How to find the Man of your Dreams? 7 Best Ways

How to find the Man of your Dreams? 7 Best Ways
How to find the Man of your Dreams? 7 Best Ways

How to find the Man of your Dreams? 7 tried and tested methods, how you are guaranteed to get it around. Today’s article is about the big question of how you can finally get your dream man around.

I find this topic very exciting and I would like to give you some important tips and tricks that I have learned in my past or that I was able to find out in exchange with my friends.

If you are wondering how to behave properly so that your crush will finally notice you and you will soon be walking around holding hands and kissing, this article is just right for you.

Let’s get started right now!

What are the 7 best ways to find the Man of your Dreams?

1. Become your best friend yourself!

What type of woman do men like?

  • Women who stand by themselves
  • Women who are confident
  • Women who know what they want
  • Women who love themselves

It is completely normal that you feel insecure and that you just wish that he liked you and at the same time have doubts within you as to whether you are really good enough for him.

In my experience, it is of great importance that you first and foremost learn to accept yourself for who you are. It’s not about finding everything about yourself perfect and believing that only other people have faults. It also doesn’t mean putting yourself on a pedestal or being arrogant and cocky.

I’ll show you a simple exercise on how to start accepting yourself.

Stand in front of the mirror and look deep into your eyes. Look at yourself: your body, your face, your lips, your nose, and your eyes. Notice the color of your eyes, whether you look happy today or rather sad.

Take your time for yourself and the next step is to make peace with your reflection in the mirror and refrain from statements like “I’m ugly!”, “I have big thighs!” Etc.

You should speak positively of yourself. It can look like this: “I think my hair is beautiful”, “My face is also really cute”, “My smile can enchant men”.

Do you notice the difference?

Have positive self-talk: Praise yourself, look yourself deep in the eyes, and see how wonderful you are.

 There is a simple saying: only when you love yourself do others love you!

I can totally agree with these thoughts and in order for you to convince your crush of you, it is of great importance that you can stand by yourself.

If you find it helpful, you can also ask your friends if they want to help you list positive traits or nice things about yourself.

Experience has shown that it is very good to hear benevolent sentences from those around you. They strengthen you and you manage to see yourself from a different perspective thanks to this.

And never forget: You don’t need a man who has to keep telling you how beautiful and great you are. First and foremost, you are responsible for feeling that yourself. If you have managed that, then you are a real magnet for men and you can easily convince your dream man of it.

2. Reveal your true personality!

So that your dream man decides for you, you definitely have to convince him of you and your personality.

If you are like all the other women, then he will surely be gone soon.

Therefore avoid comparing yourself to others and adapting to them! Be confident and stand by yourself!

Under no circumstances stalk his ex-girlfriend or other female friends around him to conform to them.

You have to find out who you are, what you like and where you want to go.

These are super great and very important topics to discuss with your crush. You really get to know each other and that on a basis that is very deep and very special.

It’s the same not only with your character traits, but also with your clothing style.

Find your style with which you feel comfortable and like to go outside. A style that corresponds to your being. Men like that and attract their eyes.

Only if you can openly share your thoughts and wishes with him will he be able to fall in love with you. No man wants to date a woman who cannot get out of her skin and is totally closed. Men want strong women who know what they want.

It is completely normal to be unsure about some of your characteristics or traits of your personality. There are certainly some things that you may not be too keen to share, as they are very private or you just feel uncomfortable. In no case do you feel compelled to reveal everything about yourself?

If you stick to the following rule, you are doing everything right:

Tell the things you are comfortable with about yourself. Respect your own limits. Everyone has their quirks. You have to find a balance between hiding your bad points from him and showing yourself naked on the platter.

Touch it slowly and see how he reacts to you and your character traits – only then, when you can let yourself go more and more, go a step further and tell him more.

But always keep in mind that you shouldn’t tell him any lies or other dishonest things about yourself just to impress him.

3. Build a relationship of trust with him!

You will surely agree with me that trust is one of the most important building blocks of a future relationship. Even in the getting to know you phase, it is a very important part of conquering your crush.

If your crush feels like you’re constantly hiding things from them or just not being honest, that’s a real turn-off.

The best time to build a relationship of trust is during the meeting. As you probably know, real trust doesn’t come overnight, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you have several well-run meetings, you will quickly feel that your trust is growing steadily and in this context, it is also important that you stand by your feelings and seek open conversations with him.

Only when you communicate will you get to know each other and build trust. Joint conversations in which you can speak openly about everything are particularly helpful in noticing whether you are on the same wavelength and what connects you with one another.

As a rule, you can also openly express your feelings to him, but do not fall into the belief that you have to make him a declaration of love right from the start. Approach it slowly and carefully feel your way forward. It is important that you are not too shy and that you do not hide within yourself.

In the following, I provide a small list of TO-DOs and NOT TO-DOs for a better understanding.


  • Arrive on time for meetings
  • Talk openly about yourself and your fears, worries, etc.
  • Talking honestly about past relationships
  • Show respect and understanding
  • Pay him full attention during the meetings
  • Show interest in goals, desires, etc.
  • Send him clear signals of what you want


  • Cancel meetings for no reason
  • Obviously avoiding things
  • Make secrets out of past relationships
  • To be incomprehensible to his statements/problems
  • Constantly staring at the cell phone / being distracted
  • Be disinterested
  • Do not express wishes/plans
  • Expecting that he will understand everything even without signals

4. Discover what you have in common and become a great team!

What is a good relationship besides trust? Correct! It’s the similarities.

