How to Get Guy’s Attention: 7 Interesting Ideas

How to Get Guy’s Attention: 7 Interesting Ideas. Here he is standing in front of the audience, looking at the stand with the latest cinema in the store, paying in line or slowly sipping a cocktail at the bar, smiling at a friend’s joke. Everything is clear – this is fate, we must act. But how? How to get the attention of a guy you like?

The easiest way is to approach and start a conversation yourself. About what? The theme can be anything: the brand of beer he drinks, his hairstyle, the band on his T-shirt, or even “theater ticket is missing, can you keep me company?” If you don’t have enough spirit to speak right away, and you rotate in the same company and obviously still meet, then you need to take a couple of tips into service.

1. Shooting eyes.

All of us subconsciously feel when they look at us. Not a quick glance, but a close examination is felt by literally every cell of the skin. He feels that they are looking at him, your eyes intersect, and then, smiling mysteriously and invitingly, you hide your eyes in a glass, a friend’s face, or a landscape outside the window. And now he is already intrigued and interested.

How to Get Guy’s Attention: 7 Interesting Ideas.

2. Little black dress.

If it is known that Mr. X will also be at the gatherings in the cafe, the preparation should be more thorough than usual. Be sure to follow the hairstyle, a ponytail or a pigtail will not work, but clean flowing strands falling on the shoulders will definitely not go unnoticed. It is better not to do a manicure five minutes before going out, but if the nails are of different lengths or with marks from the teeth, then it is imperative to eliminate these flaws with a file.

Shoes with heels will make the figure more advantageous, the legs will be straighter and the silhouette will be stretched. It is worth choosing a dress, as it has already been established that men pay attention to women in a dress or skirt more often than to ladies in other clothes. Subtle perfume will complete the look, but it is better not to overdo it, as well as with makeup.

3. In Galsworthy’s last novel…

Men, for the most part, love erudite, well-read people who can keep up the conversation. If you feel that the topic that your passion is discussing is close to you, feel free to join the discussion and ask him questions, for example, “With the latest update of the Android platform, it has become much easier to read RSS feeds, if you use them, of course” or “Film” John Carter is a bit like Planet of the Apes, don’t you think? So you will have a chance to show your chosen one not only your impeccable external data, but also your rich inner world.

How to Get Guy’s Attention: 7 Interesting Ideas.

4. I hear you.

Hurray, the conversation took place. Now the main thing is not to blurt out between times that you will spend your honeymoon in Palermo, your children will be named Misha and Katya, and you will live in a private cottage with a bathhouse and a barbecue gazebo. To attract the attention of a man – at first, it is better to talk less at all. Celebrate moments where your vision of the world coincides, bypassing conflicting topics such as politics or religion. The ability to listen and hear will give you the opportunity to get more information about the person you like and decide whether he is worth your attention in the future.

5. I carry everything in myself.

If you revolve in a circle of mutual friends, try to speak less about past romances and failures with men. A dream guy can start making inquiries, and a word heard out of place by someone, interpreted out of context, will play a bad joke on you. Do not discuss the former and their weaknesses with the guy you like, because he may think that in the event of an unsuccessful relationship, he will also become a victim of your gossip.

6. Knowing the measure.

It is better not to drink excessively next to that unique one. First, alcohol is relaxing and our “armor” can drop. Having said too much, it will be difficult to take back what you have not yet planned to share. Secondly, you can do something that you were not going to do yet, and regret it, hiding from a man out of shame. Make decisions for which you are mentally prepared, better on a sober head.

7. What is.

Be yourself. You don’t have to be a sexy bombshell or an erudite Nobel laureate just to get a guy’s attention, because it’s important that you like you. Otherwise, you will have to pretend to be another person until you run out of strength, and after them, relationships built on deceit.

And most importantly, self-confidence. You know that you like it, the rest is small. Believe me, the courage of the city takes.

How to Get Guy’s Attention: 7 Interesting Ideas.

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