How to forget my ex partner as soon as possible in 2022

If you are wondering how to get over my ex , you should know that it is natural that when a love relationship ends you feel that nothing makes sense, that you cannot go on without that person and that your life falls apart in front of your eyes.

But you can’t do anything because you feel emotionally devastated and melancholy has invaded each of your bones.

If you also add how to forget my ex and overcome so many happy moments? and if it is possible to continue without it, the answer is yes! He continues reading.

How to forget my ex: step by step

Below are some tips, advice and tricks so you can find your answers.

However, it is up to you to take charge of your life, assimilate the mourning, overcome that love, learn from mistakes and move on or, on the contrary, stagnate forever and dwell in the midst of pain.

It will be a long process; surely you will have days when crying or sleeping all day are the only option, but you will see that sooner or later the sun will rise.

Time will do its thing, it will help you close wounds, smile again and why not, open your heart again!

how to forget my ex

For you to say “I was able to know how to forget my ex, you should know that it is easy to say, but when this complicated situation touches you directly, you lose your mind a little and think with your feelings.

Then a knot is made in your soul, your dopamine levels drop and your body begins to suffer the consequences of extreme sadness, depression, insomnia, lack of appetite and other symptoms caused by a broken heart.

Although recent studies and research show that it is possible to die of love and this condition has received the name “broken heart syndrome”.

Also, if you want more help, I invite you to read 5 steps to forget someone you love.

Think very well what you want

Think very well about what you want, it will help you to forget your ex

Before you make the wrong decisions, I would like you to try putting the following tips into practice, learn to deal with disappointment in love and be able to say “I knew how to forget my ex ”.

The essential thing is that you are aware of the situation, avoid starting new romantic relationships, focus on recognizing yourself again as an individual subject and take a new direction.

It is the perfect opportunity to change in many ways!, and experience loneliness, not as an enemy but as the best strategy to find yourself and establish new ties with yourself and you can say with confidence: I managed to know how to forget my ex.

For a start:

It is important that you recognize the phases of a couple breakup and thus make the right decisions.

Similarly, you can see the article on where you will have another expert opinion.

So that you are not surprised, but rather that you have the tools to assimilate them and know exactly when you need to consult a professional.

Let’s start at once, remember that there is no evil that lasts a hundred years! I want you to be able to say: I managed to know how to get over my ex !

If you feel that it is difficult to leave behind what you feel for your ex, read how to forget a great love.

How to forget my ex: phases of a love breakup

Phase 1: Denial

At this early stage we refuse to accept that the relationship is over and that there is most likely no going back.

You feel like you are having a nightmare, you are not aware of the new situation, you insist on thinking that everything will go back to the way it was before and on looking for solutions to recover lost love and win it back.

Phase 2: Guilt and hopelessness

Don't be depressed. Learn how to forget your ex

It is perhaps the most complex stage, since we let ourselves be carried away by pain and anger.

You will look for blame and begin to reproach yourself, which will cause you a lot of sadness and negative thoughts.

It is normal for you to cry, for you to feel sensitive to various circumstances, especially those that remind you of that person.

You will not want to talk to anyone and anxiety will be constant in your days.

If you notice that this stage lasts for more than 10 weeks or disables you and you have episodes of depression or suicidal tendencies, do not hesitate to seek professional help immediately because this indicates that you will need more than good advice.

Phase 3: Negotiation attempts with your ex

You will try to re-establish a bond or relationship with your former partner.

You will call him, you will leave messages of all kinds, you will spy on his social networks and you will insist for the last time.

Not finding a second chance, although with nostalgia on the surface, you will try to face the breakup, to begin the internal transformation and accept reality.

If you feel that it is very difficult, do everything on your part to achieve it, read I can not forget my ex and learn more tips.

Phase 4: Acceptance

Without being less difficult, in this phase you will reflect on the past and over time you will conceive everything that has happened as one more experience of life.

You will focus on your present and project a positive vision regarding the future. I assure you that you will begin to enjoy your independence and your own company.

Phase 5: Test passed

You’ll know you’re over someone when you can objectively talk about both the person and the relationship you had without becoming overly emotional.

Even with time you will be able to see this person again as a friend and start a mature conversation.

This does not happen overnight; Depending on many factors, the process can take months or even years.

The main thing is that you assimilate each phase at your own pace so that you can pass this litmus test and, finally, evaluate your emotional balance and the degree of sentimental dependence in which you found yourself.

How to forget my ex: 7 tips to overcome a love breakup

forget your ex

If it doesn’t break, how will your heart open? Said the renowned Lebanese writer Khalil Gibran, who encourages us to love without any conditions, being aware that it is a free act with unexpected results.

