How to Flirt With Your Ex Again: 11 Best Tips

Do you still have feelings for that boy who was your partner and you don’t know how to win him back? Do you want to find out how to flirt with your ex again?

You have come to the right place!

Love can be anywhere, it can even remain for a long time in that person who is no longer by your side or reappear for someone who was already in your life.

Flirting can be easy if you are not very shy, and even if you are, surely you have done it more than once.


The art of flirting and seduction could be said to be inherent in any human being, much more so if it is a woman!

But it gets a bit more complicated when you want to seduce your ex.

The first thing that I am going to recommend is that you do not be discouraged! Read on and discover the keys to the reconquest!


If you want to know how to flirt with your ex again, keep in mind that the beginning is always difficult, but it does not stop happening all the time.

We constantly start over and over again some things in our lives: going back to school, to a new job, going back a path that you had not traveled again, even opening our eyes every morning is a new beginning!

If you are trying to pique your ex’s interest, it is important not to forget that the beginning will never be from scratch, no matter how hard you try.


Your ex-partner is someone who, even though it has been a long time since the breakup, knows you and knows how you get on in the art of flirting, after all, you already did that with him!

Therefore, it is useless to repeat history, you have to decide to start again by changing things a bit.

Of course, you cannot lose your essence, because it will be impossible for you to change yourself for who you are not, but there are questions that you must put into practice for your strategy to work.

In addition, this already knowing each other not only brings you disadvantages but also puts an important benefit in your favor: you also know him and you know how he can react.


Sometimes breakups are very painful and can take time to overcome, if that is your case, do not let yourself be overcome by depression!

For this, an important aspect that you have to take care of is your appearance, since if you are untidy, unwilling to do anything, or unconcerned about how you look, it will be very difficult for you to win back your ex.

Never, no matter how sad you are or no matter how bad you feel, should you neglect your physical appearance.

It is not about always looking dressed up as if you were going to dance, but how you look says a lot about who you are.

The one who was your boy will not want to go back to someone who has been careless, disheveled, or messy in a dress.

First impressions are important, and the first impression you will make whenever someone sees you will be influenced by how you look, as it will be what they will initially appreciate even if that person knows all your inner virtues.


There are people who apply a philosophy that can help you: dress up more when you feel bad.

This means that if you feel sad or sick, it is time to take more care of your appearance.

So if you’re depressed because the relationship is over, you know: try a new hairstyle or put on a new piece of clothing and hit the streets totally refreshed!

Getting organized “on the outside” will make you feel better “on the inside.”

Also, even if your goal is how to flirt with your ex again, do not forget that there are many people around you and someone else may notice you!


If you are determined to know how to flirt with your ex again, you must remember something important: do it without being so obvious!

It is clear that when you seduce you have the purpose of making him know, otherwise you would not make it explicit or you would not show it to the boy, but you should always try to be subtle, much more if it is about your ex.

Remember that he already knows your conquest tactics, so you can’t give yourself away so soon, let him believe that he is the one who conquers you!


If the breakup has occurred for any particular cause and you are devastated, or perhaps it has been a while since the separation, or it may even be recent, that does not matter, the reality is that you feel a huge need for it.

Many shared experiences, common plans, a lot of love that you still have to give him.

It seems that you cannot resist, you need it for anything: to help you with the purchase, to accompany you to places, to go out to a party, to walk together hand in hand, to sleep embraced, to receive and give caresses, For almost everything!

Well, of course, you need it and you know it.

It is not only the habit, but there is also the feeling that still binds you to him, it is also not bad that you feel these things, but the best thing is that he does not know it and more if you want to know how to flirt with your ex again.


If they have ended the relationship, he should never know what you tell yourself all the time: that you can’t live without him!

It is not about closing the door and leaving him with the idea that you do not want him for anything in your life, but you should not look like the desperate one that only by his side can someone be and succeed.

That he is not so confident that you are grieving for him and waiting for him to return at any moment.

Make him feel that you are perfectly moving forward without him, even if you die inside!


If you want to know how to flirt with your ex again and thus get back with him, one of the things you must show him is how different there is in you, what is new.

The relationship ended because of some kind of incompatibility between you, so the best thing is for you to discover that there are things that have changed since you are not together, that you have something new in you!

As I told you before, it is not about totally changing who you are, that is impossible, also the best thing is to always be yourself and not invent poses or actions that you will not be able to maintain for a long time.

But your ex should know that he is wasting the opportunity to share new experiences with you, to enjoy that “new you” by your side.

Don’t know what you are going to show him? Have no idea how to impress him with this?

This is simply because learning or change can be in any aspect of your life after it.


It can be practical things, such as cooking: if you learned new recipes, or did a course or any art, technique, or trade that you have wanted to learn.

But they can also be things on the internal plane, such as if you have matured or if you improved aspects of your personality after the breakup.

Anything goes, even how confident and uninhibited you show when talking to him, even if inside you are all a tremor!

The important thing is to show that new woman who you have become after him, and pique her interest so that she knows what she is missing.


Perhaps after the separation, you have fallen into an abyss and still feel that you cannot get out of it; But if what you want is how to flirt with your ex again and attract him, you can’t prove this to him!

