How to fall in love with a woman? Psychology and physiology of the process

How to fall in love with a woman? Psychology and physiology of the process. The thinking and behavior of girls are often incomprehensible to men, sometimes unpredictable. There is no one universal method of seduction, it will take a whole multi-factorial campaign. It is better to act on two fronts at once – to arouse attraction at the physiological level and intrigue, interest at the psychological level. How to fall in love with a woman with the help of such techniques? What is their essence and benefit?

How to fall in love with a woman? Psychology.

A reliable method to charm a particular young lady is to use psychological tricks. This includes attempts to understand her thinking, actions, and the use of one technique that suits her. Children appear all the same naturally, and are not stamped in incubators, so it would be naive to assume that there is one way that works 100% for everyone.

These techniques work in combination, and not one at a time. Moreover, you will have to determine which methods are better to apply more often and to a greater extent, depending on the values ​​​​of a friend. You can learn about her views and priorities during normal communication. You definitely won’t have to dig into her old abandoned social networks and interrogate her neighbors. It is enough to ask one of the questions like “What do you think about…?”, “Tell me about how…” or “Do you agree that…?”.

1. Fatherly behavior.

It makes sense to ask a friend about her family and listen especially carefully when she talks about her father. If she has a good relationship with her dad, she respects him, trusts him, then she will also look for a man for herself who looks like a parent. Showing a couple of similar qualities, the guy is likely to get approval faster.

What questions can you ask about her father:

  • what is his character;
  • how and where he spends time with his daughter;
  • whether he has habits peculiar to him alone;
  • what is the age difference between him and his mother;
  • does the girl have a photo with her dad.

Of course, it is desirable to conduct a conversation at ease, so as not to look like an undercover FBI agent digging for evidence on her parent. And if a woman does not want to talk about him, it is better not to disturb her at all with unnecessary questions. Perhaps this is too personal or painful a topic for her, and attempts to fish out information will result in her indignation or resentment.

2. Difference from the former.

She most likely had relationships with men before. And after each of her bar in the choice of partners increased, replenished with new requests. But it is her last ex who plays the key role. It will be important for her to find a person without the disadvantages that her previous gentleman had. Therefore, task number 1 is to show that her new acquaintance does not have these particular shortcomings.

Immediately disclaimer: a conversation about her past boyfriends is clearly not a topic for a first date. Of course, there are girls who are ready at the first meeting, even without preliminary questions, to tell everything about their ex. However, some still prefer to share such details with caution. When communication becomes more or less trusting, you can start a conversation with this phrase: “May I know why your last relationship didn’t work out? Unless it’s a secret, of course.”. Another option is to start this topic yourself and talk about your ex, but without negativity and accusations.

How to fall in love with a woman? Psychology and physiology of the process.

3. Tangible value.

Friends of a man can noticeably elevate him in the eyes of a girl. If the couple already communicates in a company, it will be much easier to do this. Another thing is if the woman is not yet familiar with the guy’s relatives/comrades/colleagues. You will either have to organize this acquaintance, or improvise on the go.

The essence of the method is that the man’s friends as often as possible say only good things about him behind his back. For example, he went away for a minute on business, and his employee said what a good and hardworking employee he was. Or a friend mentioned a case from the past in which the main character excelled in good quality. Approximately the same effect has good communication skills. If a guy quickly negotiates with sellers, waiters, or even random passers-by, he makes a good impression.

4. General features.

This method is especially good in the first days of dating. The essence is simple – to emphasize the similarity of thoughts, opinions, habits, actions, qualities of character. No matter how much they say that opposites get along perfectly with each other, having common goals and views is important.

Any obvious little thing will do, or even the most common detail – a love of animals, a habit of snapping fingers, a hatred of alarm clocks, a fear of spiders. Highlighting common features will allow the girl to relax, trust, feel that she is understood and accepted. This is especially true for awkward moments, funny incidents, negative habits. If there is a clear difference in something, it is important to treat this with understanding, without imposing your principles.

5. One in a million.

Women love to feel unique, unique. That’s why the pick-up technique a la “the guy is snapped up, today – one, tomorrow – another” does not work well. If a young lady meets such an “alpha”, she is unlikely to think: “There are so many women near him, oh what a man!”. Most likely, she will consider him a simple womanizer with a low selection bar and stop communicating. And attempts to introduce the idea of ​​the natural polygamy of men are a direct ticket to the therapy “Hello, I’m Victor, and I’m lonely.”

