How to gently hint a man about sympathy when communicating?

How to gently hint a man about sympathy when communicating? It would seem that there will be a very obvious answer to the question posed – just say it directly. No, as you understand, if everything was so simple, Samka did not consider the declared topic.

On the contrary, in some cases, directness can play a cruel joke on a woman – instead of the expected reaction of a man, in the form of reciprocal sympathy, his distance may follow.

Our task is to help you not only learn how to let a man know that you like him, but, so to speak, to warn you against rash actions that will have negative consequences.

Who is the man who likes?

If you paid attention, Samka always tries to decompose the stated question into diverse answers. Not just general recommendations are given – it is important for us to present the information in such a way that it matches your particular case as much as possible. That is why, in analyzing the issue, it is important to establish who the man you like is.


A pen pal

The world of digital technologies has shifted the boundaries of real life towards the virtual. It is often easier and easier for people to get acquainted in social networks, on specialized dating sites, thematically.

This is due to the fact that in real life it is quite difficult to get acquainted. Men no longer meet on the streets and in public places, as it used to be.

If we talk about a girl, it’s generally nonsense when she first comes up and decides to get acquainted.

In terms of the virtual world, the name of the game is: it is possible to describe it, and it is not necessary to pay for it. If it’s true or if it’s virtual:

  • who writes first – you or him;
  • what is the content of the messages;
  • whether he offers to meet;
  • how often do you communicate in the call mode;
  • your communication is more friendly, or there are notes of flirting;
  • Be sure to read, on “visit” in set, not in person.

Look, the above is a certain marker – in fact, these are some tips for you. If you understand that a man is not very interested in communicating with you, then it is easy to guess that in your particular case a completely different question is relevant: “How should you behave in order to please a man?”

How to attract a man you like?

If you confess your sympathy, but at the same time, at the initial stage, he is not ready to reciprocate – as you understand, your confession will not affect anything. Be that as it may, it is possible to understand and post it in a small country, and on one of the other sites it is possible.

If there are other markers, you will find them on your own simpatico, as long as you want. In this case, your ally will be ease and ease of communication, with notes of coquetry. You can say directly: “I like you!”. In some cases, you can add: “We can do something!”.

If you do not want to speak directly, you can connect notes of flirting, and say something like: “You and I have so many common interests that we can be a perfect couple. Yes, and besides, you’re very pretty.”. For you, this may be a discovery, but men really love to be admired and praised.

Give him some compliment. But Remember – it must be something specific for him to understand – Your pleasant speeches in His direction are not empty chatter. Let’s say you communicated in a call format. You can say something about the timbre of your voice, for example: “You have a very beautiful and courageous voice. It smells of masculine energy from him.”

Or, if you have not communicated, but you have seen his photo, you can make a compliment regarding the appearance of a man. If you do that, try the information, and you will get the virtual world in the form of the real thing.

You can say something like: “Next week I will go to the club / cinema / theater / exhibition. I would be very pleased if you would keep me company. And you can immediately add so that your wish does not look somehow intrusive: “If you, of course, have a streak.”

So, summing up the above, the following conclusions arise:

  • before talking about your sympathy and taking the first steps, it is important to understand whether there is reciprocity, or your communication is just friendly. A man does not want to continue communication;
  • In those cases where there is no mutual sympathy, you need to approach the question from the other side: “what needs to be done to please a man?”;
  • speaking in hints, with the connection of flirting notes, and the corresponding emoticons, it is important not to go too far. Your confessions must be dosed.

To it, it is necessary to understand the subject, it is on the surface that it is simple, it is necessary Next, you expect feedback from him. Thus, it turns out that you do not impose yourself, and you give the opportunity to prove yourself as a man who achieves the woman he likes.

Real life person

Again, it is important to understand who he is:

  • college
  • chief;
  • a person from a common company;
  • those who provided you with a service, for example, this is your attending physician;
  • a relative of your friends or acquaintances;
  • a person with whom you often cross paths;
  • drug;
  • good acquaintances.

It is not necessary to act on the subject, so that it is possible to ask for it. Because, let’s say if this is someone from your company, then in this case, an informal setting is already provided. But if this is either a colleague or a boss, then, as you understand, flirting can be regarded as familiarity.

Collea and boss

Let’s start with the highest level, namely the boss. First, keep in mind that you need to act very carefully so that you do not become one of the heroines of a cheap Roman who is trying to Seduce the boss. Should be taken in calculation:

  • the boss is married or single;
  • his type: a womanizer or a strict, respectable man who does not mix personal with work;
  • What does the boss look for in people?

The above is key. For example, if the boss is a respectable man, and does not allow violation of subordination and dress code, then flirting, in the form of “shooting” eyes and defiant outfits with bright flashy make-up, will be generally inappropriate. In this case, it is important that he sees in you not just an employee, but also an interesting person.

Again, keep in mind that you can not act directly. In this case, the algorithm is quite simple: first, get the boss interested, and wait for “feedback” from him, and only then connect female coquetry and flirting elements.

And again, if the boss is married, and is not reputed to be a womanizer, with numerous mistresses, our recommendation to you is to leave this idea better.

With a colleague, it is much easier, because between you, in fact, there is no barrier in the form of subordination. Here you can connect and a friendly tone, and a request to let you down or see you off. You can invite a man somewhere where you can spend time outside of the working environment. This is what will speak of your sympathy for him.

Drugs are related to one of the companies

First, your trump card is a relaxed atmosphere. Secondly, you can safely use body language, which will directly signal that a man is hoarse. It is important to pay attention to the eyes and lips. They can be bitten lightly, stroking directly into his eyes.

Again, if you are a determined girl, you can go on the offensive and say directly that you like a man, but if you are not ready to act openly, start sending non-verbal signals to a man. Also, the book by K. King “More than just beautiful. 12 secret powers of a woman, which is impossible to resist.

Don’t forget about the law of the “mirror” – start copying his gestures and postures. Connect tactile contact, in the form of random touches. Forget about praises and compliments, we have already said that men love them very much.

Summarizing the above, the following conclusion suggests itself very succinctly:

  • It is important to consider who the man you like is, and when you can safely talk about your sympathy, and in what cases it is generally inappropriate;
  • using body language, it is important not to play the role of a passionate seductress, but to send signals of sympathy to a man in such a way that a response will go to them;
  • remember that dosage is always important – you are not a heroine from a cheap novel, do not go too far with sending signals and signs of inivymav. No stowed away in the morning, and literally drill into his eyes.

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