How to get a married lover back after a breakup?

How do get a married lover back after a breakup? It is quite natural that the question “How?” always has its own special backstory. It is she who forms the answers to the question posed. Surely, you yourself have already guessed what we are talking about – about the reasons for the lover’s departure.

As you understand, without touching them, the article will turn into, a la, reflections on the topic. No this is not the case, but Samoa is born in the actual location.

Reasons for leaving a lover

It is important to divide it into two parts:

  • Both you and your lover are family people.
  • The lover is married, and you are not married.

Before moving on to highlighting the reasons, answer yourself honestly to the question: “Wishing to return your lover, what drives you: the hurt pride of the woman you left, or sincere strong feelings for your lover?” The answer to this question will help clarify a lot.

If the first option, then it turns out that you don’t need this relationship, but you need to prove to your former lover that he made a mistake when he underestimated you and left you.

But if the second option, then, of course, you need a relationship with this person. It’s not worth it, it’s not like that and it’s crazy, and it’s not like that. No davai or vazhnom por poryadku. And so, let’s start with the option when the lover is married, and you are free from the bonds of marriage. If we talk about the reasons, then it is likely that you, like any girl, no longer want to share it with another.

You don’t want to be on the sidelines. In addition, you will need to carry out the work in one place, and you will need to carry out the work in front of you. So if we summarize it like this:

  • You began to Press on the Lover and wanted to take the place of his legal wife, but, unfortunately for you, and to the delight of his wife, you chose the second one.

If both of you are in a legal relationship, then the breakup of your Secret love affair may be due to the fact that the former passion began to fade. Therefore, it is likely that the lover has decided to switch to someone new.

If you dig deep into the issue, then the basis of a secret love union is:

  • unusual relationship
  • Passion
  • A secret
  • adrenaline

When a lover breaks off a relationship, it means that something is no longer on this list. This is what you need to build on, answering the question: “How to return a married lover?”.

Abandoned by a married lover

Key steps

Let’s start with the central one: before implementing a plan for the return of a loved one, decide for yourself: you are driven by feelings for him or is it the resentment of the abandoned girl. Yes, Samoa has already covered this important point above, but she returned to it for a reason.

  • If you are driven by strong emotions, you can break a lot of firewood if you act carelessly and assertively.

Let’s consider this in more detail. And so, when a person is guided not by cold reason, but by emotions, he, as a rule, makes one mistake for another. In your case, there may be a desire to tell everything to your wife, they say, if he is free, then the doors to his life will be open for you.

We hasten to dissuade you that it is more likely to have the opposite effect: with this approach, you can lose your lover forever.

First step

Strange as it may sound, the absence of steps in his direction. After parting, you need to take a break, take a break. This is because if you immediately rush into the Fight, THEN, at least, in the eyes of your lover you will look obsessive and assertive. And this, as you understand, will create, instead of the ease of the desired relationship, a feeling of a vice.

  • Do not try to “catch” him on social networks.
  • Don’t write messages.
  • But it’s ringing.
  • No comments and no word about the photo.
  • No careful thewasere the house.
  • During the pause phase, don’t try to arrange a “random” meeting.

Devote this period entirely to yourself. Remember that for lovers, first of all, novelty and the absence of hackneyed feelings are important. That is why, to become attractive and interesting to him again, it is important, during this period, to focus exceptionally.

You can change something in your appearance: hairstyle, hair color, clothing style, and so on. Even better, if you find a hobby that will change you not only externally, but will affect your internal trance.

Alternatively, you can enroll in an acting school, or engage in some kind of active type of dispute. Remember that the key factor is what is called “Renewed YOU!”.

You need to remember that updates should not be artificial, but real, “live”. This is what will fire you up from the inside. Lightness and liveliness will appear and with them those lights in the eyes, to which men fly like moths to a flame. A where there is a budget for these people, and for that matter, it is not a budget for a small effect.

Moreover, in the eyes of a lover, you can look like an actress from a low-budget play. And the question is, do you need it? The question is rhetorical.

Second step

And here the most interesting begins. Just remember that the second step can only be done after your complete renewal. For some reason, the short film “Former” comes to mind. According to the plot, the girl very effektno took revenge on the former who left her. The key message is that when you are left, it is painful and unpleasant, and at the same time, it hits you hard on yourself.

The main thing, as they say, is not to lose yourself, and not wallow in the pain of breaking up a relationship. Therefore, Samka, once again focuses your attention on how important it is during this period to pay due attention to your self-love, whatever you love.

Perhaps you, like the heroine of the short film, will later not want to return anyone, but it will be enough that, having seen you so renewed, he will bite his elbows because he did not appreciate and let go.

So what is the second step, you might reasonably ask? Everything is very simple: it provides for active actions. No, there is a small reference:

  • firstly, the lover should not guess that you hatched a plan for his return;
  • secondly, a meeting with him should look like a pleasant accident, and provide for the former ease and ease.

These two key factors are fundamental. It is important that the instinct of a hunter awakens in him again, so that he feels your inaccessibility, and wants to achieve you again. As you understand, it is very important to properly organize your supposedly random meeting. This is what will determine the future outcome.

No, and some risks should be taken into account. They lie in the fact that the former lover may not offer to continue the time in the cozy atmosphere of the cafe and hasten to retreat, fearing that someone might see him with you and report to his wife.

In this case, you can casually offer to call somehow, and at the same time, remind him of your number, which he could irretrievably erase from the memory of his phone, being full of confidence that he would no longer need it.

Look, even if the meeting does not go the way you would like, do not hesitate to call and write to him first. Wait time, allow him to think things over after the meeting. Most likely, he will get in touch with you.

If the former lover is a current colleague or you are from the same company

In this situation, everything is generally simple: the bet is on step number 1. The former lover observes how good you are without him, moreover, your transformation will say that you are even better without him. And people, such people, cannot forgive others when someone feels good without them.

This, as you understand, will constantly generate in his thoughts and memories of you. And here, your ex-lover falls into his own trap: he planned to delete you forever from his life, but it turns out that he will start thinking about you all the time. It is easy to guess what he will do to neutralize these thoughts.

No, as you understand, it is important that he sees the true update, and not its imitation, otherwise the trick will not work.

Important recommendations

Remember to consider the following:

  • Conduct an analysis of the reasons that led to the gap.
  • Do some work on the bugs.
  • Don’t forget and don’t pretend
  • Do not build yourself as an abandoned victim, After all, you are not a victim, Moreover, not a ball that someone can throw somewhere, You are a person!
  • Do not rush time, remember that everything goes on as usual.

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