How to Express Love to Your Partner? 13 Best Ways

How to Express Love to Your Partner? 13 Best Ways
How to Express Love to Your Partner? 13 Best Ways

How to express love to your partner? Showing Love: 13 Proofs of Love That Will Melt Any Heart. Love is the indescribable beauty of soul and heart and the most beautiful feeling in the world.

When we love, we want everyone to know and especially that one special person who brought so much warmth and light into our life and painted it with the most beautiful colors.

We want to tell her that we love her. Write in the sky with white smoke for all to see. Carve in wood or stone to leave there forever.

We want this person to know that they won the key to our heart, went in, and stayed there.

But how do we express that? How can you best show your love? How to express love to your partner?

Clichés that romantic stories and films force upon us are expensive gifts, a large bouquet of roses, and impossible missions that the main characters carry out for each other.

I’m not saying love can’t be shown like this, but trust me it is reflected in the much smaller things around us, but we may not be aware of it.

The proofs of love can be innumerable. They can be romantic, but they can also be every day and here in this article you will find the best way to show the love you have for someone.

Show love: loving gestures that are well received

1. A beautiful word opens the door to every heart

How can you best show your love? How to express love to your partner?
How can you best show your love? How to express love to your partner?

The easiest way to show love is through words.

People generally enjoy receiving compliments and hearing nice words about themselves, but those words have particular strength when they come from someone we really love.

Compliments are always well received and to hear a beautiful word from a loved one is like the most beautiful melody in our ears, like a balm for our soul, like a refreshing drink on a hot summer day.

So you can give your loved one a nice compliment from time to time.

• “You look wonderful today.”

• “The dress/shirt/suit looks good on you.”

• “I’m really happy to have you.”

• “I feel calm and security with you.”

• “You are a very special person.”

• “I am grateful to have you by my side.”

• “I am happy with you.”

These sentences sound and feel so beautiful. They are so gentle and more than romantic and say so much to the person we address them to.

So don’t skimp on compliments. Brighten the day of your love and thus strengthen your bond.

2. Support and encouragement

How can you best show your love? How to express love to your partner?
How to express love to your partner?

The realization that we have someone to turn to in any situation, bad or good, means the whole world to us.

Someone we can count on, who will drop everything to help us when we get into trouble.

Someone who stands shoulder to shoulder with us, even when the whole world has its back on us.

Someone who will be the wind under our wings, a lifeline in the wild sea that propels us forward and motivates us to be a better person.

We want all of that in someone, but we have to be willing to offer so much ourselves.

By supporting and encouraging the person, we let them know that we are there for them and that they can rely on us.

Sentences like: I am there for you, I will help you, you can do it, listening when a person talks about something important, cheering on some important events … All of these are words of love that say much more than ‘I love you’.

3. Trust and freedom

Trust is the key to a good relationship, the basis of every human relationship, and a very important token of love.

Trust is acquired over time and, like everything else, must be earned, but if love is true, then trust is certainly there.

If you trust a person, you won’t control them, check where they’re going and with whom, there won’t be this toxic jealousy in the relationship and everything will be much better.

Everyone has the right to have their own hobbies and interests besides those that they share with their partner and here the person should be given enough freedom.

For example, when your partner goes to a soccer game or a beer with friends. Your proof of love is that you don’t mind and that you don’t make him feel guilty for spending time with them and not you.

4. Acceptance

How to express love to your partner?
How to express love to your partner?

When we know that someone accepts us with all our rough edges, with all our good and bad sides, and when we know that we can all drop our masks in front of him without being judged, we know that this someone is our love.

No one is without quirks and of course, there will always be something that we want to change, first about ourselves and then about our partner.

But it is love that blinds us to these things. Actually not as blind as rather tolerant.

Accepting a person for who they are, with everything that makes them up, is the right way to show love.

It means not trying to judge or change your partner and not criticize them, but rather showing them that they are just as perfect in your eyes as they are.

5. I need your advice

When we seek advice from someone, we let them know that we value their opinion and that we consider them important. Be it the partner, friends, parents, siblings.

By seeking advice and respecting someone else’s opinion, we let that person know that we want them to be part of our lives and decisions, to appreciate them, and to increase their self-esteem.

In addition, it creates a deeper bond between the two people because it allows them to exchange their way of thinking, help each other and gain insights into each other’s life.

So feel free to ask your partner for advice, even if you can make the decision yourself. This is how you let him know that you appreciate him and this is how you can show your love.

6. Thank you for everything

thank you for everything that is done for you tells the person how important they are in our lives, how lucky you are to have them, and how much you love them.

The biggest mistake people make in relationships is taking each other and what they do for each other for granted.

It goes without saying that one person always has to cook, it goes without saying that the other person always has to pick up the children from kindergarten and school, etc.

These are the everyday things we do while forgetting their importance and the exertion of the person who is doing them. Therefore one should be grateful. Really grateful.

• “Honey, thank you for mowing the lawn.”

• “Honey, thanks for fixing the coffee maker.”

• “Thank you for taking such good care of the children.”

