How to fall in love with a guy you like quickly?

On the net you can find a lot of advice on the question: how to make a guy fall in love with you. No, we hasten to disappoint you – many of them simply do not work. This is due to the fact that in most cases there is no specifics. When it comes to such an intoxicating feeling as falling in love, without it, believe me, there will be little sense.

Where to start conquering a man?

To begin with, let’s decide, the guy who Impresses you – Pen pal, or you know each other outside the virtual world. But no matter what, it is important to remember one thing – it is not always necessary to immediately make it clear that you like him, and you really want to build a relationship with him.

Secondly, it is always important to focus on the type that a man likes. You can be mega in demand from others, but you won’t hook the guy you like with anything. This is equivalent to when a person loves dumplings, and they offer him a cake instead.

Analyzing, it’s okay, no one asks for it – it’s a dream, it’s a place and it’s possible. And, perhaps, the third important point – in an attempt to please and fall in love with a man, the main thing is not to outplay yourself and not to wear “masks” that are alien to you.

To the extent that the role is played, the word “steret” is sobstvenno “I” – it is light. To fall in love with THAT, You will fall in love, And then what to do: either continue to play, or show yourself real, but it’s not a fact that this will suit him.

How to please and fall in love with a pen pal?

In the virtual world, the hallmark of each of us is a personal page. Pay attention primarily to:

  • photography;
  • The “stuffing” of the page: posts, pictures, quotes or aphorisms, funny videos, or videos not for the faint of heart, and so on.

So if:

  • you have very few photographs, or you are much worse in them than in life;
  • your page literally screams that you are obsessed with cats, dogs, fashion, etc .;
  • there is nothing to catch the eye,

then, it’s easier than ever to guess – you can hardly count on sympathy from the guy, and even more so, it’s useful. Although, you know, if your interests are the same: he is also interested in fashion, and all sorts of cute commercials, it is likely that this will become a bonding link and speed up the process of rapprochement.

From what has been written, it is clear that the initial stage, in the path of the emergence of falling in love, is something that can arouse interest in your person: there is no interest, there will be no further communication, and this is the second stage, to which we smoothly approached.

How to fall in love with any man?

In general, it is worth paying tribute to such a positively colored emotion as interest. It is on that energy, it is necessary for the spirit, and it is known as a class of the American psychologist. Izard, refers to EMOtions, which form the basis of the human motivational system.

If so, the interests in the context of the project are divided into three. As you understand, the guy must first be interested in you. This will encourage him to get to know each other. If this is the case for the interested parties, then it is too high in terms of foreign language.

Look, some beautiful photos are not enough. They are only there to draw attention to you. The main part, as we said above, is interesting communication. There is, from our point of view, a brilliant statement: “Communication is like intimacy: you also need to arouse in a person a desire to do this with you.”

Consider, if a guy is interested in you, then falling in love is within easy reach. In such a delicate matter – as a desire to please and fall in love with oneself, the main thing is not to rush and not to set deadlines.

How to please and fall in love with a guy from real life?

No wonder they say – men love with their eyes. In order for him to want to explore your inner world, you, no matter how trite it sounds, must hook him to drink. Such a simple and hackneyed truth has been “working” for many centuries in a row.

As confirmation of our words, we can give an example from the history of a love triangle, the participants of which were: Henry II, his legal wife Catherine de Medici and mistress Diane de Poitiers.

The latter was older than the king of France and his wife, as much as 20 years. At the same time, she possessed such a magnetic beauty, which, literally with love chains, chained Sienri forever.

Do not drink water from your face – says a well-known phraseological unit. In addition to external delicacy, you need to have both a beautiful soul and a light disposition. Let’s be honest: No matter how cool, on the outside, a Girl is, if she has the essence of a brainpeck, no guy will sign up for such a relationship.

Seduction instructions: TOP key steps

Step number 1: think over in great detail your appearance

This includes:

  • Hairstyle
  • Makeup
  • Style of clothes
  • perfume
  • Gait
  • Accent accessories
  • Manicure

Again, it is important to understand what kind of girls a guy likes. Let’s say if he likes sports, and you appear as a vamp lady, he will certainly pay attention, but there is a high probability that this will all end. Keep in mind that in the list presented, you cannot ignore at least one item.

Look, let’s say everything about you is cool, but the perfume is just repulsive. This will become that fly in the ointment, in a barrel of honey, which will turn away from you. Or, even as an option, already “not the first freshness” manicure. Did you pay attention to the hands of some girls/women?

It is necessary that it is not necessary for the master, in which case the ruler will need to be aware of it. And this is a huge minus in the treasury of impressions about the girl.

Step #2: You should be easy to talk to

What includes – ease:

  • No long pauses
  • Various interesting topics for conversation
  • The feeling that the guy has known you for a hundred years
  • COMFORT AND the desire to talk to you and talk
  • Humor
  • positive

The dialogue should be structured in such a way that there is no sense of tension. When people get the impression that they have known each other for a very long time – believe me, this brings them very close! Moreover, it is important that you do not include a girl – a bore, such a nerd, speaking incomprehensible.

Don’t forget about it, that’s about it in the years and miles, and it’s on the other side.

Step #3: He needs to see you as an interesting person.

This includes your:

  • talent
  • Achievements
  • The versatility of NATUR
  • Plans and goals for life
  • Hobbies

Put yourself in the place of a guy: agree that when a person is as insipid as food without salt and spices, no matter how “appetizing” he initially looks, you can hardly enjoy the “taste”. That is why, always after meeting with you, the guy should have a pleasant “aftertaste”.

If you are a person without hobbies, interesting plans for life, and so on, believe us, the guy will become with you. Despite the fact that we are now considering the third step, it is precisely this that is the fundamental basis of step No. 2, that is, interesting communication.

Everything is as simple as two and two: you will be a boring person, it will be boring to communicate with you. In the arsenal “Samka” there is a static state on the subject, as well as a creative and interesting state, because of all the other people.

Summing up

The first thing that suggests itself is to be patient and not rush things.

If there are no quick results, do not despair and sincerely believe that everything is lost. The process of falling in love cannot be started by magic – you and I do not live in a fairy tale, but in the real world, where there is a certain course of life.

The second logical conclusion is how you are a holistic and interesting person, and it will depend on whether you catch the guy’s attention, with the prospect that he will fall in love with you, or he will not want to get acquainted with your inner world.

And, perhaps, the third thing worth mentioning is that for girls, an outwardly attractive image is certainly important, but without a “tasty” and interesting “filling”, as they say, you won’t last long.

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