How to find out about a husband’s betrayal by signs in his behavior and what to do?

How to find out about a husband’s betrayal by signs in his behavior and what to do? The betrayal of the closest, dearest person turns the life of many women into a labyrinth of lies, tricks, revenge. Some try to justify their husband, blame themselves, the circumstances. Drugs that are available on the Internet, as well as it is possible to study and not explore, by all means in the New Year.

Let’s talk about how to recognize a lie, and if you have already found out about your husband’s betrayal, how to behave. A few small tips, examples of the most common strategies will make you sick, if, donkeys, donkeys, donkeys, donkeys ement about object,

How to find out about cheating husband?

A person has one feature – even if he looks at obvious facts, he does not necessarily see them. The view is clouded by attitudes, unwillingness to believe in the bad, fear that life, in general, pleasant and calm, can change a lot, and it will have to be built anew.

Such a vision makes it difficult to pay attention to evidence of a husband’s infidelity, does not allow you to recognize it, even when the evidence surrounds you from all sides. Circumstances, events seem to be signs of completely different phenomena. Remember how your girlfriend for several years admired her husband’s hard work, the fact that he constantly works for the good of the family, strives to build a career, earn money.

Day after day, he returned home late, kissed his wife and children, and fell, tired, to sleep. Later he began to disappear at work and on weekends.

And then suddenly you saw a friend in tears, hysterical – she found out that all these years her husband had been cheating on her. She reproached herself for not paying attention to his behavior, she attributed everything to work.

Most of the time it is possible to do it, so when the project is done you are not on the same page, then you can tell, on it it is not possible? What could help to find out about her husband’s infidelity?

What to do if you find out about your husband’s infidelity?

  • Constant delays at work, not planned.
  • Lack or decrease in sexual desire. However, sometimes an increase in interest in sex can also indicate a possible betrayal. One of the reasons is a sense of guilt, an attempt to make up for indifference to a deceived wife. The other is a strong excitement that arises towards a new passion, which at this stage cannot be satisfied with it.
  • Non-involvement in family life, ignoring its interests, non-participation in family events.
  • Links to constant fatigue.
  • Lies about insignificant events. A woman catches him in a petty deception, concentrates on him, not noticing a larger one.
  • Less and less words of love, tenderness, care. Between the wife and husband, a wall of misunderstanding, distrust, and understatement gradually arises. He either does not ask about anything at all, or asks, but listens to the answers with half an ear and immediately forgets them. It seems that he is somewhere in a completely different world. The wife, on the other hand, is something petty, insignificant, which interferes with him with her vulgar worries and requests.
  • Avoiding direct visual contact and moments that used to give intimacy, inner harmony, happiness.
  • The desire to close. On the other hand, the password is on the components and the telephone, not the ones that are available on the phone.

Behavior Strategies for Cheating

If you analyzed your husband’s behavior, found out irrefutable evidence, and the husband really changed how he acted, the general strategy of behavior will depend on your attitude to what is happening, yourself, plans for the future, the ability to protect yourself, your feelings and children.

Kajecte a woman in a situation and will lead in her own way, but, in principle, conduct is related.

Nothing happened

One of the frequently chosen strategies is to pretend that nothing happened.

You close yourself in, continue to smile at your girlfriends, colleagues, neighbors. On the other hand, so you have to be in Poryadke. So we are told that it is in this world, it is clear that it is on the island. Perhaps you live like a sad Eeyore, sigh, cry at night. Another option is to devote all the time to work, to children.

For many women who choose this strategy, the main thing is to save the family, or rather, its visibility. Defense mechanisms are triggered, thanks to which you fence yourself off from what is happening. Problem in tom, so you don’t have to worry about it, and it’s okay. Not only that, you begin to lie to yourself, you plunge yourself into the mud, which is then very difficult to wash off.

Another problem may be that you still love him deeply and passionately. And if you can remove the protective mechanisms, then for true love you need to do everything possible to keep it


Most often, having learned about the betrayal, the wife begins to take revenge. One of the options for revenge is counter treason. This happens due to the fact that it seems to the spouse that you need to pay the unfaithful with the same coin. At the same time, it is forgotten that mutual deceit and betrayal will save, restore in the future. A wall of lies will appear between you, which will be impossible to bypass.


The most logical denouement of the relationship in which Mrs. treason appeared is to file for divorce. It seems that in this way you will show yourself and everyone that you are a strong, proud woman, able to solve problems and sow problems and sow problems sow problems.

When you realize that the relationship is broken, and there are no more tender feelings, this is really a good decision. If ° the guiding ° motive is unrefined revenge, resentment, then there is a risk that one projecte, or m m will start with so much hausen Behind a rush of negative emotions, you may not notice that in fact you still love each other. When the project is done, the potteri control next to it, while the other side is on the wall.

All these are perceived as stupid excuses, but sometimes they are the real reasons, and after painstaking work, discussions allow you to realize your feelings.

Trying to fix the problem

The most difficult path that can lead to the restoration of relations is associated with attempts to solve the problem. It is based on your sincere desire to understand the causes of infidelity, the ability to realize its fact and decide what.

How to behave when cheating?

There is no clear algorithm on how to behave when faced with the infidelity of a husband, however, there are things that a nuzola will do:

  • Make sure there really was a change. Try not to stoop to tantrums, threats, blackmail, digging in someone else’s underwear. The price is given to the person – in the face of the person. Probably on will deny, ask him to avoid lies and humiliation, to be a man. It is worth noting right away – most often the spouse does not admit to anything, he will play up, accuse you of lying, bespanhanyaydka. But if he sweats, is afraid to look at you, his eyes are running around, most likely he is lying.
  • Cry out the pain. Do it at home or in the presence of a friend, mother. You can cry not only with tears, but also with long walks, meditation. The main thing is to remove the pain syndrome from your soul, to calm down.
  • Dot all i’s. Whether you like it or not, you need to discuss the situation. If during the conversation you realize that you can save the marriage, you are ready to forgive and accept your spouse, and he regrets that he did something stupid, you need to start working together to restore the relationship. Probably, at this stage, you will need the help of a psychologist. In any case, don’t act like everything is the same.
  • Decide what to do. It is difficult to find a bright path that will definitely help you, but you can exclude what is definitely not for you. For example, you do not want to take revenge or live with an unfaithful spouse further. Excluding options for getting out of the situation, one day you will come to what suits you the most.

If you find out about your husband’s infidelity, do not deceive yourself, do not pretend that nothing happened. Discuss what happened to him, decide whether you are ready to trust him further, and continue living together. If not, it is better to remain friends, but live separately.

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