How to fall in love with a husband again – advice from a psychologist?

How to fall in love with a husband again – advice from a psychologist? What do the bride and groom think about standing at the altar? Yes, about anything: from worries about how the wedding night will go, to calculating whether it was worth inviting a camp of relatives if it was already clear that the wedding would not pay off. But what no newlywed couple definitely thinks about is divorce.

Because it’s illogical, unromantic, and ugh. Sad examples of acquaintances cause bewilderment. You swore to support each other in sorrow and in joy, tested the union by living together, and, it would seem, the light would be, Except one. One day you got bored with each other.

Where does love go?

So the stress and the lack of boredom, it’s so cute. Sooner or later, the desire to have a dinner party every night and please your spouse disappears. The man also begins to be lazy and sinks deeper into the routine. You need to have time to take action before the passion disappears completely.

The fading of feelings is an inevitable stage that occurs in any of the strongest relationships. Other than that, it’s up to you, and you can do it, you need it. Why is this happening? There are many reasons why a man’s feelings cool down:

  • he faced an unromantic reality (women’s hair tangled in a drain is quite comparable in its destructive power to scattered men’s socks);
  • he made a mistake in his choice and has already regretted a hundred times that he led you down the aisle, and now he is waiting for everything to be ready;
  • He is tired of quarrels, Scandals and Your Control, which at the first stages of the relationship was like caring, Now – like living with Sherlock;
  • you stopped paying attention to each other, forgetting that even soul mates need nourishment.

How to make your husband fall in love with you again?

Don’t worry about panic and don’t expect it to be bad because of all the summertime. When there is something to save, it’s worth trying. Feelings are a fickle value, as they subsided, they will flare up again.

How to make your husband love you again?

First, accept the fact that your situation is not exceptional. Relationships cannot be frozen, so that they do not deteriorate in any case.

We change, both with age and under the influence of circumstances. It is impossible to be in the euphoria of a honeymoon all the time. If your husband has cooled off towards you, which does not mean that he no longer loves you, and nothing can be changed.

  • Become an attentive conversationalist.

Relationships often lack communication. This is especially noticeable in contrast, if you remember how earlier you couldn’t talk to each other all night long, and now, lying in the same bed, you bump into gadgets. It is important to understand that dialogue is not a list of what one of you does not like. It is understanding, trust, delicacy and the need to share what is bothering you. The golden key to harmony in a relationship is empathy. Don’t roll out a list of complaints to him, just start a conversation.

  • Show that you appreciate him.

You expect from your beloved that he will serenade you for the rest of your life, but when was the last time you did it yourself? What do you do when on comes home after a hard day at work? Silently carrying a bag from the supermarket to the kitchen? Take a moment to compliment his new jacket, his commitment to keeping fit despite his busy schedule, and, of course, what he does for your family. Do this not only in private, but also in the presence of other people.

  • Add romance.

No one should prescribe it to you, so you don’t have to deal with it, and you don’t have to worry about it. For example, you are used to having lunch at the same Italian restaurant every Sunday. Add some intrigue.

Leave him a message with the address where you will be waiting for him. Dobiraytes the most marshmallows. Put on a new dress that he has not yet seen on you, and allow yourself to act more relaxed and free. Flirt, Enjoy your date, look at him not as a husband you’ve known for a thousand years, but as an attractive stranger.

  • Touch him more often.

Your relationship doesn’t have to become purely platonic. A special kind of intimacy, achieved only through physical contact, cannot be neglected. Even if your intimate life is still on top, do not refuse hugs for no reason, not as a foreplay, but simply because you want it. Kiss Him Before you leave home and when you return, take the opportunity to touch him when you help tie your tie.

  • Plan a vacation together.

A change of scenery helps to get rid of the routine, many problems will fall off on their own. Remember where you dreamed of going. Maybe the moment has come when it’s time to do it? Or you can step back in time and visit a place where you once had a great vacation. Don’t try to recreate that trip exactly. Do what you like, and take into account the desires of your spouse.

  • Not the soul of his love.

Perhaps the fact is that there are simply a lot of you, and he is bored with you, because you do not give him the opportunity to b. As long as you are 24/7, this is not the case. Visit your parents or an old friend. There are still people in your life who love you and crave your attention. No position is given in the third party. A week is enough. In addition, you will have something to talk about after separation.

  • Many small deeds replace one big feat.

No one requires you to move mountains, start small. Because you are ponytailing, you are pompous and you are peachy. Get up a little earlier and make coffee for him if you know he has a hard time starting his day without a cup of will. Or bring lunch to work. Let these gestures not be feigned and excessive, and come from the heart. Even a cute note pinned to the fridge will make him think of you fondly.

  • Stop criticizing and interfering in all his affairs.

It’s great that you have an opinion, but you don’t have to express it on every occasion. Before you sneer or give valuable advice, consider whether it is really worth it. When a person shares with you that something is not working out for him, he does not always need advice.

Most often, “free ears” or a reminder that he’s done well and can handle everything. Don’t break it for a few problems. Don’t make him look like a child who can’t do anything without “mommy”.

  • Set up an intimate life.

Sex is an important part of a relationship that is the first thing that suffers from discord. It is not necessary to select any of the accessories in the magazine for the future.

Think about what you could bring to life without too much effort. If your husband is a modest and restrained person, do not rush at him with a whip at the ready. Try something more romantic, like massage candles.

  • Create a shared positive goal.

You must have joint plans as a couple. It doesn’t matter if it’s a vacation, a new hobby or a move. The main condition is that it should be equally important for both of you. In order to revive the relationship, both partners must try, but the first yag will still have to be done. Let it be you.

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