Girls like it when a guy puts aside his business to call them or meet. Of course, we are talking about everyday things. Skipping work in order to please a lady is still not a good idea.

How to fall in love with a woman? Psychology and physiology of the process.

6. Seriousness and determination.

Practicality, the ability to take responsibility, adequate self-confidence make a man more attractive and promising in the eyes of ladies. And if a woman seriously thinks about the family, the male ability to solve problems is doubly important for her. She begins to consider the guy no longer as the hero of her novel or a way to brag to her friends, but already as the head of the family.

The girl will definitely not like it if her interlocutor:

  • ask her to fully pay the bill in a cafe or just borrow money;
  • will begin to whine regularly, complain about problems and the injustice of life;
  • he will boast about how he deceived someone, escaped a just punishment;
  • will show excessive modesty, embarrassment, stiffness, uncertainty;
  • now and then builds Napoleonic plans, while doing nothing to implement them;
  • makes promises that he forgets or ignores altogether.

But it is better to talk about specific goals, clear views. This will show the woman that her companion is thinking about the future, has his own opinion, and does not behave lightly.

How to fall in love with a woman? Physiology.

Psychology is a powerful weapon in the hands of craftsmen, but it can be too fixated on the past or simply on something abstract, intangible. The situation is saved by a simpler and more understandable physiology. Unlike true psychological tricks, physiological tricks operate “here and now” and do not play by the rules of a long-term strategy.

Such methods take less effort and time. In addition, they are more general, which allows them to be used with different types of women. But even despite this, attentiveness, analysis of the situation, mood, reactions of the interlocutor are required. They will tell you which method has the greatest impact, and which one is better to be more careful with.

1. Eye contact.

Unfamiliar people usually find it difficult to look into each other’s eyes for a long time. Therefore, their eye contact usually does not exceed the threshold of a few seconds. For lovers, things are somewhat different: mutual glances become longer, and the frequency of these intersections also increases. If you try to delay this connection for another couple of seconds, it will become easier for the interlocutors to communicate in a few minutes, sympathy will increase.

It is better not to try to recreate a super-penetrating look that turns the soul inside out. The maximum that this will give is the appearance of a deer, frightened by car headlights. Simple eye-to-eye contact will suffice, without any attempt to seduce. In extreme cases, winks are suitable, but it is better not to use special tricks in this regard.

2. Random touches.

Another method that is better not to apply immediately. Even a simple attempt to take the hand or lightly hug the waist can be regarded by the girl as impudence. The timeliness of such movements depends on the nature of the lady. There are several signs by which you can understand that the young lady is not against “accidental” touches:

  • she touches the guy first;
  • keeps shortening the distance;
  • for a long time looks into the eyes, at the hands or lips of the guy;
  • frankly interested in the physical form of a man;
  • offers to take a picture together.

At first, it is better to touch briefly and as if inadvertently. For example, touch her hand, making a compliment, and then almost immediately remove her hand. Over time, the duration of such contact can be and even desirable to increase.

3. Mirroring.

The ability to carefully, imperceptibly for the interlocutor to recreate her movements, facial expressions, postures, and even the words she often uses, can be useful. Such a method on a subconscious level makes the couple feel understood by each other. And this feeling, in turn, inspires confidence, brings together, makes communication less constrained.

So that everything does not look like a simple antics or a mockery, it is important to pause, repeat everything no earlier than 20 seconds after the actions/words of the girl herself. Not everything can be recreated. If a man suddenly begins to wind his beard or hair from a 1-centimeter haircut onto his finger, crosses his legs like his companion, it will look strange.

4. Approval and delight.

The way a man meets his friend is also very important. A puppyish delight or a cold “Hello” is unlikely to make her want to see him again. She will simply find him either too strange, or feigned, or uninterested.

But what can cause a woman’s smile is sincere joy on a man’s face at the sight of her, a compliment to a girl, an enthusiastic, slightly enthusiastic look. And, of course, a soft smile in response.

If you want to see a worthy companion next to you, you will have to try, show ingenuity in the methods of seduction. Only schoolgirls and ladies imitating their age react to uncomplicated pick-up. Therefore, a comprehensive approach is so important, and trainings a la “how to make a woman fall in love with you in 5 minutes” are useless. Following these recommendations, you can arouse the interest of a pretty girl and help her reveal her best side. After all, next to a charming man, she herself will want to transform.

How to fall in love with a woman? Psychology and physiology of the process.

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