How to fall in love with a man once and for all?

How to fall in love with a man once and for all? How to win a man’s heart? They say that the way to it lies through the stomach. But a girl who brought personally prepared pies and borscht on a first date will cause more suspicion than love. Then how to make a man fall in love with you, especially if he is not yet familiar or simply does not pay any attention? There is an answer, or rather as many as 10. And it is better to use them all. What to do so that the object of sympathy finally pays attention and is imbued with sincere sympathy for the (secret) admirer?

1. Be bright, energetic.

Positive energy and friendly attitude are excellent for pleasant and long communication. Being a restless energizer is not necessary (except when it is a natural trait), just staying positive is enough.

It is unlikely that anyone will like a too shy, taciturn, somewhat deeply and permanently saddened interlocutor. You can discuss problems with friends or mom, but personal troubles are not suitable for meeting a man. It is important to create a festive cheerful mood, and not spoil it. The first sentences will set the tone for the entire conversation. Here are a few more rules about this.

  • Being cheerful does not mean literally squeezing joy and optimism out of yourself. It’s just a good mood, sincere joy, inspiration. They are easily transmitted to the interlocutor and begin to be associated with their source.
  • A sense of humor is welcome, but it should not be abused. The ability to make a laugh makes a person dominant on a subconscious level. It is better to encourage the man’s jokes more often, periodically adding your own to them.
  • Laughter isn’t everything. You can “broadcast” peace, love for everything around, such a “quiet happiness”, and not its stormy streams.

In general, getting to know a guy or trying to achieve an arrangement will have to be in a good mood. No other way.

How to fall in love with a man once and for all?

2. Try new things with him.

What is tried for the first time is usually remembered for a long time, especially if it is accompanied by vivid emotions. If a woman is next to a man at the moment of discovering something new, she will certainly become part of his memory. Of course, it is highly desirable that this be an event of a positive, pleasant nature. But the most interesting thing is that even fear or strong excitement will also come in handy. How does the body react to danger?

  • Rapid increased heartbeat.
  • Trembling fingers, buckling knees.
  • Short shallow breathing.
  • Weird stomach discomfort.
  • Dizziness due to hyperventilation.

Isn’t it the same sensations that arise during falling in love at the candy-bouquet stage? Or even before this phase, when it is still unknown who likes who and who does not, but there are already feelings. So if the man you like has never gone to the cinema to see horror films, has not been in a panic room, has not tried to ride a catamaran, it is already clear where to go with him.

3. Admire his actions.

It is very important for men to be recognized. They have a couple of deeds or achievements that they themselves are proud of. However, education, modesty, lack of listeners do not allow them to speak about them out loud. The task of a woman is to learn about these successes and express admiration. Sometimes it’s difficult. Not only because some men are reserved and not very talkative. The problem is the inability to respond correctly. Here a few tips for this.

  • Praise and compliments to a man are useful in dating. But their abuse results in flattery. This is felt, so the measure is very important.
  • If a man is very angry with something (especially at himself), the words will have to be chosen especially carefully. Ideally, wait until it cools down a bit.
  • It is better to reinforce admiration for character traits with examples from the life of your chosen one. So you can avoid flattery and instill confidence in the guy.
  • All men are different, some value intelligence in themselves, others value strength, others value the results of hard work. That’s why using the same compliment with different interlocutors is not a good idea.
  • The less outsiders are aware of what is happening in a couple, the better. Complaining to friends (due to baseless suspicions, boredom or petty quarrels) is taboo. But you can answer questions briefly and in a positive way.
  • Praise and admire your lover in front of his friends is a great chance to achieve greater favor.

4. Be feminine.

Dresses, formal make-up, heels can be attributes of femininity, but they are not the main signs. Much more important internal state, behavior, manners.

Adequate men often avoid relationships with women of five types:

  • “I myself!” – girls demonstrating their independence, a complete lack of need for men. They often complain that “there are no more normal men left,” although they themselves push them away, preventing them from showing themselves.
  • “Dominants” – ladies who are trying their best to bend men under them. They consider themselves leaders, but in everyday life they are tyrants with inadequate self-esteem.
  • “Fickle” – young ladies with a “camp of gentlemen”. They claim that they change guys like gloves, and they don’t need a serious relationship / marriage. They sincerely wonder why they come across only windy suitors.
  • “Own to the board” – a type of tomboy trying to “mow down under her own” in men’s companies. They portray an unearthly love for football, they know how to open beer bottles with their eyes. They are pathologically afraid to show something girlish.
  • “I’m a girl” – beauties, confident that capriciousness, lack of punctuality, hysteria, manipulativeness are the characteristic features of a “real woman”. They are looking for “real men” with unlimited patience and a wallet.

Men are more often looking for softness, wisdom, sincerity. Good manners, the ability to listen, support, care are also very important.

