How to Find a Girl for a Relationship?

How to Find a Girl for a Relationship? Despite the calls of pickup gurus to date several girls at once, there is one interesting point – most men do not want to spray themselves and chase several hares, stupidly wasting their energy. Yes, they want to date many women, but in the end, they only want to be around ONE, attractive to them and most desired.

Contemporary women’s media gently but persistently stereotype men as “cheaters” or “infidels”. If you have read about the scandalous relationship of Konstantin Meladze, Fyodor Bondarchuk, or Yevgeny Petrosyan in the end, then you know how they make men look.

But the truth is that everyone: both men and women will cheat if they do not feel satisfied in their relationship. (Moreover, women deceive just as often and a lot as men, but they hide it much better and more skillfully).

However, every man would like to know how to find a girl to whom he can remain faithful, while satisfying all his emotional and sexual needs.

And now, you are probably wondering what steps to take to find your girlfriend. Well, I’ll tell you 4 secrets. If you follow them, then you can easily get a girl whom you can trust, share your feelings and receive positive emotions in return.

I must say right away that they may seem to you .. funny. But think about it, do you follow them? I’m sure not, and there’s a gap somewhere. But now you will know what to work on and what can be improved. And when there is understanding, then consider 50% of the problem solved. Go.

How to Find a Girl for a Relationship?

Secret #1: Get out of the house

This is probably one of the most boring and stupid cliches, but the fact remains that you will not meet a girl sitting at home and playing Gears of War on your X-box or Witcher on your computer.

And an interesting thing: you can fall under this paragraph, and without me knowing perfectly well what needs to be done, but without doing it. Like most guys. This is usually the number one reason why most men don’t have a girlfriend. They just don’t go out.

Make it so that at least one of the weekend evenings (this is Friday or Saturday) you go out, as well as one (preferably two) evenings on weekdays. The more you see and meet people, the more likely you are to actually meet the girl you want to date.

As I said at the very beginning – you need to chat with several women to find the one that you like (and you, too). Therefore, the more new girls you meet, the more likely you are to start a relationship with one of them.

Get out of the house and start socializing, interacting with others is one of those things that is easiest NOT do. Of course, the native sofa is much more attractive. (I wrote about how to deal with laziness before).

Yes, sometimes we all want to be hermits, withdraw into ourselves, become a little misanthropic, and want to stay at home with a dog.

But we also understand that tearing our butt off and moving it into society will improve our prospects for dating.

Moreover, anything can act as an occasion: a walk, shopping (zyring), chatting with friends, swimming pool, training, and so on.

From this paragraph, the following follows smoothly …

Secret Tip #2: Make Connections

No matter how the guys put the question at the forefront of how
to get to know a girl and no matter how many video tricks are studied, the statistics are relentless: only 7% account for such spontaneous meetings of future girlfriends in a bar or club. Everything else – girls from the circle of friends, friends of friends, one company, group, and so on.

In other words, I want to tell you an important thing – to find a girl, you need to not only leave the house, but also communicate with other people (of any gender).

Most likely, you will meet your future girlfriend with the help of a friend or through your connections. It could be a celebration, a big dinner, or an art show to which you are invited. Such social events will bring invaluable benefits – you will meet more girls. Even if not exactly there, then meet a new person or meet people who have their own social connections and in their social circle, there are young ladies you want.

Here’s another one trick, which you, most likely, intuitively guessed: when you are a sociable person, you increase not only your value but also the value of the interlocutor in his own eyes. Read this phrase again.

Sociability equates to popularity, sociability, responsiveness. Guys with a wide social circle and a lot of friends are more valued by women.

Why? Well, in addition to what I have already mentioned, we (girls) know that next to a man with a wide network of friends and like-minded people is more fun and interesting, and they are also more balanced.

Therefore, when you are active socially, you not only increase your fame (Secret #1), but also become a more valuable and alluring object for dating for girls.

It may sound a bit self-serving, but when it comes to dating and romance, we all want to make a positive impression in any way we can. Why use the knowledge of what these methods are to your advantage?

Secret #3: Get Excited

I wonder what you have presented now?

The most common advice I give to guys asking how to find a girl is this: be gambling. Let the devilish lights burn in your eyes, and your speech will be fervent and incendiary.

In other words, you need to become passionate and ALIVE.

There is nothing more boring for a woman than meeting a man who has no motives or ambitions of his own. And especially strange for girls when SHE is his only passion.

If the only interest and desire of a guy is to find a mate, then anyone will ask themselves an unpleasant question: why doesn’t his own life give him enough pleasure, why is it boring and insipid?

So one of the most important things you should do is be preoccupied with your life and show it when you meet girls or talk to them.

I think it is clear that we are talking about positive excitement and excitement, and without exaggeration and pretense. This is a demonstration of your energy.

How to Find a Girl for a Relationship?

There are three main ways to show your lust for life to women:

1) Be mobile, dynamic.

Easily demonstrated in body language: interesting look, open postures, hands. I wrote more about this here: How to start a conversation with a girl – detailed instructions.

2) Be expressive verbally.

Show excitement with your voice. How does it sound m?

Avoid the intonations and moods of Eeyore. I wrote about how to talk about what to be an interesting interlocutor here (questions for girls) and here (topics for talking with girls).

3) Talk about your hobbies in life.

This is important and necessary. If you love playing the guitar, give it a voice. If you like repairing cars, tell us about it. Are you collecting? And why do you like it – do not forget to add.

Whatever your interests, if they are important to you, but you hide them and do not voice them, then you hide that male energy that a woman needs (and wants) to see and hear. Your passion begins to attract.

If you really want to know how to find a girl, you must remember that a woman wants a man who is the source of energy in her life, not draining and taking her away.

And finally…

Secret #4: Become confident in…

I don’t mean all those hard-nosed “gain confidence.” What I’m saying is that you have to be confident in yourself – and in your plan – to get a girlfriend.

Again and again, you will find that your emotions are trying to undermine your plans to find a girlfriend. One day you will be in a great mood, on top of the world, and the next day you will start thinking – why do you need it at all?

The key to the decision is to set a goal to find the girl you want and stick to the plan to achieve it. Don’t let fickle emotional swings determine how successful you are at this.

One of the side effects such as consistency and confidence in your actions is to create a positive attitude and an aura around you that other people find contagious and attractive.

The funny thing is, if you follow these four simple tips, you’ll probably end up with what we call a “high demand man”: too many interested girls and too little time. How to Find a Girl for a Relationship?

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