How To Find A Good Guy? 10 Steps

How To Find A Good Guy? 10 Steps
How To Find A Good Guy? 10 Steps

How To Find A Good Guy?

Anything is possible, you just have to want – this is what the popular gurus and coaches on esotericism, positive thinking, and all that kind of stuff say.

And indeed it is!

If there is a desire, there will be a result.

However, there is one caveat: you have to get off the couch.

We present to your attention step-by-step instructions.

First, we will find out what and who is stopping you from finding a good guy.

Then we will work on your thinking and get rid of harmful attitudes.

Later we will try to sketch a portrait of the ideal partner.

We will learn how to behave on dates and talk with men.

And we will even touch on the topic of the friend zone and make you take a fresh look at the guys from your environment.

Are you ready lady?

We begin.

Step 1: How To Find A Good Guy?

First, you need to clean up your environment.

Minimize communication with girls who are embittered by the entire masculine gender. They are the ones who sponsor your negative attitude and drag you to the bottom of loneliness.

There is one good theory.

“We attract not what we want, but what we ourselves are.”

“There are no normal men left”, “they only need sex”, “there are not enough wealthy men for everyone”. As long as you run these beliefs in your head, they will guide you. And they are the ones who will shape your reality.

In principle, you should stay away from toxic people. If for one reason or another you cannot completely cut off any contacts, keep communication with negative people to a minimum.

Don’t let them drum negative beliefs into your head.

Be careful if your girlfriend is in a toxic relationship and constantly shares her personal life with you.

Complains, to be more precise.

Understand that not all guys are like her (like your ex-boyfriend or the bad guy who broke your heart in tenth grade).

Ask yourself a question – can you really call this girl your friend or is she using you like a vest for tears? Is she interested in your business, is she spending time with you, or is she just asking you to complain about her boyfriend?

Objectively evaluate your communication with her, re-read this paragraph and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Step 2: How To Find A Good Guy?

Decide what you want from your future partner and from your relationship with him.

If you are burning with plans to conquer the world, lead an active lifestyle and despise people without a goal, a home bummer, no matter how caring and cozy he is, will not suit you.

What character traits he should have, how he should look, who he should work, what is his attitude to marriage, children, and sex – write down everything point by point.

If you like to be creative, you can sketch his portrait on paper.

Visualize. You may not believe in esotericism, but the work of the subconscious cannot be written off. As soon as you have a clear image of the ideal man in your head, your brain will start working in the right direction.

And when you see HIM, your brain immediately clicks: “So, you have to take.”

Step 3: How To Find A Good Guy?

You can’t do without work on your appearance.

Appearance is, of course, not the main thing. But at first glance, no one will make out your rich inner world.

Well-groomed is what you need to rely on.

We are driven by instincts.

It is they who tell the man to pay attention to the girl who radiates health and vitality.

Invest your money not in buying a new highlighter, but in going to a beautician (or other specialists) or choosing good care products.

If a guy is not fond of beauty blogs or make-up, he will never guess in his life that shadows are in front of your eyes for five thousand rubles. And even more so it would never occur to him to think “Damn, how beautifully the highlighter from Tom Ford glitters on her cheekbones!”

Most men enjoy a feminine style of clothing. Everyone has different tastes, but for a start, it is better to rely on femininity.

Don’t forget about comfort – if you don’t like and never liked high-heeled shoes, put them on the far shelf.

Do not chase trends, do not try to mold yourself into a person who you are not.

Grooming + Femininity + Personality + Sexuality = Nice Guys read articles on how to win you over.

Step 4: How To Find A Good Guy?

Inner world.

The girls, snorting contemptuously as they read the previous paragraph, finally exhaled.

Decent guys need decent girls.

“Nobody needs inner peace, everyone is only interested in appearance!” – Do you agree with this statement?

If the answer is yes, reread the first paragraph.

As long as you firmly believe that men do not care about the inner world of girls, you will subconsciously rely ONLY on appearance.

You will invest all your resources only in external self-improvement, forgetting about other aspects of self-development.

A good guy needs a personality.

