How to get a girl to like you on a first date?

How to get a girl to like you on a first date? The first date seems to be going well, but then for some reason, the girl stops calling and merges. Have you had it? What could go wrong? You begin to delve into yourself and look for your shortcomings and mistakes.

But in vain. Let me tell you about the important skills and demeanor that will make it easy for a girl to like you on the first date. Just 2 things that will make you a desirable person in her life.

Moreover, they will be useful in achieving success not only with girls, but also in any field – at work, with friends.

Look at the situation from the opposite side, hidden from you, and many things will become clearer and simpler for you. Ready? Then let’s start. How to get a girl to like you on a first date?

What is wrong with me?

You can talk about mistakes on the first date for a long time (I wrote about them – see the link). But I noticed that the more you start to dig into this, the less you want to get to know and deal with girls at all. You plunge into the abyss of your complexes (often invented) and instead of a solution, you get a headache and reflection.

The main enemies of the first meetings include:

– an attempt to impress a girl (tension and unnaturalness);

– priority of sex, vulgar allusions;

– lack of sincerity, playing fake guy;

– disinterest in this particular girl as a person, focus on the result (next meeting, bed), and not on the process (date here and now).

Guys often write long stories to me about what and how they did on dates – techniques and analysis of each of their phrases, actions that have “meaning” under them, and at the end the question is why did she stop responding after that?

“I repeated the whole algorithm flawlessly – first calibration, then humor, then ..”

Stop! There are no algorithms! I want you to read the following lines and stop for a moment, think a little about what they entail.

Be honest with yourself. Once you open the sincerity in your eyes, you will go up.

Do not invent yourself (as it sounds!). This theme and philosophy is described in detail in Seneca’s Moral Letters to Lucius, if you want to know more about it.

What will help on a date?

  1. Shaping Your Real Resources

A resource is an inner quality that makes you a strong, strong-willed, and unique man. Everyone has experienced difficult situations in life. Remember what helped to come out of them as a winner or just worthy?

What qualities helped in this?

Also, think about what motivates you to keep moving forward? What helps you achieve results?

The answers to these questions are your resources. Feel, feel them. Put them at the center of you.

When you talk on a date with the girl you like, lean on them. Keep them in mind. These are the real masculine qualities that a girl will feel in you. That your fantastic significance in her eyes.

  1. When talking to a girl, show your interest

Just do not make cloying compliments, but really tell why you feel good and comfortable with her. (A list of endearing compliments for girls can be found on the site).

If you are very confused and cannot praise her voice, appearance, humor, positive and other things that you like, you can just say: “I feel good and comfortable with you.”

Remember the importance of non-verbal cues, speak with enthusiasm, not indifference.

  1. Chat on topics that interest you.

If the girl does not react at all to the plots or stories you offer for some time, ask yourself the question:

“Maybe it’s easier to get to know someone else?”

The date turns out to be bright and memorable if the interest is mutual, and not when you climb out of your skin to captivate and interest, and she is distracted either by the phone or looks away.

Do you need a girl who is NOT interested in you? How to behave in such a case?


“You know, here we are sitting, talking for half an hour. But I don’t feel any interest from you. I’m used to getting pleasure from communication when they reciprocate. However, I really liked you. Therefore, I want to wish you good luck and all the best.”

Get up, pay, and leave. This is a beautiful act. Let him stay with nothing, well, it happens.

  1. Suggest.

State your plans for it by the end of the meeting. Let the girl understand that you are a business person, and you can not just sit chatting with you in a cafe, but have an interesting and bright time. During the date, feel for your common interests with her. And feel free to suggest something interesting next time.

This is so as not to lament later that she, the toadstool, did not appreciate you. Did you offer? Estimate.

Become a multifaceted diamond

One of the most significant trump cards of a man is versatility. Like a diamond – wherever you turn, it shines everywhere with its facets and they are all unusually beautiful. If applied to a person, then these numerous facets can be called the volume of personality. And it does not depend on character or temperament. And the more these facets, the more voluminous and interesting your personality.

Our parents were taught to be the same, similar. Everything was the same and simple. Therefore, now human versatility is in trend. What boundaries are we talking about? For example, the ability to take matters into your own hands in difficult situations. The ability to play and win in ordinary everyday life. The ability to experience deep emotions and the ability to show them at the right moment, for example, when a girl needs romance or sympathy. Form your unique facets and learn to sparkle with these facets. This is how you become a charismatic person.

versatility – this is not about knowledge in thousands of topics. This is a concentration of different emotions, sides, and interests of your personality. Simply put, your different qualities (sometimes opposite to each other).

