How to get out of psychological dependence on a man and its signs?

How to get out of psychological dependence on a man and its signs? One form of addiction is a psychological dependence on a loved one. This situation is especially characteristic of women, sometimes they just go crazy. Let’s try to figure out how to get rid of psychological dependence on a man.

What is psychological addiction?

In EMO psychology, the rational dependence on a man has a clear name – addiction. On the one hand, psychological dependence is a social factor, on the other hand, it becomes obsessive and takes the form of pathology.

If the addiction is too high, a personality disorder can develop, which will lead to serious psychiatric problems. Pathological dependence is manifested by both mental and physical DISBalance. Psychiatry is in the hands so that the addicts are in the private area so that it is possible in the reflec.

All deviations occur at a level that is not controlled by consciousness, a woman ceases to control her actions.

Why a woman becomes psychologically dependent on a man?

There are clear reasons for the manifestation of pathological dependence:

  • Personal boundaries are not set.

A woman ceases to realize where she ends as a person, and another person begins. She does not realize where her desire and goal are, and where are the men. Everything he rejects is rejected by her. Whatever he appropriates becomes hers. An addict does not live his own life, reality for him is a merger with another person.

  • Departure from the life of a loved one.

A woman is so frightened by grief that she throws all her strength into maintaining a psychological relationship with her beloved husband. Against the background of trauma, she “binds” her partner and dissolves in him, hoping that this closeness will not end.

  • The inability to take responsibility for one’s life against the background of psychological immaturity.

The woman has not learned to cope alone and does not know what to do.

How does psychological dependence on a man manifest itself?

The manifestation of psychological dependence:

  • A woman is not aware of the boundaries of her body, and cannot refuse intimacy.
  • She does not consider her desires. They don’t exist for her.
  • Any conflict is perceived quite acutely, as a lack of love.

How to get rid of love addiction?

  • Posting street and three-dimensionality, one of which is proclaimed to be more “principal” in the partner.
  • Any situation leads to panic.
  • Inability to cope with so much stress.
  • A woman always uses the expression “we” in her speech.
  • A man cannot have free time without a woman. He is forced to “take leave”.
  • Use of personal belongings without permission.
  • Constant control. A woman checks everything, “does not let go”, and “does not allow”. This situation has been going on for years. There is no happiness and peace in these relationships. She sincerely believes that if “to keep abreast”, then betrayal will not happen.
  • In a relationship, caustic comments are acceptable, and the opinion of a loved one is not respected.
  • Refusal of freedom, disrespect for the freedom of another person.

At the advanced stage of psychological dependence, suicidal thoughts arise.

How to overcome psychological addiction?

To permanently get rid of addiction, it is necessary to work in three directions. Moreover, the treatment is carried out in stages:

  • First, work is underway to increase the level of self-esteem, building personal boundaries, awareness of one’s importance, acceptance, and respect for oneself.
  • Further work is carried out with the body, aimed at establishing the lost contact, with the help of sports, meditation, and massage.
  • The final stage involves working with thinking in the form of changing attitudes. This step is best done by a psychologist. It includes a change in mental attitudes and conducting control sections.

Self-help methods for psychological addiction

You can help yourself Only in the initial stages and in the later stages a woman does not understand that she needs help. As soon as you notice that love overshadows all things: study, work have gone by the wayside, you live only in expectations of meetings, it’s difficult for you to survive even a short separation, get to work.

Psychologically, it is the most distant people, which are possible.

  • Learn to be alone

Each of us needs communication, but you need to learn how to be alone. The essence of this task is not to completely isolate oneself from the world. It is important for you to feel independent. Learn to take care of yourself, and understand that your needs are important. They don’t go away if you neglect them.

  • Make a personal wish list

Think about what desires are yours personally, and not common with a man. What do you want? Begin each item with the phrase “I want.” It can be anything from a cup of hot chocolate in the morning to a trip that was better.

Set goals, limit them by date, and set aside some time each day to reach your goal. Find a new hobby, personally yours, not for a relationship. Sign up for a studio. Maybe you danced well as a child, come back to dancing. The surging feeling will help you see life in colors. Soon you will realize what you have deprived yourself of in a pathological relationship.

  • Start keeping a diary of feelings

Make it a rule to record your emotions and feelings daily. Write down the situation in a diary, and analyze it, highlighting your feelings, needs, actions, and results. This is a great tool for working through your feelings. He will help you understand how you can change your behavior, and show care in the future.

  • Turn on sports

An effective method of combating psychological addiction is sports. With the help of physical activity, vitality, self-esteem increase, and appearance improve. Pay attention to yoga, which has a positive effect on the EMO-rational component. During addiction, a lot of energy is accumulated, dancing is good at wasting it.

  • Lead an active life, communicate with people

During a pathological relationship, you received negative energy and negative emotions. Surround yourself with positive people. Replace negative. Renew past connections, start meeting friends, people who inspire you, and appreciate you. And you will notice that your relationship with a man will reach a new level.

  • Take care of yourself

Psychological dependence is manifested by the neglect of oneself. Make a clear daily routine and stick to it. Eat regularly, at the same time. Establish a sleep pattern, and bring structure to your life. Make time for pleasure: soak in the bath, drink a cup of coffee, and go for a massage. Change your hair, and update your wardrobe. Don’t start yourself up.

  • Set boundaries in communication

Boundaries are essential for a fulfilling life. You should have your own life, except for relationships with a man. Remember your needs, meet them. Don’t get lost in the person. Start developing yourself. Make a rule: read every day for 20-30 minutes.

Apply what you read in psychology in life. Alexander Nosov’s book Love Addiction. How to get out of an unhealthy relationship.

Psychological addiction acts destructively. The woman who is in it begins to suffer, and the object of love also suffers from this. Learn to build personal boundaries, regain self-respect, enjoy loneliness, and eliminate negativity.

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