How to fall in love with a man once and for all?

5. Respect his personal space.

Almost every person sometimes wants to be alone. And men also have this need. This does not mean that they want to distance themselves from girls or have no interest in them. It’s just that sometimes it’s important for them to be alone with themselves, think about other things, or free their heads from unnecessary thoughts by doing something like playing on a console or fixing a car.

In the female “world” there are analogues of such behavior. For example, a long shower when you need to be in time:

  • in fact, perform all hygiene procedures,
  • sing in a comb / toothbrush,
  • fall in love with yourself
  • mix the contents of different bottles;
  • squirm in front of a mirror
  • draw something on the misted glass,
  • perform the dance of little ducklings, etc.

To interrupt the procedure of women’s dreams and / or preening is to sign a heavy sentence for yourself. So the male version of solitude against this background does not look so strange or distant. If a young man does not write / call a hundred times an hour after the first meetings, this is not a reason for panic. Most likely, he just sorts out his affairs or is resting, but he will definitely make himself felt a little later.

6. Become part of his dream.

To begin with, of course, you have to find out what the chosen one dreams of. Although it is not necessary to be smart, it is enough to ask directly. It is quite possible that among several more or less global goals there is something smaller. It could be a wish:

  • ride,
  • try some attraction,
  • go on vacation out of town
  • arrange a week of film screenings,
  • get a pet, etc.

In general, any dreams in the implementation of which a woman can take an active part. So even mastering a musical instrument or a foreign language will do. If the girl does not own them herself, she can offer co-education. The main goal is to become associated with the realization of a man’s dream.

7. Show yourself.

Being able to listen is undoubtedly a good quality, but speaking is also important. However, it is better to know how and what to tell the gentleman, because empty chatter about girlfriends is unlikely to impress him.

To make a good impression and increase your chances of a relationship, you have to learn how to show yourself. This item consists of two parts:

  1. self-development, broadening one’s horizons, attempts to learn and then improve oneself;
  2. sincerity, easy self-irony in relation to mistakes and shortcomings, the ability to be “earthly” (everyone is already tired of the goddesses).

The first part allows you to be the best interlocutor, to arouse admiration, interest, sympathy, and for a long time. The second shows the best sides and prevents hypocrisy, unpleasant surprises later, wasted time if people do not suit each other.

How to fall in love with a man once and for all?

8. Show your sǝxuality.

There is a fine line between sǝxy and vulgar. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the first meetings put some kind of framework for communication, cause slight awkwardness and embarrassment. Therefore, hot whispering something in your ear, wearing latex or bending over without bending your knees is too much for a first date.

Eroticism can be presented through sensuality. In appearance it is:

  • the use of transparent lip gloss without glitter and pigment (even just hygienic lipstick will do, and it is better to save all red for later),
  • loose hair without unnecessary chaos or a slightly sloppy hairstyle,
  • clothes that open the neck, shoulders, slightly knees, BUT weather-appropriate outfits are more important (heels and a short skirt in winter turn around only with a blue nose and a ridiculous gait),
  • not bulky jewelry on the neckline – chains, pendants, but no beads or necklaces.

In this case, you can touch your lips, collarbones, neck, knees, drawing attention to them. However, let it look as if by chance, it is better not to repeat such movements too often or abruptly.

9. Create intimacy.

This refers to both physical and emotional intimacy. Of course, you don’t have to hang yourself around the neck of an unfamiliar man. However, when walking, you can take it under your elbow, sit down closer on a bench in the park, and occasionally touch it unobtrusively. At the same time, it is important to monitor the reaction of a man. One may himself be active in this regard, the other will not like tactile contact at the first meetings.

In terms of emotions, the same actions as in points 2 and 6, or just any pastime, including heart-to-heart talks, good impressions, creating memories (souvenirs, photographs, twins, etc.) will do.

10. Forget about the “three dates” rule.

Intimacy is a rather delicate topic, where men’s and women’s views often do not converge. Especially when it comes to first sǝx. Therefore, women came up with the rule of “three dates”. Allegedly, only after them a self-respecting girl can afford to spend the night with a man. And this is a huge misconception.

It is not the number of meetings that matters, but their quality. If some kind of emotional connection has arisen in a couple, the girl is unlikely to become “one-night stand entertainment.” For some, even ten dates are not enough, for others, almost one or two are enough. Therefore, the primary task is to ensure the brightness of the meetings, and not count how many of them have already been and how much is left to wait until the first intimacy.

Knowing how to make a man fall in love with you, you can forget about problems in your personal life and find happiness in a relationship with your loved one. Of course, you will have to try, but the result is very worthwhile. Using some of these rules (excluding flirting) will also improve relationships with the male in general – with colleagues, neighbors, friends. So their study will only benefit women who want and know how to develop themselves.

How to fall in love with a man once and for all?

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