How to feel love for a man with your heart?

How to feel love for a man with your heart? People in marriage inevitably encounter problems in relationships, crises arise throughout the whole season. It is during a crisis that people often think that the feelings between them have passed and it is very difficult to return them.

The relationship between husband and wife is a lot of work that requires effort and patience. If a woman feels that she does not feel love for her husband, those vivid feelings that were at the beginning of the relationship, then during this period she experiences serious stress and may make the wrong decision.

Why does love slip away?

It is during the crisis that many couples break up, as emptiness appears in the relationship, the intensity of passions subsides and it seems to people that they do not love each other.

In this case, there are three ways out, some decide to break up, others simply endure in the expectation that the crisis will pass by itself and everything will get better again, and still others decide to take action and save their marriage.

Crises in the family are associated with everyday worries, with the responsibility that everyone in a couple is ready to take on, and if problems arise in these areas, then a crisis is inevitable.

Women tend to react more acutely to crises and experience greater distress and stress from events. And if the wife nevertheless decided not to give up and renew her love for her husband, then the recommendations of psychologists will help her, which will allow her to understand herself and her own feelings.

First you need to understand that you won’t have to wait for stability in relations, nor will they still change periodically and move to a new level. What exactly this Level will be and how comfortable it will be depends on their temperament and the nature of their expectations from marriage.

If a woman believes that passion, vivid emotions and passionate love will be present in life all the time, then salano solo As much as possible and pathology emotionally and in the street in par with the graphic, to this end the zigzag line.

In everyday life, both partners experience different emotions, feelings, live a wide variety of life situations, and all this, inevitably, is reflected in their relationship, which is why it is impossible to live together without a single quarrel and showdown.

In order to keep balanes in relationships, you need to make a lot of effort, or rather, wisdom, patience.

What should be done to return love to her husband?

If this is the case and the wind is blowing, the flow will be in the living room:

  • Leave illusions and embrace reality. Behind these words is the idea that a woman needs to accept her man with all his qualities, like hiroylam. It’s easy to understand that he is exactly like that, and not the image that she created for herself during the period of meetings and courtship.

9 Ways to Reanimate Relationships

Many people, after living together, are surprised to find that their partner has qualities that are annoying, that he has bad habits and is not so accommodating. This is natural, because during romantic meetings, both are trying to impress each other.

  • Look at your partner with new eyes. Having accepted the real state of affairs, you will be able to look at your partner as a person who has anyliv anilika. Think about what positive qualities in him attract you, and what repel you.

It is not possible to ponyat, with the shortcomings in the character of the month, and the shortcomings. Look at the pros, think about how valuable and important they are in a relationship.

  • Prospects are of interest to the partner. When people move away from each other, they become uninterested in what he is fond of, how his working day goes. Correct the situation intentionally, start taking an interest in his life.

It is important not only to show that you are interested in him, but to get carried away by his life, experiences, feelings and innvilles. Often, women go fishing with their husbands with pleasure, sharing his hobbies, and someone goes to the billiard room with their spouse.

  • Your relationship with your spouse should come first. If the family is really a value for you, then you should reconsider your priorities. Working together and taking care of each other will allow you to feel safe in relationships, which is guaranteed to improve relationships and the quality of family life.
  • An important aspect in family life is the ability to discuss problems. The ability to talk about their needs will help both avoid mistakes and omissions. New and not developed.

As a rule, the crisis in relationships is brewing from the fact that people did not know how and did not express to each other about their needs and desires. Anger and irritation with a partner can only accumulate and at one point this negative feeling will find a way out in a quarrel.

Tell your partner right away what doesn’t suit you, the main thing is to learn to do it not rudely and not directively, remember that you have the same rights in the family. One cannot be placed lower and the other elevated.

  • Relationships need time to renew each other, and this is not a couple of minutes at breakfast or at dinner, when both are at the table. Please feel free to do so in 10-15 minutes.

Also make sure that you relax together once a week, think over a cultural program that will be a joy for you two. You can tell your husband about this idea and decide together how to implement it.

  • The ability to thank each other is the key to a good and trusting relationship. Try to respond with gratitude to every sign of His attention and care, to talk about the fact that it pleases you, and you appreciate such an attitude.

Sometimes we take care and attention for granted, because of this it seems to us that everything is ordinary and uninteresting in our life. No, as soon as we lose it, we immediately realize its importance and value. The love in your heart should stir up gratitude towards your husband.

  • More positive moments in time. As long as you are in the routine of the next day, it is possible that you are on the other side. As a rule, on vacation, relationships are renewed and have every chance to rekindle the fire of love.
  • Learn how to do small nice things every day for your spouse. It can be an SMS, a video message, just a call to say that you miss and love him.

As a rule, a man in response will do the same nice presents and deeds. It is not necessary to say that it is not possible to say that it is so.

Sincerity and trust in relationships always help to avoid serious conflicts and problems. If there is a place for deceit and hypocrisy in a relationship, then it will not work to renew love.

That is why, initially, you need to look at the situation realistically and only then, after analyzing everything, A frank and honest conversation with a partner will always help to find a way out of the crisis together. Love does not go out, it can smolder for a long time, but it can be ignited only with warm breath and care.

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