How to get him to ask me to Marry or Propose me?

How do I get him to ask me to marry him?: When starting a courtship, we always think about the possibility that it will be a serious and lasting relationship.

However, with all couples we do not feel that there can be a bond for life.

But what happens if you are with the right person, time passes without being able to take the big step and you start to ask yourself: how to get him to ask me to marry without damaging the relationship?

Do not worry, here you will find the main actions and words that you should use, subtly, to know what he wants and how to deal with the subject of commitment.

Thus, you will be able to understand if you are going in the right direction to fulfill your objective.

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Phrases to ask my boyfriend to marry

First of all, you must be attentive and very observant in the face of the signals that your partner sends you regarding the commitment.

For many men, and even some women, this topic in the romantic relationships it is very sensitive.

That’s why you should take it easy and not push it because you’ll get the opposite effect.

Next, I will share some situations that you should keep in mind about their behavior.

Also about the things you should tell him calmly so as not to scare him away.

learn how to make my boyfriend fall in love every day and achieve a better relationship.

That he is ready for commitment

Although you feel that it is the right moment and the right partner for you, it does not mean that you are for him.

Now, maybe you are the one, but you don’t want to commit.

You should keep in mind that many people want to avoid, at all costs, a commitment to marriage.

It may also be because they feel that this will cause them to lose their freedom.

So keep in mind:

Work on these aspects first to achieve results.

What you can do, in this case, is to show him with your attitude and with subtle words enough confidence and understanding.

Help him keep you in his future

To achieve this, you should only include him in your future plans when you are talking to him.

You can also use suggestion with questions like:

“Would you like next year to…”.

Introduce the idea in his mind of having you in his near and distant future.

Watch his reaction!

If yours is the true loveit is very likely that he will not have a problem with having you present in his future.

Know what you think about marriage

This is a very important point, because if you don’t believe in marriage or if you don’t want to get married, there is very little chance that you will change your mind.

However, he may be available to make a commitment to you such as living together.

Here you must think very well about what you want. Also, if you are willing to put your idea of ​​getting married aside and acquire a new commitment without a ring.

If, on the other hand, your boyfriend does think about the idea of ​​getting married, then you should be attentive to his words and actions.

doDoes he mean you in that context?

Discuss marriage subtly

For this you can talk about close couples and their marriages, giving him the idea that marriage is a good option.

you can also know how to talk about commitment with your partner and take it into account when starting a conversation with him.

Comments about engagement rings

In some cases, your partner may want to commit to you, but doesn’t have the money to buy you an engagement ring and so hasn’t made up his mind yet.

If it’s not that important to you, say so gently.

Take another engagement case as an example, referring to that ring as over the top and suggesting something simpler, cheaper, or even not at all.

Keep in mind the reality of the relationship

If you’re in a healthy relationship that brings you peace of mind and helps increase your happiness, you’ll be heading in the right direction.

But, if you are in a stormy relationship, which offers you more unhappiness than positive things, it is better that you consider ending it and not think about the idea of ​​such a marriage, since in the long run you will suffer more.

Be direct: the key to getting him to ask me to marry me

If you see that your subtle hints have not been helpful, it is time to bring up the subject of commitment.

Find the right place and time and find out if he wants to commit.

Do not pressure him or imply that it must be something immediate.

But present your desire that the relationship arrives in the future (not too distant) to consolidate in a commitment.

Let him know that you won’t wait for him forever!

ask her to marry

Now times have changed, as well as relationships and, consequently, the way women see the world.

If you think you have waited a long time and your loved one has not yet made up his mind, although you feel that he wants to be with you all his life, then take the big step and ask him to marry you.

For this, take into account their conversations, wishes and ways of seeing life, as well as their interests and future plans together.

Remember to choose the perfect time and place according to the taste of both, in addition, you can look for some phrases to ask my boyfriend to marry and so prepare.


How do I get him to ask me to marry him?

The following attitudes and actions are important for building healthy and successful relationships.

In addition, they are necessary to have a good self-esteem and, for this reason, the most benefited will be you.

Also, you will know what to do to achieve a healthy couple communication and therefore have a good couple relationship.

Take careful note and improve or change your attitude, you will see the favorable results!:

  • have patience and tolerance
  • Establish good communication as a couple
  • Be independent
  • Give her her own space
  • Be yourself
  • control your emotions
  • Be calm
  • Patience
  • Self-esteem
  • Be loving and caring, not cloying
  • Value and appreciate your partner
  • be fun
  • Project yourself a woman with positive thoughts
  • Be humble, admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness
  • Show him that you are in the good and bad times

You can also find out what the research says on the appreciation of singleness in middle-aged women and its relationship with the opportunity to marry.


Tips for a happy marriage

Next, you will have a self-explanatory list.

These are behaviors to avoid if you don’t want to ruin your relationship, whether you want a commitment or not.

  • Don’t push it.
  • Try not to talk too much about commitment
  • Avoid harassing him if you have been in a relationship for less than a year
  • don’t be immature
  • respect their freedom
  • Do not prohibit him from spending time with family or friends
  • Try not to give her the impression or think that you need to get married to be complete.
  • Don’t fall into monotony
  • avoid jealousy
  • Do not show yourself as a desperate and dependent woman

Now that you have answered the question: how to get him to ask me to marry ?, Remember that the most important thing is your well-being.

You should also take into account the signals that your partner sends you on the subject of commitment so that this is not part of the uncomfortable questions.

Thus, you will know what decisions to make and how to be the ideal couple.

Finally, you can guide yourself with the feng shui for love and know what is the ideal time to talk about it.

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