Step 5: How To Find A Good Guy?

Have you decided on the image of the ideal “good guy” for you?

Are there such people in your environment? Where can you find the person you need?

You will have to break the vicious circle of homework (study) – home – nearest cafe – home.

You will now leave the house more often. Much more often.

And you will visit other establishments.

You will no longer refuse invitations to parties.

Now you will be everywhere and everywhere.

Did you agree?

Step 6: How To Find A Good Guy?

We get rid of everything (and everyone) that pulls us to the bottom.

  • Negative beliefs and toxic environments.

To begin with, unsubscribe from the updates of your friend, who posts pictures about the difficult fate of women and loneliness with enviable regularity.

You already understand why?

  • Past

It’s time to let go of past relationships. Stop waiting for something and cherish hopes.

Forgive your ex-boyfriend. And sincerely let him go.

Remember that not following his life and simply unsubscribing from him on social networks are two different things.

Answer yourself to the question – are you cultivating for your own sake or for the sake of “he understands everything and crawls to me”?

While all your thoughts are filled with it, your changes, weight loss, read books, and visited exhibitions are worthless.

  • Complexes

If you firmly believe that the good guys will never look at you …

They will never really look at you.

And when going out with friends, you will only think about how to quickly escape home.

Getting rid of the complexes that you have cultivated in yourself for years does not happen overnight.

You have two ways – to sign up for a good psychologist or to start dealing with complexes on your own.

Make a list of what you are not comfortable with (appearance, behavior, character, etc.). And then write an action plan.

Next is the hardest part.

It’s embarrassing for you to talk about it, but …

We’ll have to start implementing this plan.

Yes Yes.

We have calculated everything – there is no other way.

Step 7: How To Find A Good Guy?

Install a dating app on your phone.

Do not be afraid – no one forces you to look for a spouse there.

Although, you may find your other half in this way.

But that’s not the point.

Use apps as a kind of simulator.

Are you afraid of relationships? Do you think that a handsome/rich/influential man is too tough for you? Is each new date torture for you?

Install the application urgently.

The eyes are afraid, and the hands are swiping.

Go on dates more often. And with a variety of men.

What will you end up with:

  • You will revise the list of qualities that you would like to see in your man. Add something, remove something.
  • Your self-esteem will rise. You will find that you can attract men. Good ones as well.
  • You will get rid of your fears. They say dating is like cycling. Once you have learned, you have been skating all your life.

Step 8: How To Find A Good/Great Guy?

Learn to communicate with men.

You got rid of complexes and most of your fears and prejudices. Now nothing prevents you from truly expressing yourself. The man has already appreciated your appearance and shape. It’s time to show him your inner world, on which you worked so diligently.

The guy himself will never guess that you have a great sense of humor if you sit silently and portray a statue of an ancient Greek philosopher.

Joke, tell funny stories.

Talk about yourself, ask the man questions.

You must have a dialogue.

Do not be afraid of pauses in the conversation and do not try to fill them convulsively.

Just look each other in the eye and smile.

Step 9: How To Find A Good/Great Guy?

Pay attention to your surroundings.

Especially those guys whom you have “friend-zoned” for a long time.

Or to those who “friend zone” you.

There is always a way out of the friend zone, you just have to look carefully.

PS: How To Find A Good/Great Guy?

The most important thing you need to understand is that water does not flow under a lying stone.

Especially if this stone does not leave the house anywhere and refuses any opportunities that fate throws up to him.

So let’s summarize. What do you need to do to find a travel guy?

  • Get rid of negative attitudes, prejudices, and fears towards men.
  • Decide which guy you would like to see next to you.
  • Pay attention to your appearance. Make a bet on grooming.
  • Work on yourself. Improve communication skills, be interested in different things, become better.
  • Leave the house more often, expand the circle of friends.
  • Work out complexes and fears.
  • Try online dating, date more often.
  • Learn to communicate with men (both good and not so).
  • Pay attention to guys around you that you haven’t noticed before.

Number Ten is to enjoy a happy relationship and enjoy life.

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