You are a winner, and this is something that should stay in your mind all the time, and if you still do not get it, do not worry, you will get ahead with a smile.

This is the image that you should always have and show him.

Let him see how good you are without him, that your life did not end because they decided to separate and that you have gained a lot, even with the breakup!


If you are thinking about how to flirt with your ex again, once again he must realize the great woman he has let slip away, so that he feels all the desire to get her back.

Take advantage of everything you can, your work, your school or university, your home, and always keep your smile.

If he asks you “how have you been?”, Feel free to answer “very good.”

It is about seeing you as the winner, upright in the face of adversity, with your forehead held high and the good things around you.

It should never see you defeated or downcast even if you are. Do not think that he is so essential in your life.

Without showing off your pride or exaggeration, give yourself the importance and value that you really have and deserve!


The breakdown of the relationship may have been calm, civilized, but even if it did not happen like that, if it was stormy and with many tears in between, you should prevent him from knowing that you are still suffering.

The loss is history, it has already happened and at the time it hurt; but you must not make him believe that you are suffering too much.

You will not deny, if necessary, that it was a painful moment and that it afflicted you, but you are not the only one in the world to whom this happens, and you have to move on!

Continuing with the above, one of the best triumphs that you can show him is that: that the suffering was at the time, that you do not go around lamenting in the corners!


Even if you suffer immensely inside, even if you are about to start crying when you think about him and what they had together, even if you feel every part of your being die when you remember what a great couple they were and how happy they were, never you must know this!

He cannot even be aware that his absence dominates you or that without him you cannot move on; on the contrary, show your triumphs without him and show him that he is not so indispensable!


If your goal is to know how to flirt with your ex again and win him back, you should not fall into the mistake that most people make: repeating the same mistakes.

What happened is over, you must try to forget it and truly forgive if you want to move on.

It is useless if you put yourself on a conquest plan if you are going to be reminding him at every moment of the bad things that happened, why they ended, the defects that he has.

And if there were betrayals, much less should you take up the reproaches of that stage of separation!

You want to flirt with him so that he will come back, not so that he will run away or want to get away again.

Show him that you are willing to overcome the traumas and negative experiences that separated you, that you do not hold excessive grudges or that you will reproach him for the same thing.

After all, they have already ended the relationship because of everything bad, and now it is a question of resuming it, so let’s turn the page!


If you want to know how to flirt with your ex again, one of the aspects that you can use to your advantage is memory.

As I told you before, you should not remind him of bad times, but no one has said anything about good times!

Taking back what you felt and what brought you together at the beginning of the relationship can be a good starting point.

Then you will have to think in more detail about other aspects such as what he liked about you, the places you enjoyed together, the caresses that you know will work with him.

If you are really interested in knowing how to flirt with your ex again, keep in mind that it is not about reliving the same story, because you already know that it ends in a breakup, but you must find a way to use the good things to your advantage. remember, how pleasant and happy.


There are key moments that every relationship has and that are unique to each couple.

It could be the first kiss, the first time they were together, the birth of a child, if they have one …

Not only the first experiences are worth it, but they can also be others such as that trip they made or dinner at a certain restaurant.

It does not matter what or how the experience is, what it is about is to make it present again from the memory, so that with it those feelings that he had for you at that moment are reborn in your ex.


The mentality of men is somewhat different from that of women.

If we add to that the model or way of life that they have incorporated, then the difference increases.

Either because of society or because of their own way of seeing things, men like to always take the lead.

As if it were a game of any sport, they must feel that they have an advantage.

For all the above, even if you are the one interested in the first place in flirting and seducing him, you should never make him feel guided or defeated by you.

Even guys who like the dominant and possessive female game internally retain the alpha male attitude.

This means that you cannot show that you are the one who governs the situation, at least not always.

If you want to have positive results with your ex, let him believe that he is the one who decides and takes the initiatives!

Promote what you want to happen and lead him to take the first step so that what you plan in advance happens.


Things sometimes don’t happen very quickly, especially in romantic relationships.

This cannot be forgotten if your goal is how to flirt with your ex again and win him back.

The patience in you must be infinite so that you can use it to your advantage.

Everything will happen at the right time, it is useless if you force the situation, which can only bring you consequences contrary to the results you hope to obtain.

Do not despair, do not get overwhelmed, and be very calm so that you can be assertive in the decisions you make and do not do anything hasty or immature.


I want to give you one last piece of advice, not the least important: be objective in your purposes.

If you want to know how to flirt with your ex again and your plan is to win him back so that he returns to your side, you should take into account some questions:

  • If he is already with another girl, if you want to go back with him because you are afraid of being alone or not finding another partner, or if you have tried to return or have returned to the relationship and it has not worked, the best thing is to stop and think!
  • Be realistic and honest with the person who loves you the most in the world and the only person you cannot cheat: you. Think a bit about everything that has happened and decide if you want to get back with him for the right reasons, not just because you need to or do not want to be without a boyfriend.
  • It is possible that he no longer wants to return and you must accept it. In that case, the best thing you can do is grow in the face of difficulties, get ahead and smile. Do not worry, he will end up appreciating what he had and you will have taken another step on the path of life.

The world doesn’t end when a relationship ends.

Always keep in mind that behind the storm the sun rises again, and that continuing without it may be your best decision.

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