How to get a man to act first in a relationship?

How to get a man to act first in a relationship? The day before the project is active. When sympathy is one-sided, the questions that are relevant to you will sound different: “How to draw a man’s attention to yourself” or “How to arouse a man’s furious interest.”

Reasons why a man is inactive

When analyzing the stated question, one should start with a fundamental one, namely:

  • What exactly is the inhibitory factor for a man?

He likes you, but at the same time, for some reason, he is not ready to take the initiative and move on to active action. You will understand what slows you down – consider that you have already received a partial answer to the main question. Below we will present the probable factors-brakes.

  • the man had a painful divorce, and he is not yet ready for a new relationship;
  • by nature, a man is shy and modest;
  • the man took a wait-and-see position – he is waiting for the right opportunity to start acting;
  • a man is afraid to ruin friendships (if you are friends or colleagues);
  • he does not notice that you like;
  • the man is infantile, and expects the initiative from you;
  • does not understand what steps need to be taken to get closer;
  • afraid of rejection;
  • not ready for a serious relationship;
  • there are financial problems;
  • will try to be with the rebencom before the other people
  • a man is a workaholic, and with obvious sympathy for you, does not seek to change priorities in favor of a personal

How to push a man to take action?

Based on the above reasons, Let’s Your “tricks” aimed at Activating a man, we will conditionally divide into several categories:

  • direct dialogue;
  • hints with elements of flirting;
  • pronunciation of key “details”;
  • friendly conversation.

When Direct Dialogue Is Appropriate?

In fact, these are your first steps. It can be said that you take the initiative in your own hands. As You Understand, Direct Dialogue Is Appropriate In Those Cases When A Man Clearly “Transmits” His Sympathy, But Can’t Decide To Take A Step Towards It.

If you don’t like it, you can choose between the options and the other words:

  • smiles at you openly and sincerely;
  • tries to reduce the distance between you, and get as close to you as possible;

5 reasons why a man doesn’t make the first move

  • at the sight of you, his embarrassment is felt;
  • chooses words carefully in dialogue;
  • stares at you intently, but when your eyes meet almost immediately “retreats”;
  • “mirrors” you;
  • makes compliments;
  • offers to help, etc.

How to build a dialogue?

If now you understand for sure that He likes you, build bridges of communication between you with a direct statement: “I like you!”. Such an approach presupposes determination. A stereotype can stop you, they say, men should take the first steps, and on the part of a woman, this is bad manners.

No other building needs to be in front of the door, which is twisted in the mouth. If he is afraid of rejection, or is not sure what you like, or everything is waiting for the right moment, because he lacks that very determination – with a high probability, he will not dare to speak directly about his sympathy, or seriousness of intentions.

Therefore, you have two options – either act on your own, or wait for active actions from him, but you are a reasonable girl, therefore, you yourself understand that in this situation you can wait until retirement.

In what cases are hints with pronunciation of key aspects suitable?

As you understand, it is not always possible to act directly. This is due to the fact that:

  • you yourself can get rejected;
  • a man does not really need a serious relationship;
  • your determination can be frightened;
  • a man has a period of lack of material stability.

Look, many men are in no hurry to show signs of attention due to the fact that they are temporarily or permanently experiencing material difficulties. To it you are not prepared, that is the summation, which is not translated into the Russian language, but that is not the case. To the same case and what is possible sovmestnogo residence.

Therefore, as you understand, a man is not ready to show sympathy, or make an offer. If for you material wealth is in second place, or your requests fit into the “budget” of a man, it is important, as if by chance, to touch on the topic of finance and speak this aspect.

If you are not sure of mutual sympathy, in order not to receive a direct refusal, “plug in” humor. Say as if by chance and jokingly: “I was recently invited to the cinema, but I refused. But I would go with you – you are nice to me. It is important to watch the reaction. If a man ignores it, it means that it is important to set yourself another task – how he will like and interest.

But if there is mutual sympathy, he will certainly answer something in the same spirit. In order not to frighten off a man, start flirting with him, but very dosed. Here, your trump cards will be the appropriate gestures, facial expressions. Again, start mirroring it. Call often by name – this will cause pleasant emotions in a man, and arrange the dialogue in a positive way.

When you need to be a friend?

Let’s be honest, but, probably, every person, one way or another, tries to protect himself. In this case, we are talking about psychological protection from new mental trauma. Therefore, as you probably already guessed yourself, in order to “lead” a man to certain actions, you need to become a friend for him for a while.

But again, you should not obviously climb into his soul, and provide assistance that was not asked for. You need to act differently – build your communication in such a way that he perceives you as a friend, that is, a person with whom you can share your pain; Togo, s kem nearby is good and comfortable.

What gives this approach:

  • the man will have a psychological block removed;
  • you become a significant person in his life;
  • comparing with the former, thoughts gradually creep into the mind of a man that you are completely different – you can be trusted and he will not feel discomfort.

But, keep in mind an important aspect – you need to catch the line when your relationship should be taken out of the friend zone to another. Therefore, do not become a shirt-guy for him, but remain gentle and feminine. To the end of the day it is possible to see the drug, and not to it.

Therefore, when you realize that his barriers have been “eliminated”, either speak directly about your sympathy, or provoke him to action with a little distance. Meaning – when a man sees that he can lose a woman, and the position of “waiting” is not suitable, on is suitable.

General recommendations

  • Remember that in your desire to provoke a man to active actions, it is important to act in a dosed manner, taking into account the blackness. Do not pretend to be a sophisticated seductress, otherwise you risk looking vulgar in his eyes.
  • Compliment your man from time to time – they love it.
  • “Organize” joint prostranstvo. I mean, share his interests with him. Having something in common always brings you closer.
  • Don’t take more initiative than is required: don’t praise the man, and don’t make him comfortable.
  • Don’t limit your freedom. Let’s say a man invites you to spend time only when he has no other company. You Seem to be Pretty, and he even flirts with you, but he is in no hurry to transfer the relationship into the mainstream of something more serious.

That is why, when he once again offers to spend time in the format of a pleasant pastime, make it clear that you have completely different plans.

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