In which we risk being reciprocated and happy or, on the contrary, having our hearts broken into a thousand pieces and we have to learn to carefully paste each piece, forget and open ourselves to feeling, again, with courage.

It won’t be the first or the last time you need tips to deal with a breakup and get over love.

So that you can eagerly say I managed to know how to forget my ex and let go of that feeling without hurting you too much, read carefully and follow these tips to the letter, they will be of great help to overcome lovesickness!

1. Get rid of all contacts and memories

You must have an iron will, delete his photos, his phone number, remove him from all social networks and avoid, as far as possible, knowing about that person.

It will hurt to undo and let go of everything that is related to your ex because it represents the rupture of what once united you, but it is something you must do to take the first step towards your recovery.

You will feel lighter; You will no longer have letters to reread, nor their smell, nor their gifts.

In a few words, it is a symbolic exercise of detachment that you will not regret; remembering it as little as possible is the best option.

In case you share a house or apartment, the recommendation is that you move, make some changes to the space or move the decoration and objects from place.

2. Occupy your mind

I want to know how to forget my ex.

Don’t give your mind a chance to think things it shouldn’t, you know what I mean!

Take advantage of your time and solitude to play sports, read, go to the movies and choose the movie you want to see, walk with your pet and discover new places.

Reconnecting with old friends, taking on other responsibilities at work, doing yoga, learning new recipes, or having a good time with your family will also help you a lot.

In this way, at the end of the day, you will be tired, you will sleep peacefully and bad thoughts will dissolve.

3. Change your look

More than to strengthen self-esteem, changing your look enhances your transformation process.

Don’t be afraid to cut or change the color of your hair, go shopping and try a new style.

The ideal is that you leave behind the customs you had when you were in a relationship and begin to forget that time; Change your present and with it your appearance!

You will surely receive more than one compliment and they will admire your courage in facing difficulties and trying to get out of them with dignity.

4. Pamper yourself

Treat yourself to lunch at your favorite restaurant, go to a spa, buy ice cream, shoes and clothes (if you need them).

Travel, treat yourself to a book, meditate or simply do what you know makes you happy.

5. Write

Although it seems incredible or you think that it is an activity that corresponds only to those who study language or are dedicated to literature, writing liberates!

If you put your emotions in writing, it will improve your mood; It doesn’t matter if you do it right or wrong, just do it, it will be your personal memories!

6. Establish new links

There are wonderful people in the world! Do you really want to know what to do to forget a person?

It’s simple, don’t isolate yourself and don’t miss the opportunity to open your world and start to see the possibilities clearly, so you can say: I already know how to forget my ex .

Meet, talk, chat with whoever you want; don’t be shy, learn a little from everyone and take advantage of the fact that you regained your freedom.

You no longer have to account to anyone for what you do or do not do.

7. Listen to music that lifts your spirits

I know that in the multiple attempts to find a quick answer to the premise: how to forget my ex , we fall into the arms of liquor.

And sometimes, music, but not just any kind of music, but the one that reminds us of a moment with our ex, serious mistake!

On the one hand, liquor doesn’t take the pain away and combined with sounds and lyrics that refer to the past, it can be a chaotic fusion and you’ll end up as a cocktail of badly mixed emotions.

Make smart decisions! And don’t hurt yourself anymore with these attitudes.

Listen to music that vibrates positively in you and stay away from alcoholic beverages because they could increase your level of sadness.

Find more information on how to stop loving and discover what you must do to overcome this stage.

How to get over my ex: 8 things to avoid

how to forget my ex partner

  • Try to avoid encounters with him: the only thing you will achieve is to feel worse and ruin your emotional recovery process. Zero contact!, both physical and virtual. It is a matter of fighting a little against that feeling of attachment and directing your energies in another direction.
  • Try to always be accompanied: even by a friend or member of your family; This way you will be able to speak up if you need to, have words of encouragement, comfort, or a shoulder to cry on when your stability falters.
  • Stay away from the places they frequented: do not visit those places that bring back memories of your ex partner or the relationship in general. With this type of attitude you are not going to fix anything or turn back time, look for real solutions! Start turning your life around and accept that the decisions you make only depend on you.
  • Do not insist on thinking only about the good things that you lived together: remember that there were also things that bothered you about him; bringing to mind those uncomfortable or unpleasant situations is a good way to begin to see the positive side of the breakup of the relationship. When you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself the reasons that led them to break up, which did not allow them to function and continue being a couple.
  • Zero blame: regardless of who decided to end the relationship, everything that happens within a couple, both positive and negative, is up to both parties. Don’t waste your time blaming yourself for something that has already happened, accept the past and turn the page.
  • Don’t get romantically involved with another person: or, at least, don’t rush into looking for a new relationship; a nail does not remove another nail, the only thing you will achieve is playing with your emotions and causing you more suffering.
  • Take your time!: The best thing is that, before involving your broken heart to try to alleviate it, clear your mind and think reasonably so that later you do not regret or have to seek help to know “ how to forget my ex ”.
  • Do not make your ex your best friend: this attitude is very frequent and harmful because it prevents both of you from evolving and overcoming the difficult episode of the breakup.
  • Avoid continuing to associate: for a reasonable time, with the friends that you and your ex have in common; this will benefit you because you will not know about that person while you process the mourning for the loss of love.

