How to find the strength to leave your beloved abusive husband?

How to find the strength to leave your beloved abusive husband? You may have a question, why leave your loved one, and if you decide on this act, then how to do it, because feelings continue to live in your heart. Let’s try to deal with these points in our article.

Why leave your loved one?

It happens that it becomes necessary to leave a loved one, because he began to show himself with. Why do it? If you had such an idea, but you can’t do it, then, most likely, for peace of mind, or you don’t like something in life with a man. Also, maybe your loved one doesn’t like something about you.

As long as there are no other drugs, they are not used. To do this, you need to sit down together and discuss the problem, and find some solution to the situation. Of course, when people start dating, living together, there will be quarrels. Thus, they rub against each other.

There are no questions that cannot be resolved. It is better to ask them during the first meetings. So don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more you learn at the time of the birth of a relationship, the better you will understand whether you need this person or not.

If you already live together, and something does not suit you, then you need to talk. Perhaps each of you will decide to change, try somehow not to do what leads to conflict. To keep the relationship. If time passes, and the man does not want to change, give him one more chance. No it is you who is allowed, that is what you want.

If a man Really values ​​the relationship, He will try to change, maybe not everything will work out right away, but he will do it. If he does not appreciate the relationship, the whole situation repeats itself again, then you should not hope that he will change. It won’t get any better. In this case, you should immediately end the relationship.

How to find the strength to leave your loved one?

If you love a person, but something does not suit you in life with him, you decide to leave, then immediately tune in that it will not be easy for you at first. You will be attracted to a man. You may feel like you won’t find anyone else. Yes, it will hurt at first.

  • Prepare for contacts

Block his number, delete all contacts. No prosmatrivay so social set, other than nego. This person should no longer exist for you. So it will be easier for you to erase it from your memory, eliminate the memories. Do not torture yourself.

If you still have his things, return through friends. Even if you parted as friends, the farther you are from each other, the easier it will be for you to heal nisav. Break the relationship immediately and quickly.

How to find the strength to part with a man?

There must be a release of emotions. Cry out the situation. And you need to cry the way our great-grandmothers did. Shout out loud, roar, tear your hair out. Just don’t scare anyone close to you, be alone. Let there be wet pillows. No project catharsis.

Then you will understand: “There are no more tears.” This is how you release emotions. This is a neutral point when you can at least think: “That’s it, I’ll forget him.” It is impossible to forget when you compose his correct image in your mind, when there are sharp grievances.

Forgetting a person is possible only in the event that you began to cool off from insults, expectations, collapsed plans, grief, unfulfilled hopes. Forgiveness is necessary not only in words, but also in deeds.

  • Keep living your normal life

After parting, you will suffer from sadness, uncertainty about the future. It is likely that you will want to go on sick leave, take extra days off so that you have time to immerse yourself in your inner world.

No, in order to make it easier for you, you need to continue to live a normal life, to be busy with things. So internally you will have the feeling of everyday life that nothing has happened. Load yourself with things. Take on extracurricular work or sort out the rubble from last year.

Take up sports after work. If you are already training, then increase the number of hours spent in the gym. Get involved in volunteering. Often the pain of parting becomes an impetus for self-development.

To forget a loved one, you need to be distracted. No, remember that if you start to get distracted by another person, even the most ideal one, then you will never be with him. Because he is for you like an antiseptic to heal a wound.

And this moment concerns not only people, but also hobbies. Be it football, embroidery, decoupage, playing an instrument. Yes, whatever. You will then hate this hobby. Therefore, compensated ratios should not be used to heal RAN. If you decide, then warn this person about your feelings, your situation.

  • Reach out to those around you for support

You just broke off a relationship with a loved one, you need to speak out. Ask for help to be listened to, to a loved one: mom, sister, girlfriend. Ask them not to leave you alone.

  • Make repairs in the apartment

This is a great way to forget a loved one. But such a repair is “worse than a fire.” Distract yourself so you don’t have time to suffer. Rip off the wallpaper yourself, put your unfulfilled plans into that process.

If you can’t make repairs, rearrange the furniture. Change something in the environment, throw out all the things that remind you of your loved one. Bring something new into your life.

circle of pleasure

Help to forget a loved one will be able to enjoy a circle of pleasures, in which there can be a lot of things. Sweep the circle of pleasure from your loved one to something else:

  • Automobil. Sela za ruly and kataeschsi by koltzu. If you don’t know how to drive, learn to.
  • Shopping. Everyone knows that shopping cheers a woman up. Buy yourself a new thing, feel irresistible. Pamper yourself.
  • Dancing. This is a great way to get rid of stress. Go learn to dance. Thus, you open up internally, join a new team.
  • Tasty food. But not “zhor”, but ESTetic, exclusive food.
  • Change your hairstyle, change your hair color. This is distraction therapy.

The only thing that matters is that it isn’t worth it. You didn’t have the strength or the time to suffer. Just come home and sleep.

Books by topic:

Start reading, maybe fiction. Psychological books will help to distract from unnecessary emotions. Make a choice in favor of literature with spiritual practices, aimed at understanding yourself, knowing your inner self.

  • Dmitry Semennik “How to survive a breakup with a loved one.” The author, using an analogy with a grandmother who broke up with her loved one 60 years ago, and for so many years has been carrying pain, tells how to survive a breakup.
Photo taken with the original artists
  • Irvin Yalom “Love Treatment and Other Psychotherapeutic Novels”. The author shares with readers the most interesting stories in his psychological practice, offers effective ones.
Photo taken with the original artists
  • Alexander Sviyash “Start to live again”. This is a practice book for those who are ready to act, but do not know what to do.
Photo taken with the original artists

If you have decided to part with your loved one, then first of all let go of all grievances, forgive him, stop all contacts and slowly learn to live without him. Don’t forget that time heals.

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