How to fall in love with a guy completely? 10 ideas

How to fall in love with a guy completely? How to make a guy fall in love with you if he doesn’t pay attention at all or treats a fan just like a friend? You can run to a fortuneteller, appeal to his jealousy, be persistent, silently wait for a miracle or put pressure on pity. Or you can go another, less desperate way, which will ensure not only the sympathy of a man, but also the preservation of your own “I”. After all, a woman who loves and appreciates herself is already in fact liked by many.

1. Take care of your appearance.

It is naive to think that someone will fall in love with a rich inner world, ignoring the “cover”. To interest a guy in your personality, you first have to attract him with a well-groomed appearance. No, this is not a call to lie down under a surgical scalpel, to do “beauty injections” or in any way radically change what nature has given. Even recoloring your hair or abruptly switching to high stilettos with miniskirts is not at all necessary. For starters, just be careful :

  • always observe hygiene, do not forget to take care of hair, nails, skin, teeth, eyebrows, etc.;
  • choose hairstyles that would not cover the face and fit the age (the same goes for outfits);
  • make sure that the underwear does not peek out from under the outerwear;
  • make sure that the clothes are clean and ironed;
  • use makeup moderately, without overdoing it with its amount, brightness.

Simple rules for self-care will already make it so that it will be pleasant to communicate with a girl. If everything is fine with this stage, then additional measures will also help :

  • pick up an unobtrusive light perfume (it is better to apply it on the wrists and the hollow between the collarbones or on the décolleté area);
  • find clothes that would favorably emphasize the forms, but not expose or strongly translucent them. Ideally, let it be something more feminine – a pencil skirt or dress, for example;
  • put on stockings, but so that their upper part is not visible at least when walking freely;
  • use heels (so the ankles look slimmer), but stable and moderately high. Better let it be a neat 4 cm heel than a 10 cm nightmare with a wry gait or cramps;
  • wear thin jewelry that fits snugly around the neck or ends just above the top.

A sense of style in this regard will help a lot. If you can forgive some inaccuracies in the natural appearance (slightly uneven bite or minor pimples), then clothing is a personal choice. A mistake in its selection is a deliberate mistake. There are two extremes here that are best avoided – a mouse outfit or a grandmother’s style and vulgar vulgarity. Neither will help on the love front.

2. See him.

Watching from afar, monitoring his social networks, learning about him through mutual friends, sending anonymous letters are bad options. To please a guy, you have to pay his attention by communicating with him directly. Only in this way is there a chance to evoke some feelings in him and make him notice his admirer in principle.

Of course, it is scary or embarrassing to make an appointment with the object of sympathy. If the mere thought of this almost causes a panic attack, it may be better to meet him differently, for example:

  • go for a walk in the company of mutual friends;
  • “accidentally” run into him at the store / at work / near the house;
  • enroll in a gym, general education courses, or a section that the chosen one attends.

But all these methods are appropriate only at first. Then you have to come up with another excuse for meetings, otherwise, everything will look a little strange or simply will not go beyond the elementary “hi-bye”.

If we are talking about online dating, when meeting, in reality, is even more difficult, video chats are suitable. Some correspondence is likely to be small.

How to fall in love with a guy completely?

3. Be interested in his hobbies.

The keyword is to be interested, not to adopt. It’s better not to pretend to be a great fan of football/fishing/programming if there is no knowledge at all in these areas or they are simply not interesting. There are at least three reasons for this.

  1. The real truth will still emerge, and it is not known how the guy will react to such a lie.
  2. You have to spend time studying things that are boring for you – it’s tiring.
  3. Even after spending dozens of hours studying the necessary information, there is a risk of making an embarrassing mistake.

Therefore, it makes no sense to recall acting classes. It is much better to find out the interests of the beloved, and then ask him to tell you more about them. For example:

  • “I’ve heard the word offside so many times, but I have no idea what it is. Can you explain? It would be interesting to know why there is so much hype around him”;
  • “Did you have any funny incidents while fishing? I would love to listen”;
  • “Programming seems very difficult. Therefore, your understanding of this area delights me. How did you come to this occupation?”.

The young man will be flattered by such attention, and he will gladly talk about what interests him. And the girl can only ask leading questions and enjoy communication with her lover.

4. Make him feel like a hero.

Nothing so pleases the male ego as the realization that he heroically rescued the girl from trouble. The main thing is not to overdo it with the volume of the problem. Because it is unlikely that a guy will immediately rush to buy expensive things because of a lady’s bad mood or help her mother with a major overhaul. It is better to start small, for example, ask:

  • carry bags with purchases to the house or bus stop;
  • spend home in the evening, because it’s scary to go alone;
  • to advise or suggest something (film, institution, address, etc.);
  • lean on his arm, because “the head is spinning”;
  • open a tightly closed bottle (preferably non-alcohol).

After receiving help, it is important not to forget to thank him. By the way, this can be done not only through a simple “thank you”, but also through a kiss on the cheek or a hug. The most daring can still offer to treat them with a cup of tea and coffee in the nearest cafe. If the guy agrees and even more so does not allow the girl to pay the bill herself, this is already a sign that he is pleased to be in the company of this person.

The reverse side of the coin is a wild delight from meager help. This is also bad. If the female reaction is too emotional, this will confuse the man, and then make him doubt the sincerity of the interlocutor. This kind of behavior is repulsive.