These and similar examples of gratitude reflect love, respect, and admiration for a person. They show that life is easier when that person is in it and that we value everything that they do for us.

So from time to time, thank your partner for the little things they do for you. It will surely mean a lot to him and you will be able to see the glare in his eyes and the smile on his face.

7. I will take care of you

How can you best show your love? How to express love to your partner?
How can you best show your love? How to express love to your partner?

Even though we are all grown, independent, strong people, we always love having someone look after us, don’t we?

It’s a nice feeling when someone cares to make us feel good, when we are asked how we are, how we spent the day, when they make us a soup or a cup of tea when we are sick when we are covered up when we fall asleep on the couch.

These are all little things that say more than “I love you”.

So show your partner that you take care of them and that you care about making them feel good. This is how you let him know you love him without saying anything.

8. What is mine is also yours

Sharing is caring.

Sharing strengthens the relationship, builds trust, and opens the way for an even stronger true love.

In true love there is no such thing as ‘mine’ or ‘yours’, everything becomes ‘ours’. This includes common tasks, chores, budget, secrets, hobbies – everything.

It doesn’t matter whether it is material or not. You can show your love by sharing everything with your partner.

In this way, you let each other into your life, strengthen each other, learn from each other, build trust and connect on so many new levels that you may not even be aware of.

9. Let me help you

• “I will pick up the mail for you.”

• “You don’t have to cook lunch today, I’ll do that.”

• “Let’s clean the apartment together.”

Everyday commitments can be stressful, and it means a lot to us when we have someone to help us make things easier.

Taking on chores is one of the best tokens of love. This is how we show our willingness to help, to sacrifice our time, and to be selfless, which are certainly building blocks of true and firm love.

10. Small gestures in everyday life

How can you best show your love?
How can you best show your love?

You can’t go wrong with small gestures of love in everyday life, because they don’t leave anyone indifferent. Something like this sometimes means a lot more than expensive gifts, crazy surprises, travel:

Kisses and hugs: who doesn’t love kisses and hugs for attentions? These are gestures that say you love someone without words. Just kiss your partner on the spur of the moment.

Just hug him like that. People need attention, tenderness, touch, and love from a loved one and everyday life is full of opportunities and moments in which you can express them.

Favorite dish: It is said that love goes through the stomach for a reason. Who doesn’t like the smell and taste of fresh coffee, pancakes, or their favorite food?

The loving gesture is to prepare your loved one their favorite dish or even bring them breakfast to bed.

Then you can make heart-shaped pancakes or waffles and conjure up a little heart on the coffee. A small gesture, lots of love.

Small love messages: A written declaration of love is sometimes more effective than telling someone you love them. Especially if it happens spontaneously during the day.

You can write a nice love phrase on a post-it note and stick it on the mirror or closet to make your partner happy when they wake up in the morning or go to work.

You can also send him a WhatsApp or SMS message with love content during the day so he knows you are thinking of him. And besides, you can always write him a love letter. That leaves no one indifferent.

11. Surprise, surprise!

Occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays are occasions where you can surprise your loved one. There is nothing wrong with this and it is advisable to make an effort to show love during these days.

But what is even better are the surprises in everyday life. So surprise him without a special occasion. It could be a weekend for two, a romantic candlelit dinner, or a simple gift.

Gifts don’t have to tear a hole in your wallet either. What says ‘I love you’ the most are gifts that have been carefully selected based on the loved one’s tastes.

For example, it can be a book if you know that he has wanted to read it for a long time. It doesn’t matter what it is how much it costs. In the end, it just matters that it comes from the heart. This is the only way to show your love!

12. Let’s spend time together

Work, family, children, responsibilities, love – all of these should be brought under one roof and sometimes it really takes a lot of strength and effort.

In order for love not to fade, you have to spend time together and do activities together to strengthen the relationship.

A true token of love is when you strive for it. That means trying to find time for each other, activities or hobbies that you can do together.

When you spend time together, you give each other full attention, love, and bond strengthening. The desire to spend time with your partner shows him how much you love him and how important he is to you.

So always find time for your sweetheart. Go out to dinner, go for a walk, have a picnic, have a romantic weekend, and enjoy time together.

13. Conversations about the common future

How can you best show your love? How to express love to your partner?
How can you best show your love? How to express love to your partner?

• “I want to move into an apartment with you.”

• “I want to marry you.”

• “I want to have children with you.”

Doesn’t it feel wonderful when you know that a person wants you and everything you are also in the future or for the rest of their life?

When you know that he wants to share his life with you and grow old with you?

Is there a greater token of love than this?

This doesn’t just tell you ‘I love you’ right now. It tells you, ‘I love you now and I will always love you.’

If so, let your partner know that you can also imagine the future with them by your side. Talk to him about your future and goals together.

This is surely something that only strengthens and deepens your love.

Conclusion: You can show love in different ways and there are a whole range of beautiful tokens of love. There are no rules. You don’t necessarily have to be romantic or spend a lot of money to show love.

All that matters is that your love is really sincere. Then you can easily find inspiration and ways in which you can best express it. ❤

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