How to get a Guy Interested in Me? 7 Prerequisites

How to get a Guy Interested in Me? 7 Prerequisites. There is a widespread belief that the first step must be on the part of the guy. It is true, but in the modern world, girls quite often have to take the initiative into their own hands. Yes, and everyone knows the famous words from the song, where there are only nine guys for ten girls. So it turns out that if you wait for the first step from the guy, you can grow old alone. But now it’s not about sad things.

In order not to miss her happiness, every girl should be able to attract the attention of the opposite sex. This is the first step towards an acquaintance, which in the future may turn out to be fateful. But what to do to interest a guy?

1. Appearance.

To attract the attention of men, any girl must first look stunning. Even if the young lady uses the most incredible psychological ways to attract attention, but turns out to be a gray mouse, consider that she has no chance with a worthy partner.

Therefore, first of all – a pleasant, but unobtrusive appearance: a neat manicure, light makeup, an elegant hairstyle, stylish clothes, a decent figure, and other feminine charms. Believe me, appearance is the calling card of any woman.

2. Competent speech.

Once the Greek philosopher Socrates said: “Speak so that I can see you.” This aphorism has a place in the modern world. Indeed, behind a beautiful wrapper (appearance) a deep soul, a sensual nature, an educated person should be hidden. And nothing else characterizes a person as much as his speech.

If a woman has a pleasant timbre of voice, a moderate pace of speaking, then it will be pleasant and calm to communicate with her. In addition, she must correctly formulate sentences, use literary vocabulary, and in no case swear. This will help to complement a pleasant appearance with an equally pleasant manner of speech, which, you see, is very good in achieving your goal.

3. Self-confidence.

A trait characteristic of strong, strong-willed, and purposeful women. Men like such candidates. After all, today not every guy is ready to support his beloved girl. Representatives of the weaker sex did achieve equality.

Therefore, in order to be popular with men, every girl from her youth must cultivate a very important trait in herself – self-confidence.

Of course, you will have a question: how can you interest a guy more? More on this later. It all depends on the situation in which the girl and her potential “victim” are.

How to get a Guy Interested in Me? 7 Prerequisites.

4. Eye contact.

For a female audience, it has long been no secret that a man can be interested in one glance. But it must be correct and clearly thought out. And here many girls have problems, as they say, they do not know how to build eyes. In this case, a simple psychological trick will help, which overtime for every woman will come from the subconscious.

If a guy looks at a young lady, then she should answer him with a short look straight into his eyes, then smile and look away in the other direction, or better, turn away altogether.

If the guy does not notice the girl, then she needs to look at him until he pays attention to her. After an awkward meeting of eyes, the girl should look down in embarrassment. Through this behavior, the guy will see that the girl was embarrassed because she was taken by surprise. And that’s all a lady needs! But with such a demonstration, the main thing is not to overdo it. After all, while Mademoiselle will be “embarrassed”, another “hunter” can take the guy away. Therefore, after 2-3 seconds, the young lady should again look up and look the man in the eyes, then smile, be embarrassed again, and once again look away. Such a game of eyes cannot leave indifferent any man. Of course, if he does not yet have a lover.

But during the establishment of eye contact, one must be extremely careful, because a meaningless and downcast look, as well as an excessive number of insincere smiles, will only repel a potential “victim”.

5. Telephone conversation.

There are situations when appearance and looks do not help to interest a guy. These include, for example, a telephone conversation. It would seem that a playful smile, a warm look, and other feminine features will not work, which means that it is a losing business. But it was not there!

To know how to interest a guy during a telephone conversation, you need to follow simple but very useful tips:

  • a girl should adapt to the guy’s manner of speaking, copy his timbre and intonation as much as possible;
  • do not chatter into the phone, do not talk quickly, so as not to put the man in an awkward position due to the fact that you have to ask again;
  • a woman needs to choose interesting topics for a conversation with a guy, be attentive to details, and show sincere interest.

6. Interest a man in a personal conversation.

To begin with, as in any conversation, whether it be a telephone, correspondence, or a personal conversation, one must show a sincere incorruptible interest. In any case, sincerity will put a girl in a much better light than a lie trap, when a young lady tries to seem different from what she really is, and lies, being interested in what doesn’t bother her in real life.

Regarding what question to interest a guy in, everything is individual here and to a greater extent depends on the topic under discussion. The only thing that can be advised is to listen carefully to the interlocutor and ask him about some details of this or that case. Attention to detail will once again confirm that the young lady is really interested in the topic, and will favorably present her in the eyes of the guy.

7. Electronic correspondence.

Correspondence is even more difficult than with any other types of communication. Here you will not be surprised either by appearance, as in a personal conversation, or by voice, as in a telephone conversation. The only tool is writing.

To interest a man, during correspondence, a woman should adhere to some tips:

  • first – sincerity. In any kind of communication, this trait will be able to show the girl in the right light;
  • second – literacy. An ideally literate written language is an indicator of a young lady’s education;
  • third – originality. In no case should a girl use standard phrases or signs? It is necessary to seem to the guy not as an ordinary average young lady, but as a special person.

Finally, we need to add a few more tips that will help beautiful ladies achieve the desired result:

  • a woman should forever forget about two extremes: to be obsessive and afraid to be like that;
  • Every girl should strive to be in harmony with herself. If some psychological trick for a lady seems wrong, then it is better not to use it;
  • if a guy has a lover, then it’s better not to count on him, so that later you don’t disappoint in life and in these tips.

How to get a Guy Interested in Me? 7 Prerequisites.

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