How to fall in love with a guy completely?

5. Feel free to compliment.

Who said that men do not want to hear nice words addressed to them? This is not about cute nicknames, which are rather annoying, but about phrases that emphasize the real features of a young man. These are compliments to a guy about:

  • traditional male qualities (decisiveness, responsibility, etc.),
  • physical strength, endurance,
  • its positive impact on the girl’s life;
  • his achievements and successes.

A woman who knows how to correctly notice what and when to praise a man has every chance of becoming his lover. Such words are a great way to express the exclusivity of a guy, support him in something, and attract attention.

Boys are not as selective in compliments as girls. To impress them and make them proud of themselves, it is not necessary to speak long phrases, use high vocabulary, and even more so quote poetry. On the contrary, the simpler the better. Ideally, the compliment is short, unambiguous, and extremely clear. And in order not to embarrass the guy too much, it is important to say such phrases only a few times during the entire conversation.

6. Recognize and value his opinion.

It is really important to consider his opinion. This is an indicator of deep respect, recognition, which a man needs so much. But the questions must be chosen carefully. For example, if you ask one of the following, you can hardly get anything more than a puzzled look:

  • “Which of these polishes do you like better on me – coral pink or smoky crimson?”.
  • “Do you think sheath dresses will be in fashion next season?”.
  • “How do you like the foreign policy of the Russian kingdom during the Smolensk war?”.

It is better to ask questions on general topics or be interested in those areas that are in contact with his interests. Another important detail: let all questions be directly related to the current conversation. Otherwise, it will look like an unsuccessful and rather rude attempt to jump off the topic or even end the conversation.

How to fall in love with a guy completely?

7. Express understanding.

Surely he will have secret hobbies or just special thoughts that are not entirely understood and accepted by others. This is a great opportunity for a girl who wants to please such a guy. He may dream of getting an unusual tattoo, living abroad, becoming a musician, or believing in the reincarnation of rabbits. Is it worth it to immediately adopt all this as support?

Definitely not. If it’s immediately clear that you don’t want to apply his idea in your life, then changing yourself is not at all necessary. It is enough to make it clear to a person that the peculiarities of his thinking or interests are perceived adequately. The chain of understanding might look like this:

  • realization of the fact: “So you want to skydive someday, but everyone you know thinks it’s crazy” ;
  • soft but truthful assessment: “To be honest: I probably would never have decided on such an act because of fear” ;
  • expression of understanding: “But I do not see anything strange, shameful, or wrong in your desire. You have the right to dream about anything. I would even say that it is very brave of you. ”

If the message is right, the guy will feel freer. He realizes that he is understood and supported. Even if the girl does not share his ideas in practice, she does not make him feel uncomfortable because of her own thoughts. This means that he can calmly discuss this topic with her, without fear of her condemnation. And this is very close.

8. It is correct to say “no”.

A calm and reasoned refusal or disagreement with the guy’s words in something shows the girl’s pluses from three sides at once:

  • she looks non-confrontational, polite, smart, even wise;
  • a girl’s self-respect makes the guy next to her respect her too;
  • there is a certain mystery in this that will interest the young man.

But what kind of refusals or disagreements are we talking about at all? This may be a rejection of offers to drink, go to his house, meet at the wrong time. This also includes banal inconsistencies in opinions and views. If the interlocutor immediately shows that she is tolerant of the difference between herself and the chosen one, the man will surely like it.

You don’t have to be cold and unapproachable either. Natural emotionality is great. It is only important to learn how to successfully control it, especially when the situation begins to heat up and there is a risk of conflict.

9. Show moderation in everything.

All of the above tips are good, but only if used in moderation. For example, if you bombard a guy with compliments, he will begin to perceive it as flattery. If you look for a meeting with him daily or bombard him with hundreds of questions a minute, he will quickly get tired of such communication.

In order not to become an irritable acquaintance and not block the path to male sympathy, it is important to stick to the golden mean. But how to find it? Very simple – just imagine the situation in reverse. Imagine that another person, for whom there are no loving feelings, does everything the same and in exactly the same amount.

  • Annoys? It’s time to slow down, reduce the pressure.
  • Generally, lost sight of? It would be nice to be more active.
  • Does it make you want to communicate? Great, keep it up!

10. Create shared memories.

It’s great when there is an opportunity to say the phrase “But remember how we were then …”. Common moments from the past bring them together well. That is why it is better to use the present to create such memorable moments. And the more emotions there are during these situations, the better. Vivid experiences help to keep everything in memory much better and longer. There are several ways to spend time in such a way as to enhance the emotional background :

  • go to the cinema to see a horror movie, a good comedy, or a long-awaited premiere for both;
  • do something new together – try a dish for the first time, sign up for courses, etc.;
  • visit an amusement park, choosing the most extreme cars or rooms of fear and laughter;
  • go to a concert of your favorite musical group, KVN, a stand-up comedian.

Shared photos or a holiday gift that will often be in plain sight are also good options.

And finally: these 10 recommendations will tell you how to make a guy fall in love with you, but will not have an effect if you apply them selectively or periodically, according to your mood. And if a girl, having nevertheless received the sympathy of a man, abandons these tips, she will easily lose his interest. Therefore, it is important to remember these rules even at the stage of the peak flowering of relationships.

How to fall in love with a guy completely?

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