recommendations to know how to drive a man crazy in bed and what his sɘxual preferences are according to his zodiac sign.

Now all that is needed is for you to put my advice into practice and begin to succeed in intimacy.

Dare without fear and enjoy a relationship that combines physical, mental, and sɘxual attraction!

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