How to fall in love and how do men and women fall in love?

How to fall in love and how do men and women fall in love? It is unlikely that anyone will dispute the fact that the feeling of complete happiness cannot be without the state of being in love. In this case, we are talking, first of all, about a long-term feeling that a person is happy, and not about some fleeting situations that cheer us up for a short time.

The vast majority of men and women dream of mutual love. People who have experienced unrequited love know very well how hard it is to endure and what depression it sometimes brings a person into.

How do men fall in love?

All psychological studies and surveys show that men are much more amorous than women. It is for the weak half of humanity that the question often arises – how to fall in love if the prince does not come across in any way, and even on a white horse. For men, the problem is just the opposite. However, temperament plays a big role here. Thus, men from southern countries are quickly excitable psychological types. Men from the northern regions of our planet are much more sedate and not so temperamental compared to the southerners.

It is difficult to say unequivocally what is better – an off-scale temperament or psychological restraint. Still, in human society, unlike the animal world, there is such an important institution as the family. And the family is the obligations of a man to a woman, a woman to a man, both spouses to their children …

Knowing how men fall in love, and they do it very easily, any woman can to a certain extent manipulate male feelings that express the attitude towards her. The easiest initial stage is to attract the attention of a man. This is done through clothing, communication, or even fleeting expressive glances. The more experienced a woman, the larger her arsenal of all sorts of little tricks that can arouse a man and his interest in her.

In the conditions of school, labor and other collectives, where people can communicate with each other for a long time, close acquaintance is easier than acquaintance between a man and a woman who met for the first time. But, on the other hand, a close acquaintance in teams significantly reduces the choice.

Over time, even the brightest burning feelings of a man for a woman fade away. Basically nothing can be done about it. But it is quite possible, thanks to the efforts of a woman, to prolong such feelings for as long as possible. To do this, a woman should never forget about her appearance. If a woman tries to look beautiful and feminine only in public, and walks around the house, in the presence of a man, in an old worn out dressing gown, without makeup and with a haircut on her head a la an explosion at a pasta factory, a man will stop liking such a woman very quickly.

Another way to prolong a romantic relationship is not to converge for a longer time to live together. But there is a risk of losing a beloved man, who in this case will practically have no obligations to a woman.

How to fall in love and how do men and women fall in love?

How do women fall in love?

Most women fall in love much more difficult than men. If the representatives of the strong half of humanity in relation to the opposite sex, aesthetic and sexual attractiveness play a crucial role, then for women, the reliability and decency of the person they choose as their partner is valued. At the same time, it is important to take into account that in young girls this value is very often almost leveled. But the older and more experienced the woman, the more significantly her view of these things changes!

However, despite their age, most women really want to have at least some man next to them. This is especially observed in unmarried women after 30-35 years. If by this age women have not acquired a permanent partner – an official or common-law husband, they are ready to marry almost anyone, without even paying attention to the appearance of a man. And this is the most insignificant mistake compared to the one when women get married without taking into account the character, manners, interests of their chosen one!

It will be very difficult for a man who sets himself the goal of truly falling in love with a woman. Before the age of 30, when women have more romantic views on life and on men, such a goal is more likely to succeed than in the case of older women. The bewilderment of schoolgirls or students cannot be compared with the bewilderment of ladies of middle or Balzac age. However, still, there are chances!

Probably, now it makes no sense to talk about love at first sight, when the feeling of falling in love arises without any special difficulties. It is better to sort out the problem of what to do for those men who really want to kindle a feeling of falling in love with them in some lady they like very much. Here are a few basic tips that can help you cope with this task:

  • be neat;
  • show only good and positive mood;
  • be sociable and communicate in a manner that is closest to a woman (you should not talk about high matters if this is a completely uninteresting topic for the chosen one. And, on the contrary, sink to stupid stupid jokes if a woman has a high culture and intellect);
  • tell a woman about your feelings for her when it becomes appropriate (in no case be ashamed to tell her the words “I love you!”, “You are the best in the world!”, etc.)
  • do not overdo it with the use of alcoholic beverages …

Ultimately, knowing how women fall in love and what can affect their attitude towards a man, it is quite possible to touch the most tender strings of a woman’s soul.

How to fall in love and how do men and women fall in love?

How to fall in love From the experience of practicing psychologists.

I want to fall in love! How tired I am of being alone! – these and similar complaints from women and from men who have not decided on a permanent partner are often heard in the offices of psychologists.

Of course, each problem is individual and is solved individually. But there is something in common between most cases. Most often, the problem of loneliness is faced by men and women who once, for some reason, lost self-confidence, or never had it. Therefore, it is very important to raise personal value and self-esteem in your own eyes.

Strictly speaking, this is what psychologists’ offices are for – to correct the mental perception of the individual not only of the world around him and people, but also of himself.

How to fall in love and how do men and women fall in love?

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