Get to know him better by asking direct questions. You can ask him what hobbies he likes to pursue or what else he likes to do. Let him talk and listen carefully. Thanks to long conversations in which you talk and he confides things to you, you can easily find out what you both like to do.

Maybe you both like to be outside or play volleyball?

Then it would be a great opportunity to arrange a bike tour or a day trip to the next swimming lake. So you can both pursue your hobbies and get to know each other better at the same time.

Always remember: opposites attract in the first few moments of a relationship, but as a rule, relationships in which both partners have similar ideas about life and many other similarities last much longer.

5. Find the perfect balance between being present and not being present!

I can absolutely understand you if you want to see your crush every day. In my experience, it is very appealing for your dream man when he is away from you.

Not because you get on his nerves or because he doesn’t like you.

The simple reason is this: if you are with him all the time and text him all the time, he can never feel that he misses you.

Follow the motto: let him fidget a little.

The following points can help you:

  • Don’t always answer him immediately, but still answer reliably
  • Don’t ask him out every day (take a two or three-day break in the meantime)
  • Make him feel that other things are important to you too (job, school, friends)
  • Flirt with him at your meetings and on the news, but make him feel like he needs to conquer you
  • Don’t act like you are already completely dependent on him
  • Live a happy life without him, i.e. go out, meet up with friends, pursue your hobbies, etc.
  • Be a challenge for him and make demands

I would like to briefly elaborate on the last point: For people, things become more valuable for which they have to work.

Specifically, this means: You make demands on him, he has to make an effort to meet them and thus you are much more valuable to him.

How you do that? In conversations, you can ask him what goals he is pursuing in his life. Then he names them. Keep asking why he wants to achieve exactly what the background is, whether he has always wanted that, etc. -> In these situations, he has to make an effort, and the investment in you increases. With that, you have reached your goal.

6. Lower the touch inhibition threshold and start flirting!

You are certainly very attracted to him and you really want to get closer to him. But sometimes it is difficult to put this into practice.

The meeting is the perfect chance to finally get closer to your crush.

Scenario 1:

You are walking through the park. He’s telling you about problems at work and wants to know your opinion. At this point, you can ask him to sit on the bench so that you can speak better.

If he agrees, sit close to him and smile at him. Tell him what you think about his topic. If you feel like he’s bothered, take your hand and pat his shoulder or put it on his knee and tell him everything will be fine. With that, you have managed to take away the inhibitions for your first touch.

But also the other way around: Based on his touch, you can see whether he wants to get closer to you. If you have the feeling that he is still quite uptight or cannot open up, then you are very welcome to address this in a conversation.

If you don’t dare to, you can also send a message to ask him whether it’s true that he didn’t want to get closer to you or what the reason was.

If he thinks you are good, he will surely answer it honestly and let you know if he still has doubts or why he couldn’t let himself down properly. It may well be that he is still very inexperienced himself and therefore still needs time to get to know you better and then let him fall.

Respect his behavior – no matter how it is. Open conversations always help here, so that both feel good and can fully engage with the prospective relationship. You can tell him clearly that you want him to hug you or hold your hand, etc.

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7. Embody what he has always lacked until now!

Sounds pretty crazy, doesn’t it? You will see that there is a great deal of truth in this.

Everyone has their weak points and insecurities. In every life there are things that don’t go the way they should and this is exactly the void you should find in your crush.

What do you have to do?

Get to know him better first. After a while, all the pieces of the puzzle of his life form into an overall picture in your brain. You know him and you have noticed where he has his weak points and what he is looking for.

Take the chance to give him just that.

If your dream man has a very hectic life, then he can benefit from your calm manner, for example. If, on the other hand, he is very shy and you are very open, this will help him to be more open.

In short: you give him exactly what he needs.

The logical consequence is: You stand out from all the other women who might otherwise have conquered his heart. That makes you unique and you automatically take on a special role in his life.

This gap has certainly always burdened him and now – thanks to your presence – it has become smaller. It may also be the other way around: You may be very relaxed and open, but he is very calm. This means that at that moment it also promotes your calm side and you become calmer thanks to your relationship.

One of the peculiarities of a relationship is when both complement each other so well that they benefit from each other and the other personality turns their own weak points into their own strengths or can be worked on.

Similar Questions

How can I send the right signals to my crush?

Men are different from women – everyone knows that. In my experience, it turns out that men need much clearer signs than we do women. If we women smile at the guy, for example, that was a sign for us that we find him attractive.

The man probably didn’t even notice it. For us women, this means sending clear and distinct signals and, if these have not been received, communicating our plans in a conversation or sending clearer signals.

What makes me an attractive woman?

A woman who lives her own life is independent and stands by herself makes a woman attractive. Very often it happens in everyday life that you go beyond your limits, no longer have your goals in mind and no longer know what you really want.

Counteract this by taking a few minutes a day just for yourself, in which you reflect and find your own truth. Of course, the external appearance is also important.

It’s not about putting on a kilo of make-up, but about feeling good in your body. Learn to love your body and take good care of it. Be natural and authentic.


How to find the Man of your Dreams? In summary, I would like to say that this topic is very exciting and also broad. Every woman has asked herself how she can find her dream man.

With the help of my tips, you will master your campaign of conquest with confidence. Never forget that self-love is one of the most important points. If you love yourself and are honest with your true personality and characteristics, then you look very attractive to your dream man.

Make sure that you can get to know each other undisturbed and never forget the point that you should be a challenge for him. If you keep these points in mind, you will be strutting through the city with your dream guy in no time.

Which point do you consider most important for your campaign of conquest and will you use my tricks in the future?

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