9 Practical tricks to overcome love setbacks

When we go through an emotional difficulty, especially in love, the world comes crashing down on us.

Therefore, it is essential that you keep in mind a series of practical tricks so that you can use them strategically when necessary.

The tips in the following list will help you lift your mood and clear your mind at times when feelings are stronger than reason.

Take note!

1. Sleep!

It is an infallible trick to put aside reality and make contact with the dream world.

Your thoughts, when sleeping, take a new direction and, when you wake up, you will feel calmer and more sober.

In the event that you cannot fall asleep, the most recommended alternative is that you try to resort to natural options until it stabilizes.

2. Go for a walk

How to get over my ex: Reconnect with yourself

Apart from being an excellent physical activity, it increases energy levels and well-being.

Walking releases endorphins into the bloodstream and reduces stress, depression, and anxiety.

Walk outdoors, discover new places and connect with nature.

3. Eat well, feel better

We depend heavily on what we eat.

This is because food significantly influences the chemicals in our brain and therefore our well-being, energy and vitality.

But, what are the foods that have these magical properties? Discover some of them below!

  • Dark chocolate
  • Walnuts
  • Has
  • Strawberries, cherries, pineapple, blackberry, papaya, kiwi, banana and orange
  • Fish
  • Dark green vegetables: spinach, cabbage, celery, broccoli
  • Honey
  • Beef, chicken and pork
  • Dairy products
  • Whole grains: rice, quinoa, oatmeal, bread or pasta.

And if you feel like ice cream, eat and enjoy a delicious ice cream!

The idea is that you pamper yourself and meet your emotional needs; however, do not overdo it.

4. Give your pet more time

Pets are synonymous with unconditional and selfless company.

Play with your dog or cat, pet him, go out with him, hug him and you will see that your positive feelings will surface.

Animals are expert therapists, they know how to act according to your mood and they will never think of abandoning you of their own free will.

If you don’t have a pet, it may be the perfect opportunity to adopt one, it will fill you with joy!

Plus, it will help keep your mind busy and come up with new options so you can say I know how to get over my ex!

5. Help others

Take care of the people around you, you are not the only one with problems in this world!

The feeling of being able to help another is very rewarding and will surely make you feel better about yourself and even about your situation.

Consider finding a place to volunteer based on your preferences, whether it be a shelter, foundation, soup kitchen, or nursing home.

In this way, your love stumble will go into the background and the assimilation phase of the loss and detachment from the loved one will be facilitated.

6. Bet on crafts

Draw, paint, sculpt, weave; your hands will indicate the craft that best suits you.

Do not despair, insist, dedicate time and in a few days, possibly, it will be more than a simple distractor, perhaps a talent!

The best thing is that you don’t need a lot of money or extraordinary skills, just a touch of commitment and attention to detail.

All this will keep your mind busy and your energy balanced.

7. Practice yoga

Sign up for yoga classes or learn through YouTube tutorials, there is no excuse!

This discipline will bring great benefits not only to your body but also to your soul.

His technique focuses on breathing and meditation works, it will calm your spirit! and it will allow you to see what is happening from the perspective of detachment and learning.

Do not forget that everything in life happens for a reason, it is a matter of analyzing this and following the path.

8. When you’re feeling really homesick, take a cold shower!

A cold shower can make a difference.

Apart from improving your mood noticeably, it reduces stress and anxiety, increases your energy levels and improves sleep.

This trick is very simple, get going and enjoy your bath, you will feel positive and rejuvenated!

9. Be more spontaneous

I want to know how to forget my ex and move on with my life

Routine activities increase sadness and anguish, even more so if there is already a reason involved, in this case your concern about knowing ” how to forget my ex.

Do not plan your day as if you were a programmed robot, give free rein to your imagination and your good impulses.

It is always a good time to visit an old friend, to surprise your family with a delicious lunch, to go to the library and explore new writers.

It is also an opportunity to go to the beach, the museum, the cinema, the theater or take an unexpected weekend trip. Change the monotony and refresh your days!

Finally, try the Winning Back Method, a complete step-by-step guide that will help you have options to get back with your ex; You can also read how to get your ex back, if that’s what you want.

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