This can be seen in your various hobbies. Maybe you love to ride your bike and collect butterflies at the same time. This is reflected in your lifestyle and lifestyle. Today you have an extreme two-day rafting on a mountain river with accommodation in tents, and on Saturday you have a meeting at the woodcarving club.

How to pump versatility? Start to communicate with people who have different facets of hobbies that are interesting to you.

There is a universal way, called “immersion in the environment.” You listen, listen to people with such skills. When you are with them, you unwittingly develop yourself.

Yes, versatility can be played, but this game will not make sense. After all, it is ideal when you are loved sincerely, with all the shortcomings and jambs.

Develop: look for new aspects of life that are interesting to you, about which you had not even thought before. Acting, yoga, pool. Discover unfamiliar places, activities, communicate with people different from your lifestyle.

The wider the circle of hobbies of your friends, the better. The more people from different spheres you surround yourself with, the faster you will grow and move forward. Well, on a date, you do not have to grind out topics for conversation – you will automatically and involuntarily become a very interesting interlocutor.

How to get a girl to like you on a first date?

The key to a woman on a date is sensitivity

If you want to charm a girl on a date, then take note of the following trait – sensitivity. It is this quality that allows you to give those very necessary emotions at important moments.

This is not about the cutesy sensitivity of young ladies, but about the ability to feel, feel, understand another person (girl). In other words, read them.

When our famous oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov was asked: “What qualities helped you achieve what you have now? What allowed you to fly up, become one of the richest people on the planet? ”, He replied:

“The first is efficiency, the second is that I have a good understanding of people.”

All successful wealthy individuals are great at feel other people. No one talks about it, because it is not beneficial for others to have this ability. Otherwise, we will all be discerning.

By the way, tact, manners, courtesy, intelligibility are all derivatives of sensitivity (feelings).

With one woman you communicate in one format, with another you are already talking in another. With a man, you need to communicate in a completely different way.

It is important to understand who is in front of you. Do not listen to those who tell you that you need to be a normal concrete kid.

Everything is very simple. Different women love different men. Hard workers, excellent students, managers. Of course, this in no way means that you need to be who she wants you to be. No. The same girl can love both a boxer and a thin, intelligent young man.

You can be anything (yourself!), but feeling the girl, showing your emotions at the right time, you will be at your best.

You will be loved and respected – after all, you are the one with whom you can experience the full maximum of sensations, like on a roller coaster: there are low roller coasters, and there are 40-meter slides that take your breath away. That’s interesting.

Everyone understands that women love vivid emotions, the scope of thinking and the courage of feelings, their brightness. And you can give it to her.

Recently, I wrote about the fears of girls on dates and when meeting, this may be useful to you now.

Different situations – different me

The trick is that you give out a unique reaction at different moments. You can understand when it’s hard for a girl to talk about something during a meeting. And, feeling this, show that side of you where you are an understanding, loving guy who is ready to help.

After a while, she switches, begins to tease in a kind way, to be daring. And you turn the other side – put it in its place or join the game.

And this ability of yours is higher and stronger than anything: education, erudition, and everything else.

Simple guys who didn’t achieve much in life, but caught this idea, communicate with girls who are “like stars”. And they don’t even flinch.

And you ask: “How to communicate with a girl who is on a Porsche?”.

Let’s say you have neither money nor a super-looking appearance. But at the same time, you dream of meeting those who look expensive and well-groomed.

What can save you?

Versatility + sensitivity.

By sensitivity, I mean the ability to analyze, feel, a person, a situation. The result is doing the right thing.

In ordinary, everyday situations, you can be a player, unpredictable in small things, but, in general, a responsible person who can be relied upon.

And at the same time, at the right moment, you are able to understand deep feelings sympathize, support.

You will understand this if the girl on a date decides to trust you and tells you some sad emotionally colored situation. This is victory. It means she has confidence in you. That you won’t laugh at her.

Well, in the future – you will not scoff if she shares something personal. Excitement and embarrassment recede, the ice melts, and you become her person for her. And this is just after the first date, but what will happen after that? How to get a girl to like you on a first date?

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